Submitted for Approval Aug. 11, 2003



Municipal Complex - Assembly Room - Monday, July 28, 2003





Town Chair Arden Tews called the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Elected Members Present:       Arden Tews, Town Chair        Barbara Hanson, Supv. #1     

Scott Sauer, Supv. #2              Jerry Jurgensen, Supv. #3      Russ Handevidt, Supv. #4        

Jeanne Krueger

Also Present:  James Archambo, Admin.     Greg Curtis, Town Atty.      Lee Reibold, Town Engr.        Rod McCants, Police Chief         Myra Piergrossi, Finance Dir.   George Dearborn, Com. Dev. Dir.        Richard Eiberger, Assessor        Keith Kiesow, Fire Chief           Susan Phillips, DFC/Marshal      Diana Kanter, Assoc. Planner     Mike Kading, Park Director      Mike Lettier           Jean Hanson     Jane Isaac     Gary Koehnke       William E. Smith       Steve Frassetto, MEE   Bob Leibsle, MEE

Dan Hoel        Richard DeKleyn, J. R. Developmt.       Todd Dontje/Archery Shack     Barb Heeter



3)        PUBLIC FORUM – Non-Agenized Matters

Town business owner, Todd Dontje, stated temporary signs for the Archery Shack were taken down on the northeast corner of Shady Ln. & Cold Spring Rd.  and felt his customers should be able to use Cold Spring Rd.  He requested he be allowed to place temporary signs during the construction.  Mr. Dontje realized he should have asked for permission for the temporary signs prior to installation.  Dir. Dearborn stated he is willing to work with business people affected by the construction on American Dr. and  would be willing to waive the sign permit fee with board permission. 


5)        OLD BUSINESS



a)        030728-1: Preliminary Subdivision Plat - Davel Engineering – Redtail Crossing

MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


b)        030728-2: Rezoning – David Bently – 1340 N. Lake Street

MOTION: Jurgensen/Handevidt to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


c)         030728-3: Final Subdivision Plat Martenson & Eisele, Inc. – Meadow Heights Subdivision              MOTION: Jurgensen/Handevidt to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


d)       030728-4: CSM - Martenson & Eisele, Inc. – Gateway Meadows Lot #51             MOTION: Jurgensen/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


e)       030728-5: Budget Transfer – Professional Services

MOTION: Sauer/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


f)        030728-6: Out-of-State Training - National Fire Academy – Cotter – Emmitsburg, MD      MOTION: Jurgensen/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Upon roll call vote, Supvs. Hanson, Jurgensen, and Chair Tews voted AYE, with Supvs. Sauer and Handevidt voting NAY. Motion carried 3-2.


g)       030728-7: Out-of-State Training - National Fire Academy – Van Herwynen –

Emmitsburg, MD        MOTION: Jurgensen/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Roll call votes were taken. Supvs. Hanson and Handevidt voted NAY, and Supvs. Sauer, Jurgensen, and Chair Tews voted AYE.  Motion carried 3-2.


h)       030728-8: Authorization to File an Application for Financial Assistance from the State of WI Clean Water Fund Program            MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


i)        030728-9: Expenditures          MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve the expenditures with the exception of (none), as submitted.  Motion carried.



a)         030623-5-1:ORD Create Chapter 30 Comprehensive Plan    SECOND READING AND ADOPTION             MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to POSTPONE FOR CONSIDERATION to the August 25th meeting.  Motion carried.


b)        030714-2:ORD Amend Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter 14 Building Regulations     SECOND READING AND ADOPTION MOTION  made by Supv. Sauer to accept the SECOND READING AND ADOPTION as submitted.  MOTION FAILED for lack of a second. 


c)         030728-1:ORD Amend Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter 5 – Fire Prevention Code     FIRST READING, SECOND READING AND ADOPTION

MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to accept the FIRST READING only.  Motion carried.

Resident Jean Hanson complained about impending new ordinance regarding electric grills and stated the outcome would be a possible problem in the sale of her condo.


8)       PERSONNEL


a)       Regular Town Board Meeting – July 14, 2003

b)       Public Hearing – July 14, 2003

c)         Board of Review – July 15, 2003

MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to approve the minutes as submitted.  Motion carried.



a)         Police Dept. Overtime Analysis – Communications Technicians, June 2003

b)        Police Dept. Overtime Analysis – Police Officers, June 2003                    

MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to accept the correspondence for filing as submitted.  Motion carried.


11)      REPORTS

a)       Town Administrator James Archambo:  1) reported American Dr. is open to one lane only, heading north;  2) stop signs will be installed at the north end of Olde Midway Rd. by the c/Menasha and Dunning St. by the t/Menasha; 3) staff to amend the temporary signage on American Dr.

b)        Town Attorney Greg Curtis


c)         Town Clerk Jeanne Krueger:  stated she had finished her 2nd year at the Clerk & Treas. Institute in Green Bay and expected to receive her Master Municipal Clerk degree next year.


d)        Town Board

Barbara Hanson, Supv. #1:   1) suggested Town Assessor Richard Eiberger and the Assistant Assessor share a room in WI Rapids for their requested seminar; 2) commented on Fire Chief Kiesow’s memo (attached);


Scott Sauer, Supv. #2:  stated he is in favor of training however, felt the out-of-town requests could be served just as well in the area.


Jerry Jurgensen, Supv. #3:  received a call from Joyce Borman, 1355 Cold Spring Rd. stating her yard had not been properly re-seeded after the construction.


Russ Handevidt, Supv. #4:  1) commented on the negative WI Property Taxpayer’s article; 2) Complaints regarding the Bldg. Inspector’s enforcement of the town’s swimming pools ordinance. 


e)       Chair Arden Tews:  1) Asked if there were any interested board members or staff to help operate the WI County/Towns booth at the  Winn. Cty. Fair Aug. 12-17;   2) remarked on the on-going parking problems complaints at 2340 Stroebe Is. Dr. (Redlin residence).   Police have been sent there a number of times however, at that point in time when they arrive, the problem dissipates;  3)  Requested a letter and/or phone call be placed to the Neenah School Dist. requesting Kobussen to pick up the school children on their streets rather than on Shady Ln. this school year due to the construction on American Dr.  Chairman Tews felt this would give the school children a safer environment;  4) asked if Valley Home Builders were contacted questions regarding weight limits;  5) George St. update in conjunction with the Palisades drainage area.  Supv. Hanson asked for a more descriptive summery of the project;  6)  on-going problems with weeds/thistles in the Gateway property.     


f)          Other Town Officials

Finance Dir. Myra Piergrossi:  HTE update.


Comm. Dev. Dir, George Dearborn:  Associate Planner Diana Kanter and Dir. Dearborn will be doing town promotion at the E.A.A. this Sunday in Oshkosh. 


Fire Chief Keith Kiesow:  defended his staff for the out-of-state training requests and explained the importance of the Emmitsburg, MD training facility.


Police Chief Rod McCants:  updated the town board on staffing, and interviews to begin on Thursday for their department.


Police Commission Pres. Mike Lettier:  attended  seminar for Police & Fire Commission members on July 22nd.





At 8:10 p.m., MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors.  Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Jeanne Krueger, Certified Municipal Clerk