Town of Menasha Sustainability Committee

Tuesday, September 2, 2008, 12:30 p.m.

SCA Tissue

1451 McMahon Drive



Call to Order


Approval of August 14, 2008 Minutes


Introduction and Reiteration of Guiding Principles for Meeting: How we think, behave and act (See Attached Guiding Principals for Town of Menasha Sustainability Committee).


Business Items:


        I.      Discuss Sustainability Goals and Objectives for the 2009 Town Budget.


Public Comments








Sustainability Committee Guiding Principles:


What is critical:


1)      A clear vision of what we, as a Committee, want to be and provide for the Town of Menasha in the future.

2)      How we behave and treat each other along the way of getting to that future state.

3)      How we proceed along the path must be balanced and principle-based.


4)      These key principles should include:


a)      Active and valued-added participation by a mix of stakeholders

b)      Transparency in what is said and done within the process

c)      Responsible and Effective Communications

d)      Decisions reached after open and honest dialogue and after thoughtful consideration are given to the responsible input by all members.

e)      Our actions must be guided by what is congruent with our Sustainability Policy of the Town of Menasha.

f)       We must seek first to understand, before demanding to be understood.

g)      Having the opportunity to be heard, understood and consistently demonstrating the commitment to publicly support Commission decisions is expected.


What is important:


1)      An effective process to engage more people into the conversation and work.

2)      An effective process to facilitate planning, testing and communicating results of the work.

3)      Development and implementation of an effective process to track progress and document results.

4)      Development and implementation of an effective process to audit results and make appropriate corrections and modifications to ensure sustainability and success.



Adopted by the Town of Menasha Sustainability Committee


Michael J. Dillon, Chair