PARK COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                                                  February 12,     2003


Members Present:         Commissioners: Richard Gawinski, Roy Kuehn, Herb Horn, Judy Holtz, John Zaborsky, and Glen Allen  


Excused:                       Commissioner Clarence Peterson and Becky Thone, Recreation Supervisor


Also Present:                Ron Krueger Director of Parks & Rec., Ronald Pavlak Park Foreman, Mary Heiting Bookkeeper, George Dearborn Director of Community Development, and Jim Archambo, Town Administrator


                                    Kurt Schodorf – Menasha Area Soccer              Brian Epley, Pheifer Engineering

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The meeting was held at the Community Center and  called to order by Richard Gawinski, President, at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.


MOTION: Commissioner Horn, seconded by Commissioner Kuehn to review the January 8, 2003 minutes and make a motion to approve.   Motion carried unanimously.


The Commissioners reviewed the February 2003 bills list in the amount of $4,359.77.  MOTION: Commissioner Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Holtz to approve the 2003 bills list as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.





Director Krueger read the Recreation Supervisor Thone’s report  The report included a comparison of community center usage from January 2002  and January 2003.  The new software installed is running in our department and lets both offices know immediately if rental dates are available.  The spring program guide was inserted in the January issue of The Bridge, and theFitness, Youth Dance and Schoolz out programs were filling up the quickest. 


Director Krueger reviewed the bids for the lawn mower.  His recommendation was for the Riesterer & Schnell John Deere mower for $11,600.  Commissioner Zaborsky inquired about the engine life hours compared to the other products submitted for bids.    Commissioner Holtz inquired about including a figure for a jumbo mower and what the economics would be for labor savings versus hours needed on the present equipment.  The commissioners would like to see the bid tabs and make comparisons before the meeting in March.


Commissioner Allen had a conversation with the family estate representative for the Moseng property.  The family is interested in selling.  His calculations for the number of acres were invalid but the estimate for the property they feel would be approximately $70,000.

Director of Community Development George Dearborn reminded the Commission that May 1 would be the deadline for submitting the application for the grant.  This grant from the DNR would be available for ½ the amount of the land appraisal.


MOTION: Commissioner Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Allen to proceed with the grant application to acquire the Moseng property and prepare a draft for submission by May 1 deadline.  Motion carried unanimously.


Brian Epley, Pheifer Engineering preparing the draft for the Fritse Park update displayed the 4 concept drafts prepared for this park.  Concept (1) for all 3 parcels.  (2) Was for the Fritse Park parcel only. (3) Was for  Fritse Park and including the railroad access where the trail would run.  (4) Was the concept including a portion of property across N. Lake Street.   The suggestion to stay with the railroad theme was good.  His suggestions included some rip rap along the shore.  Brian Epley also had some aesthetic ideas and inquired if there would be any more property north of the previously owned railroad right-of-way.


Director Krueger requested that the Commission approve the appointment of Theresa Coenen to clean the community center through the summer months.  Her position will start the end of March and continued to the beginning of November.  The wage offered this position was $11.00/hour seasonal part-time.  The Commissioners were in agreement with the position and wage offered and agreed to have Recreation Supervisor Thone hire Theresa Coenen.


Foreman Pavlak had contacted the Burke representative and the equipment needed to be replaced at Palisades will cost approximately $7,300.  If the commission wanted the physically challenged swing there would be an additional $350 needed.


MOTION: Commissioner Kuehn, seconded by Commissioner Zaborsky to proceed with ordering the gym set and swing per the proposal to purchase Model 30-9114 and the additional swing expense for Palisades Park.


Foreman Pavlak continued with the landscaping plans around the community center.  Agencies have been contacted and estimates should be ready by the March meeting.  It has been specified to keep the front portion separate from the back portion of the bid to differentiate what is needed and be able to purchase based on the monetary value. 


Foreman Pavlak has completed some research on the fence portions needing repair.  Wittman, Palisades, need repair.  The items needed around O’Hauser Park may need to be allotted in the 2004 budget preparation.  The fence plans will include investigating enclosures for the garbage bins.


Director Krueger and Foreman Pavlak have been in contact with Suburban Athletics recently.  The discussion directed their request for an outhouse closer to the Frisbee golf and concession stands area.  Foreman Pavlak explained the differences between having the restrooms directly on the sewer line or on a pump system.    Commissioner Zaborsky explained that this option should be included on the 5-year park plans.


Foreman Pavlak is taking inventory on all park equipment and will include in the 5-year plan the replacement expectancy life for the units.



Commissioner Kuehn discussed raising the park fees, and due to the process of having an assessment study done to evaluate the needs made a motion.  MOTION: Commissioner Kuehn, seconded by Commissioner Zaborsky to request that the Town Board of Supervisors consider a study of Town impact fees to include potentially increasing the park impact fees.  Motion carried unanimously.



Kurt Schodorf – Menasha Area Soccer.  Kurt was visiting with the Commission to update them on the use of Wittmann Park for the Menasha Area Soccer games.  He expressed his appreciation to the commission and the park staff for meeting all the needs of the association at Wittmann Park.  He would like to attend an occasional meeting to learn about the Park Commission and all the needs of the community.


Director of Parks & Recreation handed out his letter of retirement expressing his pleasure of working with the Town of Menasha Park & Recreation department.  His notice gave his last date to be Friday, March 14, 2003.  The Commissioners all congratulated Ron Krueger and stated how much he will be missed and wished his the best wishes for his retirement future.



Motion Commissioner Kuehn, seconded Commissioner Horn to adjourn the February 12, 2003 meeting at 8:35 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.






John A. Zaborsky,

Secretary Park Commission