WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20, 2003 @ 5:00 P.M.






Chairperson Bellmer called the Planning Commission Meeting of August 20, 2003 to order at 5:00 PM.


PRESENT:             Chairperson Alvin Bellmer, Planning Commissioners Charles Lewis, Michael Van Dyke, Dennis Jochman, Harold Pelton, Kris Koeppe, and Richard Ratchman. Community Development Director George Dearborn and Associate Planner Diana Kanter.


ALSO PRESENT:   Jeff Stodola

Bob Liedl






Motion by Commissioner Pelton to approve the Plan Commission minutes of July 16, 2003.  Commissioner Van Dyke noted two corrections. So noted by Associate Planner Diana Kanter.  Seconded by Commissioner Van Dyke.  Motion carries unanimously.




1.      Rezoning – Martenson & Eisele, Inc. – Meadow Heights Subdivision – Proposed Rezoning R-3 Two-Family Residential District to R-2 Suburban Residential District (Subdivided)


Motion by Chairman Bellmer to approve the request for Meadow Heights Subdivision to rezone Lot #11 and Lot #12 from R-3 Two-Family Residential to R-2 Suburban Residential (Subdivided).


Seconded by Commissioner Jochman.  Motion carries unanimously.


2.      Town Conditional Use Permit – Master Lube – West American Drive – Gateway Development

Motion by Commissioner Jochman to approve the request by Master Lube for a carwash and fast lubrication facility which will include oil changes, transmission fluid changes and minor parts replacements such as air filters, wiper blades and other similar parts, with the following conditions:


1.      A certified survey map (CSM) must be prepared creating a parcel for this proposed development.  Since the developer does not own the property south of this parcel and utilities must be provided from the south the developer will have to obtain easements from the property to the south to provide for utilities for this property. No additional water and sewer services can be connected to the West American Drive utilities.  Staff also recommends that the developer obtain right of way form the southern property owner to extend the road and utilities to and past this property. 

2.      A detailed outdoor lighting plan shall be prepared for review and approval by staff meeting the meeting the requirements of this district.  

3.      All signs, including signage on the building shall be submitted separately for review and approval by staff.

4.      The number and location of parking spaces is adequate for this development assuming it is located further than the required 25 feet from the street yard setback and 10 feet from the side setbacks. 

5.      A landscaping plan shall be prepared meeting the Town’s ordinance and reviewed and approved by Town Staff.

6.      Detailed information shall be provided indicating at least 30% of the site will be open space. 

7.      The development shall have no exterior audio systems for paging, music, or other sound generation. 

8.      All services shall be underground.

9.      Any proposed roof mounted equipment shall be screened and/or painted using colors or architectural materials compatible with the principal building. .

10.  No outside storage shall be allowed. 

11.  The exterior façade of this building shall meet or exceed the requirements of this district. The applicant shall provide staff with details on the proposed facade for their review and approval.

12.  The developer shall prepare a detailed site plan and drainage plan meeting Town requirements which shall be reviewed and approve by Town staff.

Seconded by Chairperson Bellmer.  Motion carries unanimously.






1.      Comprehensive Plan – Update


At the August 25, 2003 Town Board Meeting the Comprehensive Plan will have a second reading and adoption.  Community Development Director Dearborn understood that there were meetings with the property owners and MEE Bellview.  It is his understanding that there is a resolution forthcoming.


2.      Building Permit Report


Community Development Director Dearborn stated the Building Permit Report shows 106 Single-Family Building Permits, but after checking with the Deputy Building Inspector found there are 119 Single-Family Building Permits.  The largest number of permits was in 1976 with 164 permits.  The Town of Menasha may exceed the 1974 levels.




Motion by Commissioner Pelton to adjourn the Plan Commission meeting at 5:24 PM.  Seconded by Commissioner Van Dyke.  Motion carried unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,



Diana Kanter

Recording Secretary