Bridging the Fox Cities



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1)      Submittal Requirements. The applicant shall submit the following to the Department of Community Development:

a)      Application form;

b)      Fees as set forth in Appendix B Fee Schedule, reference this code section;

c)      Ten (10) copies of all plans, elevations, and sections on 24” by 36”, or greater, sheet of paper;

d)      Two (2) copies of all plans, elevations, and sections on 11” by 17” sheet of paper; and

e)      Digital copy of the plans, elevations, and sections in AutoCad (*.dwg) or compatible form by Electronic Mail or Compact Disc.


2)      Required Materials.

a)      Application. Applications shall be made on forms furnished by the Department of Community Development and shall include the following:

1)      Names, addresses and telephone number of the owner of site and architect or engineer;

2)      Description of subject site by address (if available) and parcel number, project name, site zoning, current land use, surrounding land uses, proposed use, proposed zoning, lot size, building/structure size, and previous occupant.


b)      Plan Data. The submission of one or more of the required plans, or a portion(s) of any one of the plans, may be waived by the Director of Community Development when such are not applicable.  Separate plans for each of the below are not required.  Plans may be combined into one or more plans provided that the required data is shown.  Plan data shall include the following:


c)      Plan of Operation. The Plan of Operation shall, in letter or report form, include the following, when applicable:

1)      Proposed use of the land and building(s);

2)      Total number of employees;

3)      Hours of operation;

4)      Total occupancy of building (if restaurant, church or other assembly use);

5)      Total number of units (if residential); and

6)      Number, type, and size of vehicles stored outdoors (recreational and commercial).


d)      Building Plan. The Building Plan shall include the following:

1)      Layout of buildings;

2)      Size, layout, and use of rooms; and

3)      Elevations.


e)      Site Plan. The Site Plan shall include the following:

1)      Location of all existing and proposed streets, drives, easements, right-of-ways, parking as required, vehicular and pedestrian access points, pedestrian walkways, and freestanding signs;

2)      Land uses and zoning classifications of surrounding areas;

3)      Dimensions of the development site, indicated along the property line;

4)      The location, footprint, and square footage of all buildings and structures;

5)      Front, side, and rear yard zoning setbacks labeled as such;

6)      Proposed and existing grading at two (2) foot intervals;

7)      Location, grade, and dimensions of all existing and proposed surfaces and of all abutting streets; and

8)      The location, elevation and type of outdoor lighting fixtures, if any.


f)        Landscape Plan. Landscape Plans shall include the following:

1)      The location and footprint of any and all buildings and structures;

2)      Dimensions of development site, indicated along the property line;

3)      Existing and proposed pedestrian and vehicular access points, streets, drives, alleys, bicycle paths, bridges, intersections, and other pedestrian and vehicular circulation elements, labeled with street names, dimensions;

4)      The location and dimension of playgrounds, tot lots, and other recreational facilities;

5)      The site area and the total area of the site required to be open space;

6)      Existing and proposed contours and grades at two (2) foot intervals, including the location, slope ratios (horizontal to vertical), of all proposed berming, at a one (1) foot contour interval.  Location, extent and general elevations and slope ratios of all surface water detention areas and drainageways;

7)      The location, quantity, installation size, height of all trees and shrubs at the time of planting;

8)      Specification of the type and boundaries of all proposed ground cover;

9)      Tree line of wooded areas; and

10)  Location and size of all existing trees that are six (6) inches or larger in diameter measured fifty-four (54) inches above natural grade.


g)        Digital Plans. A digital copy of all plans, elevations, and sections in AutoCad (*.dwg) or compatible form by Electronic Mail or Compact Disc shall be submitted with the Site Plan Review application and with any revision submittals to the Department of Community Development.