A.   Relationships With Other Governments


Wisconsin State Statutes provide guidelines for intergovernmental cooperation and boundary agreements municipalities. This statute enables adjoining communities to enter into agreements that will benefit both communities.


Mutual Aid agreements are a type of intergovernmental cooperation. For example, city, village and town fire departments use this vehicle to extend fire protection from one municipality to another. The biggest advantage is that each fire department can share equipment and manpower in times of major fires that would otherwise limit the resources of a particular department in responding to a disaster. The Town of Menasha will continue its policy of entering into mutual aid agreements that are beneficial to each unit of government.


As the Town of Menasha looks to the future, one area that may be worthwhile pursing is the establishment of boundary agreements with the neighboring incorporated communities with which it currently does not have agreements. The sole purpose of this effort is to stabilize the present Town boundaries from the continuing threat of annexations to the neighboring incorporated community. To achieve this type of an agreement, each governmental unit must negotiate in “good faith”.


Town of Menasha representatives attend meetings with other local governing bodies whenever issues concerning the Town is involved. The Town of Menasha continues to develop liaisons with local, regional, state and federal units of government to assure input from the Town of Menasha as well as to build cooperation between these governmental units.


1.     Adjacent Communities


Communities that are adjacent to the Town of Menasha include the towns of Clayton, Grand Chute, Greenville, Harrison and Neenah and the cities of Menasha and Neenah (see Map XX).


Town of Clayton – Discussions are currently taking place on the extension of sewer and water to the Town of Clayton from the Town of Menasha Utility District. The two towns also cooperate on economic development efforts. The Town of Clayton passes along to the Town of Menasha its share of the Per Capita Funding Program, an annual grant program administered by the Winnebago County Industrial Development Board. The Town of Menasha plows East Shady Lane from Clayton Avenue to USH 45. The two towns cooperated on submitting a grant for the multi-purpose trail that will parallel USH 10. They have a mutual aid agreement for fire service but not for police or EMS service.


Town of Greenville – The Town of Menasha has a mutual aid agreement for fire protection at the Outagamie County Airport that is located in the Town of Greenville.


Town of Grand Chute – The Town of Menasha cooperates with several municipalities on joint bidding for street paving projects, one of which is the Town of Grand Chute. The two towns also share a street sweeper and other public works equipment.


City of Appleton – The Town of Menasha signed a border agreement with the City of Appleton in 1998 (see Map XX). As part of the agreement, the Town will not contest any annexations of land north of STH 441 and east of Gmeiner Avenue. Part of the agreement also states that if land outside of this area is annexed into the City of Appleton, a land parcel of similar size will be detached from the City of Appleton and attached to the Town of Menasha. The Town has mutual aid agreements with the City for fire and police protection. The two communities also cooperate with public improvements.


Town of Harrison – The common boundary shared by the two towns is a segment of Oneida Street. Currently the two towns have no agreements.


City of Menasha – The Town of Menasha signed a border agreement with the City of Menasha in 1998 (see Map XX). As part of the agreement, the Town will not contest any annexations of land south and east of STH 441. Part of the agreement also states that if land outside of this area is annexed into the City of Menasha, a land parcel of similar size will be detached from the City of Menasha and attached to the Town of Menasha. The two municipalities have a long history of cooperation on transportation projects. They have also explored partnering on a housing rehabilitation program.


City of Neenah – Currently the Town of Menasha does not have a boundary agreement or any mutual aid agreements.


Town of Neenah – The two towns have a mutual aid agreement for fire protection. A portion of the Town of Neenah is served by the Town of Menasha Utility District. The agreement is that if the Town of Menasha would become a village, that portion of the Town of Neenah would automatically be annexed to and become part of the newly incorporated village.




2.     Adjacent School Districts


Communications with the three public school districts (Appleton, Menasha and Neenah) have been informal in nature. The Town of Menasha would like to establish more formal communications with each of the districts.


3.     County


As would be expected, there is a significant amount of interaction between the Town of Menasha and Winnebago County. Planning, zoning and subdivision ordinances, regional storm water management, drainage plans, septic system installations, access control, 911 dispatch, emergency management and geographic information systems are the most common areas that require cooperation.


There is less interaction with Outagamie County, most of which deals with CTH BB or Prospect Avenue and the airport overlay zone.


4.     Regional


The Town of Menasha is involved at the regional level with the Fox Cities Economic Development Partnership and the Northeast Wisconsin Regional Economic Partnership. Both are economic development efforts that recognize the power of working together in retaining and attracting businesses.


The Town is actively involved with the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission and with the Winnebago Towns Association.


The Town of Menasha is one of the original members of the FOXNET Fiber Optic System, a consortium of public organizations that came together to provide high speed data and Internet access for their own use through a wide area network or WAN. The other members of FOXNET are the cities of Menasha and Neenah, the school districts of Menasha and Neenah, Winnebago County, Fox Valley Technical College and Menasha Utilities. FOXNET continues to explore options with this service including the expansion to other public and private sector organizations.


5.     State and Federal


The Town of Menasha sends representatives to state-wide associations including the Wisconsin Municipal Towns Association, the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association and the Wisconsin Municipal Treasurers Association.


Much of the communication and cooperation at the state and federal level deals with transportation issues, primarily highways. The Fox River Heritage Corridor Project also very important to the Town of Menasha. Progress continues to be made on the planned re-opening of the locks from Lake Winnebago to Green Bay which will potentially encourage more locations for boat ramps, especially for canoeing and kayaking. Communication with regional, state and federal officials will be needed to ensure the success of the project.


B.   Shared Public Facilities


The Town of Menasha Utility District is part of two regional wastewater facilities. In addition, the Town of Menasha purchased water from the City of Menasha.


C.   Conflicts


At this time, the Town is not aware of any existing or potential conflicts with adjacent units of government with the exception of a possible border agreement with the City of Neenah.


The Town Board of Menasha attempts to meet and listen to all other governmental units with whom there may be a conflict. It is the policy of the Town of Menasha to respect the rights of residents and landowners and to resolve conflicts in a way that would not affect the future plans of the Town of Menasha.


D.  Opportunities


The east side of the Town of Menasha has a highly irregular boundary with several “islands” as a result of annexations. The Town feels there are opportunities to improve the delivery of services on the east side, particularly with respect to fire, police and street construction and repair.


E.   Vision


It is the year 2020 in the Town of Menasha. You are providing services to the residents of the Town in a cost-effective manner, thanks in part to cooperative agreements and consistent and clear communications with adjacent units of government.


What services are you currently providing that could be provided cooperatively with adjacent communities?


What services are adjacent communities providing that would be of benefit to your residents if provided cooperatively?


What types of meetings, formal or informal, are taking place with communities adjacent to the Town of Menasha?



F.    Goals, Objectives and Policies


1.     Goal


To promote the provision of government services in a cooperative, efficient, environmentally sound and socially responsible manner.


2.     Objectives


a.     Foster cooperation and coordination in the provision of services where efficiency, equity and economies of scale can be obtained with other entities.


b.     Provide efficient and economical public facilities and services to urban development.


c.      Coordinate the Town's Land Use Plan with regional Sewer Service Area Plans.


d.     Develop urban service phasing plans that are coordinated with the regional Land Use and Transportation Plans.


3.     Policies


a.     The Town of Menasha shall encourage involvement with adjacent municipalities to minimize conflict of land use and conflict in policies, and to achieve economies of scale.


b.     The Town shall continue to develop liaisons with adjoining communities and counties.


G.  Intergovernmental Cooperation Plan