Town Hall, Wednesday November 13, 2002 for approval at the

12/11/02 meeting



Chairperson Bellmer called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


PRESENT:   Chairperson Alvin Bellmer, Planning Commissioners’ Charles Lewis,

                      Michael Van Dyke, Dennis Jochman, Harold Pelton, Kris Koeppe, and

                      Richard Ratchman. Community Development Director George Dearborn

                      and Associate Planner Jeffrey Smith.




                                Kenneth Maas

                                Phyllis Maas

                                Barbara Hanson

                                Lori Jencks

                                Martha Andrew

                                Jim Andrew

                                Sherry Rezner

                                Dennis Rezner

                                Jeanne Krueger

                                Bob Reider


Approval of Minutes – October 16, 2002


Motion by Commissioner Van Dyke seconded by Commissioner Pelton, to approve the minutes of the Planning Commission meeting on October 16, 2002 as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.



1.  Preliminary Plat – Carow Land Surveying Co., Inc. – Pages Sunset Shores -  (008-0310, 008-0298)


            Director Dearborn explained that the preliminary plat proposed 16 new single-

            family lots. The lots would average over 17,000 sq. ft. and three lots would have

            access to the lake. Director Dearborn stated that Pages Point would be

            reconstructed with curb, gutter and storm sewer. This would be an improvement

            to the road and drainage in the area. Director Dearborn briefly discussed how

            Pages Point was originally mapped to pass through to Tayco Rd. but the Town

            Bd. recently vacated this mapped right-of-way as per request of the developer.

            The road vacation would then help reduce traffic coming through Pages Point

            since there would now be a cul-de-sac at its end.



The conditions set forth by staff for the preliminary plat were as follows:


1.      A drainage plan, with calculations, is submitted to the Town Engineer for approval.

2.      The property is rezoned from R-1 to R-2.

3.      There shall be a note on the final plat that states that Lot 12 can only have a driveway access onto Forkin Street.

4.      Approval of all agencies and other governmental entities with authority to object to a plat.


Chairperson Bellmer clarified that the DNR was not requiring another public access point to the water since there was an existing one within one-half mile of the proposed subdivision.


Martha Andrew, 1178 Pages Point, explained that there was a note on the preliminary plat which stated that the County had approved the drainage plan when in effect; the County and the Town have not even received or approved the drainage plan. Bob Reider, Carow Land Surveying, confirmed that the drainage plan has not been prepared yet and that the note would be corrected on the preliminary plat.


Jim Andrew, 1178 Pages Point, clarified that Pages Point, north of Forkin St., would be reconstructed. Mr. Andrew opposed this reconstruction but Chairperson Bellmer and Director Dearborn pointed out that Pages Point currently does not meet Town road standards. Mr. Andrew stated that he did not have drainage problems.


Barb Hanson, 1744 Lakeshore Dr., inquired on whether there could be an easement included on the plat that would divert stormwater to the lake. Director Dearborn responded to this issue by stating that the Town Engineer would address this as part of the detailed analysis for the drainage plan.


Mr. Reider explained that the curb, gutter, and storm sewer requirements were a Town mandate, not a proposal from the developer since these are more expensive improvements. Mr. Reider emphasized that all drainage runoff has to be kept onsite (e.g. detention area) since this was a Town requirement.


Ms. Andrew then explained that there was an agreement that the Town signed, which stated that Pages Point would revert back to a private road if the lots created from a prior Certified Survey Map were not developed within ten years. Ms. Andrews stated that the ten year period has expired. Director Dearborn and staff were not familiar with this agreement but Director Dearborn did reiterate that Pages Point was a dedicated public right-of-way.


Dennis Rezner, 1164 Pages Point, was concerned about the drainage that would result from the new subdivision.


Commissioner Jochman described how curb and gutter requirements for new subdivisions have helped solve many existing drainage problems in various portions of the Town.

Phillip Maas, 245 Forkin St., clarified with the Commission that Forkin Street would not be reconstructed.


Ken Maas, 245 Forkin St., stated that the engineer must design the drainage plan so that Forkin St. would not get flooded.


Mr. Reider was open to discussing drainage with property owners that were outside of the proposed plat. Mr. Reider did point out that the drainage would be directed to the appropriate detention areas at the rear of the proposed lots. This would probably require some re-grading.


Motion by Commissioner Jochman, seconded by Commissioner Lewis, to approve the Preliminary Plat, with the four specified conditions. Motion carried unanimously.


2.  Rezoning – Carow Land Surveying Co., Inc. – Pages Sunset Shores - (008-0310, 008-0298)


Director Dearborn reported to the Commission that the applicant was requesting a rezoning from R-1 (Rural Residential) to R-2 (Suburban Residential) for the 16 lot subdivision, Pages Sunset Shores. The rezoning to R-2 is required since the subdivision will have public water and sewer.


Motion by Chairperson Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Pelton, to approve the Rezoning from R-1 from R-2 as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.


3.  Preliminary & Final Plat – Davel Engineering, Inc. – Shannon Heights – Dublin Trail  - (008-0206-08)


Director Dearborn stated that the final plat was for a portion of an R-5 zoned apartment complex located off of Dublin Trail. The plat would create 5 lots for 5 new apartment buildings.


The condition for the final plat is as follows:


1.      Approval from all agencies and municipalities with objecting authority.


Motion by Commissioner Jochman, seconded by Commissioner Van Dyke, to approve the Final Plat, with the specified condition. Motion carried unanimously.


4.  Town Conditional Use Permit – MEG Main Office Freeze – 1445 McMahon Dr. - (008-5222)


Director Dearborn stated that the applicant was proposing to construct a one-story office addition. Since the property was zoned B-5 (Planned Commercial Business District), the addition would require a Town CUP. Director Dearborn noted that the exterior design of the addition would match the existing building. Furthermore, the existing drainage plan was adequate to handle the impervious surface that would now be added to the site.


The conditions set forth by Town staff for the Town CUP were as follows:


1.      Fences – There is no new fencing proposed.

2.      Outdoor lighting – No additional lighting poles are proposed. Any lighting proposed on the building must be full cut-off fixtures and the details would need to be submitted. 

3.      Signs – No additional signage is proposed.

4.      Setbacks – the addition meets the minimum zoning setbacks for the B-5 district and they must be identified on the final site plan.

5.      Parking – Parking is identified on the plan (141 stalls) and it meets the minimum requirements of this zoning district.  No additional parking stalls are then required.

6.      No new garages or storage buildings are identified on the site. If proposed, they must abide to the B-5 guidelines. 

7.      Radio and Television Antennas – No antennas are shown on the site plan.  They must be in conformance with the requirements of the B-5 zoning district. 

8.      Satellite Dishes – No satellite dishes are shown on the plan.  They must be in conformance with the requirements of the B-5 zoning district. 

9.      The façade of the addition will be a brick veneer that will match the existing building. The roof (asphalt shingles) will also match the existing building.

10.  Landscaping – No landscape plan has been submitted.  A plan must be submitted prior to final approval of the plan. The landscaping plan must address the existing green area that is being used for the addition so that there will not be any reduction in landscaping. The property still meets the minimum 30 percent open space requirement.

11.  A detailed site plan review shall be conducted by staff as required by town ordinance and approved prior to the issuance of building permits.  This review shall include incorporation of all required general and basic regulations of the B-5 zoning district. The applicant may receive a drainage waiver if the Town Engineer can show that the existing drainage detention is adequate enough to handle the new addition (impervious surface).

Motion by Commissioner Jochman, seconded by Commissioner Lewis, to approve the Town CUP, with the 11 specified conditions. Motion carried unanimously.


5.  Certified Survey Map – Martenson & Eisele, Inc. – 1640 Palisades Dr. - (008-1032, 008-1033, 008-1034)


Director Dearborn explained that the CSM would combine 3 lakefront lots into one larger newly created lot. The existing home and garage would be removed in order for the property owner to construct a new home. The existing home did not conform to the zoning setback requirements since it crossed a lot line.


Motion by Chairperson Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Van Dyke, to approve the CSM as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.


6.  Amendment to the R-5 Section 17.08 (3)(a) of the Winnebago County Town/County Zoning Ordinance – Winnebago County Planning & Zoning Committee


Director Dearborn briefly discussed the background on why Town staff drafted a text amendment to the R-5 district that would now allow up to a zero setback to a public road right-of-way. The amendment would now allow for more creative and unique planned unit developments, such as the single-family condominium project located off of Jacobsen Rd.


Motion by Commissioner Pelton, seconded by Chairperson Bellmer, to approve the zoning text amendment to the R-5 district. Motion carried unanimously.








Commissioner Ratchman discussed a memo on residential sprinklers that was prepared by Deputy Fire Chief Susan Phillips. Commissioner Ratchman noted that these sprinklers have been coming down in price and further emphasized how they can be a cost effective tool with various types of residential projects. Both Commissioner Ratchman and Deputy Chief Phillips discussed how these sprinklers can assist the Fire Department in terms of level of service (e.g. less people or equipment required). Deputy Chief Phillips stressed how these sprinklers can alter whether there was a content versus a structure fire.




Motion by Commissioner Pelton, seconded by Commissioner Lewis, to adjourn the meeting at 6:06 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.


                                                                                   Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                    Jeffrey Smith      

                                                                                    Associate Planner