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Expanded Trials Development


By now you may have noticed that the Town has just completed two now trail extensions to complement the established trail system in the Town.  A connection has been made from the CB trail to Old Buggy Drive along East Shady Lane and also extending along East Shady Lane to Irish Road.  Both projects were funded by a combination of grants town and developer funds and donations.  Next year you will see the CB trail extending north form its present termination at the Town Municipal Complex to County BB.  A sidewalk along Appleton Road will also be constructed jointly with the City of Menasha.  A trail will also be constructed along Plank Road.  Finally the Town and the City of Menasha were awarded a grant to construct a trail across the railroad trestle that was recently abandoned by Wisconsin Central Railroad. This unique and exciting project will link the two communities and ultimately create a link from the Wiowash trial to High Cliff State Park. 



CB Trail Extension and E. Shady Lane Trails



Appleton Road and Plank Road




Trestle Trail