WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2006 at 5:00 PM



PRESENT:       Chairperson:                 Alvin Bellmer

Commissioners:            Dennis Jochman            Kris Koeppe
Terry Buck                   Michelle Schaetz           Michael Van Dyke

Staff:                            George Dearborn, Community Development Director

Mark Mommaerts, Associate Planner


ALSO PRESENT:       Mark Stacie                 Jim Long                      Dan Wood                   Stew Etten

                                    Marilyn Anunson          Bruce Anunson Bob Leidl                     Dan Pamperin

                                    Jeff Lauscher                Scott LeFevre              Tom Ambrosias           


The Public Hearing opened at 5:01pm.


George Dearborn, Director of Community Development introduced the Future Land Use Map Amendment. He stated that this area was changed from agriculture to low-density residential last year because of the change to the Sewer Service Area.  He also stated that the navigable stream would provide a natural buffer between industrial and low-density residential, which is not the case now.


Alvin Bellmer, Chairman of the Plan Commission, opened the discussion to the audience.


Jim Long, Attorney representing the Etten’s, stated that on Feb. 23, 2005 he was at a public hearing for the same area and the decision was for residential.  He also stated his client has an accepted offer to purchase the land with the condition for sewer and water extension and zoning.  The zoning request will be coming soon with multi-family, condos and single-family.  His clients could find someone else to purchase the property if the future land use is changed, but when would someone else come.


Chairperson Bellmer asked if the property in question is owned solely by the Ettens or if there is another owner.


Director Dearborn stated that he was unaware of any land sales and that the property could be changed even if the owners do not want it.


Mr. Long stated that the neighbors wanted residential and the Ettan’s found a buyer for residential.


Chairperson Bellmer asked the owners about the change and stated that the navigable stream might be a good buffer.


Mr. Long stated that the owners do not want a change and that it would be a big setback if they had to find new buyers and that it would be hard to sell 79-acres of industrial on Irish Road.


Commissioner Jochman asked if the Winding Creek Estates subdivision was directly south of this land.


Director Dearborn replied that there is some land in between these two areas.


Commissioner Schaetz asked if selling the residential homes would be a challenge with Roehl Trucking on the north side.

Mr. Long replied that they would proceed with residential development and that a buffer of apartments or condos would be used on the northern portion of the site.  Another issue is the Northwest Interceptor Impact fee that was approved by the Town Board that the Ettens will have to pay.


Stew Etten stated that he informed staff of the discussions of the sale of the property.  Also, there will need to be a buffer between industrial and residential to the south, so if that line is not here, then where will it be.


Director Dearborn stated that the change is not intended to create a hardship for the owners but staff feels the more appropriate use if for industrial and that industrial development has higher land values and large number of acres available with sewer and water for industrial use is hard to find.


Commissioner Jochman asked about the environmentally sensitive area and the woodlands.


Director Dearborn stated that what is shown on the map is not the exact location, there could be more or less.


The Public Hearing was closed at 5:23 pm.




Mark J. Mommaerts

Recording Secretary