Items of Note


·        Town of Menasha Farmer's Markets: 

·                June 7, June 21, July 12, July 26, Aug 2

·                6-8 p.m. at Schildt ParkText Box: What is Sustainability? Sustainability is generally defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” Sustainability is not just about “saving the environment,” it’s also about being more economically efficient and more socially equitable.

·         Thursday Farmer’s Market Application

·         Check out the Town’s plan to save energy from our 2011 Energy Assessment

·         Look at the Town’s Library Book List and check out a book

·         View real time data on the Town’s Solar Panels

·         View streets where neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) are allowed

·         Town street map

·         Regional map

·         Interested in becoming a Healthy Sustainable Business Network (HSBN) designated business? 

·         Check out the criteria and application here

·         An HSBN designation has already been awarded to -

·         SCA Tissue

·         Miron Construction

·         Jack’s Maintenance


About the Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee was formed in 2008 when the Town of Menasha Board of Supervisors passed a resolution endorsing sustainability and authorizing the creation of a Sustainability Committee.

Mission Statement

“To help sustain our community for future generations by using resources in the most responsible way at the right times and for the right reasons.”



The Sustainability Committee meets on the Second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 in the Assembly Room at Town Hall. All are welcome to attend! Review agendas and minutes online.


Town of Menasha Community Development or call 920-720-7105



2011 Sustainability Accomplishments

1.    Adopted a Green Procurement Policy for municipal operations

2.    Completed The Natural Step Study Circles

3.    Organized and hosted two electronics recycling events at the Municipal Complex

4.    Planted a teaching garden at Schildt Park and used the garden to spread awareness of eating healthy and eating local

5.    Began the creation of a "green" floating zoning district to include in the new Town Zoning Ordinance

6.    Participated in National Night Out (NNO) and other sustainability events in the Town

7.    Handed out 200 CFL bulbs at NNO

8.    Completed an energy audit for the Municipal Complex and acted on its recommendations

9.    Completed an energy audit for the Utility District

10.  Awarded Jack's Maintenance an HSBN designation














2012 Sustainability Goals and Objectives

1.    Pursue the creation of a Town farmer's market

2.    Pursue an expansion of the teaching garden at Schildt Park and possible creation of community gardens in the Town

3.    Create goals and initiate action for waste reduction in the Town

4.    Continue to pursue energy efficiency for the Municipal Complex and the Utility District

5.    Increase public participation and awareness through educational videos to be televised at the end of Planning Commission meetings

6.    Continue with Department Head sustainability training sessions

7.    Continue hosting electronics recycling events

8.    Participate in SCA Tissue’s sustainability fair

9.    Encourage participation of HSBN businesses in sustainability activities

10. Collaborate with ECOS/City of Menasha/Town Parks Department/etc. to host Earth Day/Arbor Day events


What Can You Do?

·         Get Involved!

o    Attend Sustainability Committee meetings – we welcome new ideas and new points of view

·         Get Informed!

o    Attend an ECOS-Fox Valley event

o    Go to your local library

o    Text Box: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret MeadSearch the internet

·         Take Action!

Even little changes can make big differences

o    Plant a tree/plant or a rain garden

o    Bike/carpool/ride the bus

o    Buy locally

o    Change a light bulb

o    Turn your heat down

o    Have a chemical-free lawn

o    Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

o    Recycle


Links to Learn More:

·         Click here to see a Sustainability Toolkit for Local Governments Created by UW-Extension

·         Calculate your Carbon Footprint:

·         Green Tips Library: 

·         The Natural Step Approach to Sustainability:

·         US Green Building Council’s Green Home Guide:

·         ECOS-Fox Valley:

·         Sustainable Communities Network:

·         Rain Garden Resource:

·         Information on where to recycle electronics in Neenah