Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is an advisory body to the Town Board under the provisions of Section 62.23, Wis. State Statutes. Its function is to review and make recommendations on zoning matters, subdivisions, and other land use items. It is the body responsible for the Comprehensive Plan. 

Planning Commission meetings are regularly held on the third Wednesday of the month beginning at 5:00 pm at the Municipal Complex.

Meeting agendas are posted at the Municipal Complex, Fire Station #40, the Community Center and the town's website

Term of Office

Alvin Bellmer

President 05/23/2001–05/22/2003
Dennis Jochman Commissioner 05/23/2002–05/22/2005

Charles Lewis

Commissioner 05/23/2002–05/22/2005
Harold Pelton  Secretary 05/22/2001–05/22/2003
Michael Van Dyke vice-president 05/23/2002–05/22/2004
Kris Koeppe Commissioner 05/23/2002–05/22/2004
Richard Ratchman  Commissioner 06/23/2002–06/30/2004