WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 2006 at 6:00 PM



CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Bellmer called the Special Planning Commission Meeting of May 3, 2006 to order at 6:01 PM.



PRESENT:       Chairperson:                 Alvin Bellmer

Commissioners:            Dennis Jochman            Kris Koeppe
Terry Buck                   Michelle Schaetz           Michael Van Dyke

Staff:                            George Dearborn, Community Development Director

Mark Mommaerts, Associate Planner

Randy Gallow, Street Superintendent

Mike Kading, Director of Park & Recreation


EXCUSED:      None


ABSENT:        1 position is vacant





  1. Discussion Item: Ordinance – Chapter 6: Land Division Control Ordinance

Associate Planner Mommaerts introduced the item and stated that the first issue was in regards to the existing flora section of the code and that more input was desired from the Commission.


Commissioner Schaetz stated that vegetation should be added to the section that the developer shall make every effort to protect and retain all healthy trees and vegetation.


Associate Planner Mommaerts introduced the next item regarding the park improvement fees and fees in lieu of parkland.


Director Kading stated that the park improvement fee is collected to improve existing parks that new developments have the opportunity to use.  He also stated the fees in lieu of land go to develop new parks in the areas where there is new development without a park nearby. 


Chairperson Bellmer asked about the fee in lieu of parkland and the concern raised by Mr. Nemecek at the last meeting.  He also suggested a time period in which the remaining fees would become due instead of when 50% of the lots are sold.


Commission Jochman suggested using 18 months as a time period to pay the remaining 50% of the fees and incorporating that into the letter of credit as a part of the developer agreement.


Associate Planner Mommaerts introduced the next item regarding street lights.


Chairperson Bellmer asked if the Town has any standards or specifications regarding street lights. 


Associate Planner Mommaerts stated that the intent of the ordinance is to have the Plan Commission approve the type or style of street light being used for aesthetic purposes.


Street Superintendent Gallow stated that the Town has a street lighting policy adopted as part of Chapter 15.


Associate Planner Mommaerts introduced the next item regarding street trees.


Chairperson Bellmer expressed concern about the section being too rigid and mandatory and why so many staff are involved in the review. 


Associate Planner Mommaerts responded that staff review and approval is so that the location within the right-of-way can be viewed and the type of tree can be viewed so that there can be a mix of species throughout the subdivision so that if a tree disease where to hit one species the whole subdivision wouldn’t lose their trees.


Street Superintendent Gallow stated that there are provisions for street trees in Chapter 15 that allow certain trees in the parkway.


Chairperson Bellmer suggested that the ordinance should specify that street trees should be provided for local residential streets only and that the subdivider should have the option of paying the fee or purchasing the trees on their own.


Associate Planner Mommaerts introduced the next item regarding sidewalks and stated that there are several options available.


Chairperson Bellmer stated that the idea of requiring trials on all arterials and collector streets is good and that it may be appropriate to have sidewalks on the other side, but sidewalks on residential streets should be dropped.


Director Dearborn stated that it is a safety issue and provides an alternative to driving.  He also stated that if the roadway where ever reduced below 33’ back to back, then sidewalks should be provided.


Issues where raised about assessments for repairs or replacing a sidewalk if it was provided only on 1 side.


The idea was brought up that sidewalks wouldn’t be required except if the Plan Commission deemed they were necessary.


Associate Planner Mommaerts asked the Commission if there were any other issues regarding the ordinance.


Commissioner Schaetz suggested that Low Impact Development be included with the Conservation Subdivision.


Commissioner Van Dyke suggested that round-a-bouts or traffic calming devices be mentioned in the intersection section of the ordinance, section 6.10 1) c) 8).  He also suggested including language regarding noise and vegetation in the purpose section, section 6.01 3).


Chairperson Bellmer ask for clarification of pages 8-21 and whether it was a reorganization or rewite.


Associate Planner Mommaerts responded that for the most part it is a reorganization.


Commissioner Koeppe expressed concern over the decibel levels of the noise abatement section being too low.


Associate Planner Mommaerts responded that this is the same as what the City of Menasha and Town of Grand Chute have.


  1. Discussion Item: Ordinance – Chapter 29: Development Ordinance

Associate Planner Mommaerts introduced the item and reviewed the issue raised at the last meeting regarding industrial design guidelines and the changes made to the ordinance.



MOTION:  Commissioner Schaetz, seconded by Commissioner Jochman to adjourn the meeting of May 3, 2006 at 7:40 PM.  Motion carried unanimously.





Mark J. Mommaerts

Recording Secretary