Municipal Complex, Wednesday March 19, 2003 for approval at the

4/16/03 meeting


Chairperson Bellmer called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


PRESENT:   Chairperson Alvin Bellmer, Planning Commissioners Michael Van

Dyke, Kris Koeppe, Richard Ratchman. Community Development Director George Dearborn and Recording Secretary Lori Jencks                                                                             


EXCUSED:  Commissioners Dennis Jochman, Harold Pelton, and Charles Lewis


ALSO PRESENT:  Don Benson, Dan Hoel, Dan Sutheimer, Kurt Mueller, Steve Spindler,

                                and Paul Dahms               


Approval of Minutes – February 19, 2003


Motion by Chairperson Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Van Dyke, to approve the minutes of the Planning Commission meeting on February 19, 2003 as submitted. Motion carried with 4 Aye, and 3 Excused (Commissioners Jochman, Pelton, and Lewis).


1.  Variance – Pierce Manufacturing


Director Dearborn gave a brief overview of this variance request.  The owner, Pierce Manufacturing, is requesting a variance to construct an addition for the automatic washing of new fire trucks which are currently hand washed.  This new addition will not meet the required 30 foot front setback requirement for the M-2 zoning district.  The applicant has no other option than to add on to the existing building in the location proposed.  This building was constructed prior to any zoning regulations.  Town staff is pursuing a change in the joint Town/County Zoning Ordinance which if adopted would create an overlay district which would allow reduced setbacks in older areas of the community.  This ordinance change may not occur for a number of months, if at all.  Director Dearborn stated that this variance request is not for financial reasons but practicability for the site.  Commissioner Van Dyke asked if when American Drive is reconstructed would that affect the setbacks for this addition.  Director Dearborn stated “no” it would not.


Motion by Chairperson Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Ratchman, to approve the variance as submitted. Motion carried with 4 Aye, and 3 Excused.


Chairperson Bellmer, Commissioners Van Dyke, Koeppe, Ratchman Aye; Commissioners Jochman, Pelton, and Lewis Excused.





2.  Rezoning – Peter VanderWielen & Other Adjacent Properties


Director Dearborn stated the applicant and five other property owners are requesting a rezoning from M-1 (light industrial) to M-2 (heavy industrial) zoning.  The surrounding properties other than the parcel owned by R&R Steel (Bruce Mueller and Donna Benson) are adjacent to other M-2 zoned properties.  R&R Steel is adjacent to R-2 zoned property and the other two parcels are adjacent to B-3 zoned property.  Most of these parcels are being used for heavy industrial purposes and this rezoning will allow those uses to continue.  While the purpose for this rezoning request is mainly for outside storage it will not exempt the requirement for a Conditional Use Permit for the outside storage.  The rezoning request complies with the current land use map as well as the proposed map.  Director Dearborn stated in the future when water and sewer service would be available in this area he could easily see the residential being rezoned to M-2.  Resident Kurt Mueller asked what restrictions there were for M-2 with residential adjacent to it.  Director Dearborn stated for certain uses there has to be a minimum of 100 feet from residential properties and the Town could control adequate screening provisions to protect residents through site plan review.  Resident Steve Spindler stated they feel vibrations from the quarry and his basement walls are cracked.  Director Dearborn stated residents in this area should video tape their basements and monitor the cracking in the walls.  Director Dearborn stated a reclamation plan for all quarries must be filed in the near future.  The Future Land Use map shows this area as industrial use.


Motion by Chairperson Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Van Dyke, to approve the rezoning request as submitted.  Motion carried with 4 Aye, 3 Excused.


Chairperson Bellmer, Commissioners Van Dyke, Koeppe, Ratchman Aye; Commissioners Jochman, Pelton, and Lewis Excused.


3. Certified Survey Map (CSM) & Road Vacation – Gateway Development, LLC


Director Dearborn stated the CSM would create one parcel and vacate a portion of Shangra-La.  Three existing homes will be removed as part of this CSM.  Director Dearborn stated this is a step in developing this area for commercial development.  The Town should be seeing plans soon for the retail center that will be constructed in this area.  A Conditional Use Permit was previously approved for this development.  Chairperson Bellmer asked if Plaza Drive would continue on in the future with two accesses.  Dan Hoel, Martenson & Eisele, Inc., stated that Plaza Drive will continue to the west.

Motion by Chairperson Bellmer, seconded by Commissioner Koeppe, to approve the Certified Survey Map and Road Vacation as submitted. Motion carried with 4 Aye, 3 Excused.


Chairperson Bellmer, Commissioners Van Dyke, Koeppe, Ratchman Aye; Commissioners Jochman, Pelton, and Lewis Excused.










Director Dearborn stated the planned date for the public informational meeting of the Town Comprehensive Plan needs to be changed as it conflicts with the Town’s Annual meeting which is April 8, 2003.  Director Dearborn stated the goal is to adopt the Town Comprehensive Plan in April.  The State desires that Town Board action is 30 days after the Planning Commission meeting.  After discussion, it was decided that Director Dearborn try first for Thursday, April 10th, then Monday, April 7th second.  There would then be a Public Hearing at the April 16th Planning Commission meeting and at the April 28th Town Board meeting.  Commissioner Van Dyke asked Director Dearborn if the date on last month’s meeting was correct.  Director Dearborn stated it was correct.


Commissioner Van Dyke stated he has received several phone calls regarding the noise coming from the Express Convenience Station Car Wash, located on W. American Drive, when the north door is open.  The phone calls were from residents on Julie Court which is north of the car wash.  Director Dearborn stated he will contact the owner to see what can be done, possibly a fence to block the noise.  Director Dearborn also stated he will check the Condition Use Permit to see what, if any, conditions were on there for noise.


Commission Koeppe asked what the status of MEE Bellevue, LLC was.  Director Dearborn stated he has not heard anything recently but believes the matter is still in the court system.  Director Dearborn stated he was contacted regarding that area for a soccer complex.




Motion by Commissioner Van Dyke, seconded by Chairperson Bellmer, to adjourn the meeting at 5:48 p.m. Motion carried with 4 Aye, 3 Excused (Commissioners Jochman, Pelton, and Lewis).


                                                                                   Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                    Lori Jencks

                                                                                    Recording Secretary