Town Hall Wednesday, January 19, 2000, for approval at the

                                                                  2/16/00 Meeting



                           Town Chairman Tews called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


                            PRESENT:             Chairman Tews and Planning Commissioners’Alvin

                                                            Bellmer, Dennis Jochman, and Roy Kuehn.

 *Chuck Lewis arrived at 5:05 p.m.*

 Community Development Director George Dearborn

 and Associate Planner Jeffrey Smith


                            EXCUSED:             Jeanne Krueger


                            ALSO PRESENT:   John Schaidler

                                                                         Michael Lynch

                                                             Dolores Lynch

                                                             Todd Engleman

                                                             Dawn O’Dell

                                                             Jerry O’Dell

                                                             Wayne Ducharme

                                                             Sally Ducharme

                                                             Scott Thomson


             Approval of Minutes – December 15, 1999


             Motion by Commissioner Jochman, seconded by Commissioner Kuehn, to approve

             the minutes of the Planning Commission Meeting of December 15, 1999. Motion

             carried with 4 Aye, 2 Excused (Comm. Lewis arrived at 5:05 p.m.). Chairman Tews,

             Commissioners’ Bellmer, Jochman, Kuehn Aye; Comm. Krueger, Lewis Excused.


1.      Rezoning – Town of Menasha – (008-0172(p))


             The Town of Menasha requested a rezoning of property now zoned P-1 (Institutional &

             Recreational Park) to B-4 (Business Park) for a planned business park. Community

             Development Director Dearborn explained that the B-4 district provides for the review of

             each proposed use by the Planning Commission and Town Board. Also, Director Dearborn

             explained that all nearby property owners would be notified of any proposed use and that the

             zoning district ensures that screening and other special requirements are applied when

             needed to address specific site issues. Chairman Tews then discussed the history of the Town

             property and pointed out that there have been offers on the Town property in the past.



               Page  - 2  -


            John Schaidler, 623 E. Shady Ln., questioned the rezoning and preferred it being a park. Mr.

            Schaidler pointed to increasing population in the Town of Menasha and nearby residences as

            reasons why the land should not be a Business Park but rather a Town park. Mr. Schaidler later

            inquired about the asking price and appraised value of the Town land. Chairman Tews did not

            know the appraised value but told residents that they could get that information the next day

            from the Town Administration office.


            Mike Lynch, 1274  E. Shady Ln., explained that he was told by the Town that the Town property    

            would be made into a park, when he purchased his home in 1986. Mr. Lynch also commented

            that a nearby Quarry shakes his home and questioned if businesses in the proposed Business Park

            would find that as a nuisance. Chairman Tews then reassured the residents that this is not a new

            issue but rather the use of the Town property had been discussed for the past four years.

            Furthermore, Director Dearborn pointed out that the 1996 Comprehensive Plan has a future land

            use map, which calls for further trails and addressing park needs. Director Dearborn concurred

            with Chairman Tews that there have been meetings and discussions on the Town property.

            In addition, Director Dearborn explained that the B-4 zoning district would preserve trees and

            call for additional landscaping.


            Comm. Jochman asked if there has been marketing of the land west of the Town Hall. Director

            Dearborn responded that this land is not being marketed now. In addition. Commissioner

            Jochman felt that the Town residents should know the asking price for the Town property and

            that the Planning Commission cannot make a decision without this information. Comm. Kuehn

            reported that he is concerned with open space issues, such as parks and trees. Comm. Bellmer

            asked Director Dearborn how much Town property there is on the East Side (63-64 acres) and

            West Side (10-15 acres) of CB and E. Shady Ln. In addition, Comm. Bellmer said that he now

            interprets the Comprehensive Plan to preserve the Town property for a park.


            Jerry O’Dell, 1993 Fox Burrow Ct., said that he opposed the B-4 rezoning, mainly because of a

            fear of increased traffic flow on E. Shady Ln. Mr. O’Dell believed that the Town should focus                

            on a different area for a Business Park and that the Town property under review should possibly

            be used for a park. Mr. O’Dell believed that that there would be a benefit to the tax base with a

            park nearby.


            Comm. Lewis was concerned with access to the proposed Business Park. Director Dearborn

            explained that the access point would be near Olde Buggy Dr. and Chairman Tews pointed out

            that there is a 60 ft. right-of-way near Olde Buggy Dr. Comm. Lewis inquired on whether some

            portion of the Town property could be used for a park, with the remaining portion for a Business

            Park. Sally Ducharme, 1310 E. Shady Ln., was concerned with her property being used as an

            access, in which Director Dearborn responded by reiterating Chairman Tews point that there is a 

            a right-of-way present. Also, Mrs. Ducharme pointed out that her holding tank would be

            disrupted by a road being put in for access to the proposed Business Park.


            Furthermore, after reviewing the section of Comprehensive Plan dealing with preserving

           Page -  3  - 


           unique land for a park, Comm. Lewis said that the Park Commission should explore the Town

           property to see if it fits the unique requirement.


           Scott Thomson, 1247 E. Shady Ln., asked what the future use will be for the land north of the

           Town Municipal Building. Director Dearborn responded that there may be an extension to the

           Town Municipal Building.


           Chairman Tews then suggested that the Park Commission look at the Town property more

           closely at its meeting later that evening. Furthermore, Chairman Tews suggested that the decision

           on the rezoning be delayed thirty days until the next Planning Commission meeting.


           Motion by Commissioner Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Lewis, to delay the decision on

           the rezoning for thirty days, until the next Planning Commission meeting. Motion carried with

           5 Aye, 1 Excused.


           Chairman Tews, Commissioners’ Bellmer, Jochman, Lewis, Kuehn Aye; Commissioner Krueger



          2.  Approval of dates for 2000 Planning Commission meetings           


          Motion by Commissioner Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Jochman, to approve the 2000

          Planning Commission meeting dates as submitted. Motion carried with 5 Aye, 1 Excused.


          Chairman Tews; Commissioners’ Bellmer, Jochman, Lewis, Kuehn Aye; Commissioner Krueger



          3.  Annual review of Comprehensive Plan   


          Community Development Director Dearborn briefly talked about some of the goals and objectives

          of the Comprehensive Plan. Also, Director Dearborn commented that the public can access the

          Comprehensive Plan from the Town website or come to the Community Development office if

          they want to view any section of the plan. Director Dearborn then mentioned that the

          Comprehensive Plan should be updated in 2001. Furthermore, Director Dearborn explained that

          the recent Smart Growth legislation from the state has specific requirements concerning

          comprehensive plans, many of which the Town of Menasha has already met. In addition, Director

          Dearborn explained that the Town will pursue grants available to meet some requirements that

          still need to be met. Director Dearborn said that the Town would attempt to meet the remaining

          requirements before the 2010 deadline, especially since there are financial incentives to get done

          early. Director Dearborn then stressed the importance and desire to have public input on

          updating the Comprehensive Plan. Finally, Director Dearborn discussed how the Smart Growth

          legislation provides for changes in the structure of planning commissions. Director Dearborn

          pointed out that the new legislation states that there now can be an all citizen commission or there

          does not have to be any changes made to the current Planning Commission. Director Dearborn did

          bring up the conflict of interests with elected officials being on the Planning Commission.


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         Motion by Commissioner Jochman, seconded by Commissioner Bellmer, to adjourn the meeting

         at 6:33 p.m. Motion carried with 5 Aye; 1 Excused.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                           Jeffrey Smith

                                                                                           Associate Planner