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Illicit Discharges

An Illicit Discharge is the discharge of pollutants or non-storm water materials to storm sewer systems via overland flow or direct dumping of materials into a catch basin.

Illicit discharges enter the system through either direct or indirect connections.

·        Direct connection: wastewater piping either mistakenly or deliberately connected to the storm drains instead of sewer system

·        Indirect connection: infiltration into the municipal stormwater sewer system from cracked sanitary systems, spills collected by drain outlets, or paint or used oil dumped directly into a drain 

Illicit discharges contribute to high levels of pollutants including heavy metals, toxics, oil and grease, solvents, nutrients, viruses, and bacteria entering receiving water bodies. Pollutant levels from these illicit discharges are high enough to significantly degrade receiving water quality and threaten aquatic, wildlife, and human health according to EPA studies.

If you witness anyone dumping substances into storm drains or any mysterious substances in or around storm drains or in local water bodies, please contact the Town of Menasha Department of Community Development at 920-720-7105.