PARK COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                                                  September 11,  2002


Members Present:         Commissioners: John Zaborsky, Richard Gawinski, Roy Kuehn, Herb Horn, Glen Allen and Commissioner Judy Holtz


Excused:                       Becky Thone, Recreation Supervisor, and Commissioner Clarence Peterson


Also Present:                Ron Krueger Director of Parks & Recreation, Ronald Pavlak Park Foreman, and Mary Heiting Bookkeeper


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The meeting was held at the Community Center and was called to order by Richard Gawinski, President, at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.


MOTION: Commissioner Zaborsky, seconded Commissioner Allen to approve the minutes of August 28, 2002.   Motion carried unanimously.


The Commissioners reviewed the expenditure list in the amount of $10,433.93.  MOTION: Commissioner Kuehn, seconded Commissioner Horn to approve the bills as submitted.   Motion carried unanimously.




Brad Werner, Engineer from McMahon Associates was representing the Town of Menasha Utility District. The Utility District is proposing a lift station be constructed on the Town of Menasha Butte des Morts Park.  This would be near the intersection of Frances and Lakeshore Drive.  The original structure was built in 1960’s and needs to be replaced.


Mr. Werner explained the new  construction would be located closer to the lake.  A substantital savings will be recognized at this location.  A small building hut would remain where the original equipment is located. 


Commissioner Holtz would like to see some shrubs to soften the look of this area.  Previous requests for landscaping were not completed.


MOTION: Commissioner Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Horn to approve the request of the Town of Menasha Utility District for the proposed lift station construction which will include some landscaping in the bid package in both areas.  Motion carried unanimously.


Randal Maurer of Environmental Native Solutions presented a aerial photograph explaining some details on the proposed plans for the nature park on the corner of Hwy. CB and E. Shady Lane.  Mr. Maurer seemed very knowledgeable and has many connections to help coordinate the needs and expenses of this endeavor. 


Brian Epley, Pheifer Bros. has been contacted by Commissioner Allen.  Mr. Epley will review the existing Fritse Park and propose a design plan and estimate for use in the 2003 budget year.  This estimate will need a draft to submit to the September 17  park department budget hearing.  Bookkeeper Heiting gave out reminder agendas for the budget hearing.






The Fritse Park plans were reviewed.  Director Krueger presented the proposed changes, and Foreman Pavlak prepared the existing structures and equipment list.  Much discussion ensued.  Pheifer Bros will review the maps and proposals and make recommendations in the future. 


Recreation Supervisor Thone is asking the Commissioners to approve a raise for the fitness instructor.  She is asking for a 25 ء after one year of employment  MOTION: commissioner Horn, seconded by Commissioner Zaborsky to approve the increase.  Motion carried unanimously. 


The tennis court resurfacing project has been completed and with the striping completed, the court looks very professional.  A very nice job by Fox Valley Asphalt on this project.   


Foreman Pavlak has been coordinating an Eagle Scout project with a Town of Menasha boy scout, his Troop and Scout Master.  The project coordinated stone work along the creek and building a walkway between the 15th and 16th hole.  Foreman Pavlak complimented how wonderful the project turned out. 






Motion Commissioner Holtz; seconded Commissioner Allen to adjourn the September 11, 2002 meeting at 8:30 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.






John A. Zaborsky, 

Secretary, Park Commission