Approved June 28, 1999




Municipal Complex - Assembly Room

Monday, May 10, 1999



Agendas with resolutions were posted at the Municipal Complex, Fire Station 40, Sanitary District No. 4, Appleton Public Library, Menasha Public Library, and Neenah Public Library.


Town Chair Arden Tews called the regular meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Clerk Sprague noted the roll as follows:


Arden Tews, Town Chair Jeanne Krueger, Supervisor #1

Bob Sprague, Supervisor #2 Jerry Jurgensen, Supervisor #3

Allen Nennig, Supervisor #4 Carlene Sprague, Town Clerk

Jack Lemke, Town Attorney Bogdan "Bob" Vitas, Administrator

William Weiss, Police Chief George Dearborn, Dir. of Com. Dev.

Don Cox, Fire Chief Richard Eiberger, Town Assessor

Grace Vander Velden, Dir. of Finance



Jim Guckenberg Marilyn Anunson Ruth Huebner

Mark Steenis Blake Barrett Joe Trudell

Dick Koerner Russ Handevidt Chuck Lewis

Daniel Duke, Attorney Pete Guckenberg Allen Guckenberg

Evelyn Guckenberg Josh Guckenberg Char Steenis

John Morrli Kent Knaack Jack Brauer

Steve Kohel Dan Woelz Don Kofnetka

Richard Ratchman Amy Vaclavik Michael Lettier











Mr. Dan Woelz, 1356 Dunning Street and Don Kofnetka 509 Gordon Street complained about the resident at 1366 Dunning Street. He stated that he has concerns about the condition of the neighborhood, and about vehicles and junk at this residence collecting. He stated that this resident owns a salvage business.

Attorney Claypool stated that he is preparing an ordinance amendment regarding this issue and it will be brought to the Board of Supervisors in June.



990426-10: – Bid Award –West American Drive Sanitary Sewer, Water Main & Storm Sewer Construction

Administrator Vitas stated that there were 4 outstanding requirements and at this point, 2 of them have not been met. He requested that this be referred until all contingencies have been met.

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger to refer until all contingencies have been met for the Bid Award. Motion carried unanimously.

B. 990426-11:- Bid Award – West American Drive Concrete Street Construction (Irish Rd to CTH CB)

Administrator Vitas requested that this resolution be referred when all contingencies have been met.

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger to refer until all contingencies have been met for the Bid Award. Motion carried unanimously.


A. 990510-1: Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement – Town of Menasha/Town of Neenah – Utility District

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt as submitted and to approve the resolution for an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with the Town of Neenah. Motion carried unanimously.


990510-2: Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement – Town of Menasha, Town of Neenah Sanitary District #3, Town of Neenah and Winnebago County

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Nennig to amend the motion to include Paragraph 2(b) on page 1 of the agreement to state: "Be responsible for the restoration of the "Green Valley Ditch" in accordance with Town of Menasha standards, and in the event that this ditch settles for a period of up to 3 years, Sanitary District 3 would be responsible for restoration. The amended motion carried unanimously.

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Nennig to adopt as amended.

C. 990510-3: Set Public Hearing – Attach Lands to Town of Menasha Sanitary District No. 4 (Parcel #008-1825) – Mr. Dan Endter

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger to adopt as submitted and to approve the resolution to set a public hearing for Monday, June 14, 1999 at 5:55 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

D. 990510-4: Budget Transfer - Fire

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Nennig to adopt as submitted and to approve the resolution for the Budget Transfer for $167.00 for the Fire Department extricating tool. Motion carried unanimously.

990510-5: Budget Transfer - Assessing

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Nennig to adopt as submitted and to approve the resolution for a budget transfer for temporary help in the position of Asst. Assessor. Motion carried unanimously.

F. 990510-6: Budget Transfer - Clerk

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt as submitted and to approve the resolution for a budget transfer. Motion carried unanimously.

G. 990510-7: Individual Amusement Licenses – S.J. Peoples Show

MOTION: Supervisor Krueger, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt as submitted and to approve the Individual Amusement License to S.J. Peoples. Motion carried unanimously.

H. 990510-8: Temporary Class "B" (Picnic) License – Youth Sports Baseball/Softball, Inc.

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger to adopt as submitted and to approve the resolution for a Temporary Class B License to Youth Sports for the following dates of May 20, and May 21, 1999. Motion carried unanimously.




I. 990510-9: Expenditures

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt as submitted and to approve the resolution for the expenditures with the exception of none. Motion carried unanimously.


A. 990510--1:ORD Ordinance Amending and Recreating Chapter 3, 3.01(5), Police and Emergency Government Management FIRST READING

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Nennig to accept the first reading of the ordinance as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.

B. 990510--2:ORD An Ordinance Amending Chapter 10, (10.01-1d) and (10.05-2(A2)) – of the Town of Menasha Municipal Code – Solid Waste and Garbage Disposal; Licensing and Regulation. FIRST READING

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Nennig to accept the first reading of the ordinance as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.

C. 990510--3:ORD An Ordinance Amending Chapter 7, Section 7.01(2) EXCEPTIONS, of the Town of Menasha Municipal Code – Public Protection, Orderly Conduct and Firearm/Gun control (Specifically Eliminating all Portions of Section 3) FIRST READING

The following has been transcribed and interpreted as accurately as possible.

(Supervisor Kreuger), they did some decibel readings and I’m curious about them. And the decibel readings are all down here exactly as what was read (plus or minus) a decibel, compared to what. What are the decibels we’re comparing them with?

Chief Weiss was not involved with this process.

(Supervisor Sprague) pointed out that with the building that is going on in Sections 5 & 7, we should be taking a look at them as well.

(Supervisor Nennig) I feel the same (as Supervisor Sprague) but thought the public should have a chance to put some input on this before we stick that along in with Section 3.

(Supervisor Krueger) Do we need to bring it back at another point and time?

(Supervisor Jurgensen) I feel we are investigating Section 3 and this is almost another issue over there as far as anybody has had any input.

(Attorney Duke) Hanaway & Ross, Attorneys representing the Town residents.

I have been asked by Peter Guckenberg, Michael Guckenberg, Evelyn Guckenberg, Fred Steenis, Kurt Knaack and Blake Barret. A letter was presented by the firm reviewing the questions. (See Attached)

(Attorney Duke) I understand that this is a first reading of this proposed ordinance but I guess, a couple of the questions that I had specifically looking at this was, questioning exactly what the concern is,. Whether it is a sound problem, and if it is, that I think there is a mention that there had been some decibel readings done.

(Attorney Duke) These property owners, I’m not sure that you are aware, had an officer of the Appleton Police Department prepare decibel readings and I’m not sure if we have enough copies of that, but we can deliver those to the Town. They differ quite significantly with what the Town had received and also included reference being one of the trains going by with not blowing the whistle. I’m being told, but just going by the decibel readings were taken on the Island and I believe those readings read in excess of any of the gun shots the land owners had read.

If the question is more a safety issue, I’m not sure, what, and the Chief of Police would be able to give a better overview of the range of steel shot in the shotguns which is allowed at this point. Certainly, at least from what I understand, put the Town really on notice of how important the land owners feel in this Section 3. They have been there for what I understand for quite a few years. And the property from what I’m understanding is zoned in such a way that there can be no other use to this property other than this recreational use.

And as the letter is indicating, if the intent is to remove this use, Attorney Milano’s feeling is, that perhaps, they very well may rise to a level of a taking, reverse taking, which would be subject to court hearings. If a court would decide that this a reverse taking and the property owners win that dispute, the Town would then be subject to the payment of reasonable attorney’s fees in addition to compensating the land owners for their loss. So I just wanted to bring that information at this time.

(Chairman Tews) Is there was anyone else that wanted to speak on this subject that wasn’t brought forward previously as this has been discussed for the last 8 – 10 years.

Dick Koerner, 540 Sunrise Bay Neenah. I’ll read what I wrote down. This is my first meeting. It may be repetitious but it won’t take long. I am a duck hunter. I don’t hunt Stroebe’s Island, and I never have and I don’t intend to but, I would like to see it remain for those who do hunt. As for the noise problem, again it was mentioned here that the planes and trains make more noise then the guns do. Guns usually shoot out over the water or in the air away from residential areas. And the winds change from day to day. If gunshots are heard, they won’t be the same every day, because the wind and the weather effects that. Some days it will be louder and somedays it will be hardly heard.

On safety, the range of lead shot is about 35 yards to 50 yards but with the newer shots it could reach 70 yards but beyond 100 yards the effectiveness is gone. There are more people killed by lightning then by hunting.

There are more people hurt by bicycles and school sports such as baseball and volleyball then by hunting. Last year, 670,000 deer hunters took to the woods. There were only 2 deaths and 14 accidents. This is unofficial but most accidents are self inflicted or by members of their own party. We have graduated 1,000,000 young boys and girls from the hunters safety by volunteer instructors who do not get paid. Hunting is a safe sport.

The March 15 ballot that showed 78 people wanted no hunting and 35 wanted hunting is really an impressive number for those who do not want hunting. But I feel that most hunters and most non-hunters are either mis-informed or un-informed on the subject. I bet that many fall into this category. Don’t take our right to hunt away. We hunters are conservationists. We care about hunting and it’s resources. We pay our own way. We always did and always will. All people benefit from what hunters and fishermen have done by the license fees and the Pitman Robertsons and the tax that are born by the hunters on buying ammunition and guns. The millions that are put into the resource are enjoyed by all. There are many non-hunters that enjoy the benefits of bird watching and going to Horicon Marsh and watching the geese and going up North and watching the white tail deer,. This is all done through conservation efforts. I would like to say this once more, please don’t take the right to hunt away from the hunters.

Attorney Duke handed out the decibel readings.

(Supervisor Sprague) I’ve heard a lot of talk about the discharge of shotguns but I never heard anything about 22’s.

(Supervisor Jurgensen) that’s not legal in the Town,. In matter of fact, it’s not legal to shoot anything but a shotgun with fine shot. It’s in the Ordinance book.

(Chairman Tews) we had the decibel reading done because it was requested from a Town of Menasha resident and that’s why we sent out our Police Department and they did it. I believe, the 26th of April, Bill?(Chief Weiss), or right around there. That’s when you did the decibel reading?

(Chief Weiss) Actually the people from OSHA did the decibel readings.

(Chairman Tews) Any more questions from the Board? Any questions from the audience?

Mark Steenis, 2175 W. Butte des Morts Beach Road. I’ve been in contact with Mr. Mike Lutz. As I said, he is an attorney for the Dept of Natural Resources. I’ll read a little section of this letter from him on the first page; "The Dept is long taken the position that it has been delegated exclusive control over hunting in the State of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Supreme Court in Krenz vs. Nichols and various Attorney General opinions, have indicated that the regulation of fish and game is a matter of Statewide concern, and not subject to home-rule or the police powers of local units of government. While regulations, which are primarily safety-related, are permissible, there must be a legitimate public health or safety reason for the local regulation. If the ordinance is not substantially based on health or safety, the Department has the opportunity, to hold a hearing and rescind the local ordinance.

And on Page 2 If the department determines that an Ordinance, Regulation, Resolution or other Restriction enacted or adopted by a local governmental unit exceeds the authority granted to local governmental units in this section, the Department may issue an order declaring the Ordinance, Regulation, Resolution or other Restriction void. " In talking about this with him, he basically stated that the Town must prove that there is a health or safety problem and the DNR does not see water fowl hunting as a safety threat. The DNR is also looking for something to use this law, so it does not become rusty. Also, I don’t know if any of you people are familiar with Memorial Park in Appleton, they have an archery range there and I don’t know what you people know about bows and shotguns, but the bow has a longer lethal range than any shotgun ever made. And within 100 yards of that range, there are dwellings and at 100-150 yards. If you get hit by an arrow, you are going to get severally hurt.

But yet Appleton has this range right in their City limits. Also, if you go down to Allenton and down by Mayville there is a trap shooting range not more than 100 yards off of US Hwy. 41 using lead shot which goes farther than the steel shot that we use for duck hunting.

(Supervisor Sprague) Mr. Chairman, I would like to call the question.

(Supervisor Krueger) I second.

(Chairman Tews) Supervisor Sprague called for the question, and there was a second, so no more discussion.

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger to call the question.

(Chuck Lewis) That’s unfair. Could you ask the Supervisor to re-consider. That’s not a fair shot.

(Supervisor Krueger) Do you want to withdraw until he gets done?

Supervisor Sprague) fine.

(Chairman Tews) they’re both withdrawn.

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger to withdraw.

(Chuck Lewis) Thank you, thank you very much, I appreciate that, ‘cause I’ll make this as quickly as I can here. My name is Chuck Lewis, 2167 Woodlawn Lane and I represent somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-300 Stroebe Island residents. Certainly representing the 150 reflected in the 78 returns against the hunting, if you figure 2 people per family. Because of all the discussion that’s taken place with this, on this subject, I’ve written down the points. I will respect your time and it will be available to you for review. Let me just hi-light through here.

This letter is intended to recap significant developments in this matter during the period since the Ordinance was first presented in August 24, 1998. It is especially intended to correct the many inaccuracies, erroneous statements, and unfounded charges made by the marsh owners during the past eight months. To begin with, the proposed change in the Ordinance is not a major change. It is eliminating an exception which was included on December 5, 1988 in response to marsh owner demands that they be allowed to continue hunting. Further in the Ordinance, the Town Board anticipated the future probability that the exception would be reconsidered by stating that the Town Board of Supervisors reserves the right to further amend/restrict the area of Exhibit "B" as it develops for residential and other purposes.

In addition (Point 2) the Town Board also anticipated the possibility of an adverse impact of the gun noise on residential areas by including in that same Ordinance, Section 7.07 which states, "No person shall make or cause to be made loud, disturbing, or unnecessary sounds or noise such as may tend to annoy or disturb another in or about a private residence.

(Point 3) the Public Nuisance Ordinance also covers this matter by stating that a Public Nuisance is a, and I’ll extract here, is an act, or use of property which shall continue for such length of time as to substantially, annoy, injure, or endanger the comfort, health repose (which I consider is peace of mind) for, or safety of the public. And "B" under that does in any way render the public insecure in life or in use of property.

(Point 4) Neither of these two Ordinances make any reference to decibels. The only issue in both Ordinances is whether residents are made to feel disturbed or annoyed or endangered or insecure by the gunfire. There have been, there was quite a flap along the Butte des Morts Beach Road about the railroad. I understand that was very troublesome regarding the engine noise from idling and the whistles. The fact that this noise doesn’t seem to upset Stroebe Island residents doesn’t take away from how disturbing this can be for those people. We don’t try to tell these people that this noise isn’t really a problem just because it doesn’t bother us, so we would appreciate it, if they didn’t try to tell Stroebe Island residents how offensive the gun fire is to us.

(Point 5) The exceptionally large response to the survey by Stroebe Island residents should remove any remaining doubt that a large number of residents, and again that was 78 stating that they wanted to discontinue it, they felt very strongly about both, if you’ll note, both the gunfire noise and the threat of danger from the shooting. The fact that 36 of those households, almost half of those, that responded against, took the time to include comments on the survey to further indicate how troubling the subject is to the residents. There were numerous strong statements about allowing the hunting in a heavily populated area, concerns about safety, and concerns about the gunfire noise, especially at 6:00 a.m. So it doesn’t matter what Richard Ratchman and I thought in the beginning that he might even discount 56 residents who expressed themselves, and in going through this process you now have 3 times as many. You have, at least half the people on Stroebe Island are very strongly objecting.

In response to erroneous statements by the marsh owners on January 28, 1998, there hasn’t been any change in the number of residents on Stroebe Island since the Ordinance was adopted in 1988 that’s Mr. Knaack, and that the Island was already saturated with homes at that time by Mr. Guckenberg, I researched the town building permit files and found that there were less than half of the current number of residents at the time that the Ordinance was developed or adopted. The truth is that out of the total of approximately 150 households on Stroebe Island, over half of the residences (approximately 79) were built since 1988. One of the people making that statement, lived in a middle of a housing boom. There were 20 homes built since 1988 around this individual’s home. And I also want to note that I incorrectly gave a number early on probably several times, that there were 175 households on Stroebe Island. I don’t know where I got that number, but it was wrong, I should have known better, the number is something between 145 and 150.

(Point 7) in response to the unfounded charge that this is really an animal-rights issue, that is not true! Richard Ratchman are the only 2 people on Stroebe Island that, that have been directly involved in this. So if somebody else has said that, we’ld like to know about it.

(Point. 8) In response to the unfounded charge that this is an anti-hunting issue, that is not true! My father was a hunter, I know how much pleasure he got out of it. So our agenda is not about anti-hunting, or it’s about animal rights.

(Point 9) In response to the marsh owner claims that hunters who come into the marsh by boat are "trespassing" on "their property" that is also not true! I contacted the DNR just to confirm that this was the case and was advised that the right of access to open waters goes all the way back to the time when Wisconsin was a part of the Northwest Territory. Any hunters are free to come into the marsh by water, even if the land underneath the water is privately owned. They can shoot from a boat as long as they are in vegetation, and can also shoot standing in the water. It is the marsh owners who are acting illegally by confronting, harassing, and threatening outside "hunters" who are legally allowed in the marsh. By doing this, they are setting the stage for a serious accident waiting to happen. Also, on at least one occasion, a Stroebe Island resident who paddled his kayak into the marsh during the summer, was hollered at and harassed from the shore and told to get off of this individuals property.

In response to the marsh owner claims about their safe "shooting practices", a number of residents have found shots on their property. You’ve heard this before, or heard shot raining down on trees and other property. Last fall, one of the lawn care crew working on our lawn came to the door and said, I just heard these gunshots over there and I heard this shot raining down on the trees across the street. Is it safe to work here?

Ahh, the claim number (Point 11), the claim by marsh owners that Stroebe Island residents knew there was duck hunting is the marsh before they moved there is absurd. I certainly didn’t know it (until being awakened the first of many, many times by gunfire at dawn and I have yet to meet any other residents who knew that hunting was allowed. Many are shocked as you’ll see in the survey or in their responses that duck hunting would be allowed in a heavily populated area. And I know, and maybe you’ll, probably, hopefully have seen them. I’m saying here, see the survey comments for the very strong feelings of residents about how upset and frightened and concerned they are for their safety! They are afraid to go outside anywhere near the marsh during the two full months of duck hunting in the fall!

The claim by marsh owners that this whole fiasco in a conspiracy between the outside duck hunters and Richard Ratchman and I, is absurd. I’ve never met or talked to those people and yet, I won’t do it here, but I’ve got the documentation,

(Chairman Tews) that’s fine. . . .these are charges in the news paper in this meeting, and I think they need to come out.

(Chuck Lewis) I’m sorry if I’m belaboring this for you, but we’ve sat here and listened to that stuff for several meetings. The claim by the marsh owners that they are being "unfairly targeted" and that the board is really playing games with us is reported in the Post Crescent not too long ago, and that the survey was stacked against them is also absurd when you consider that the survey was expanded at the last minute to include Butte des Morts Beach Road residents all the way to the 441 bridge. The residents beyond the sewage treatment plant are an average of one mile away from the gunfire compared with an average of one-eighth of a mile for the residents on the south end of Stroebe Island. The noise level is much, much lower and there’s absolutely no way they could feel the same threat for their safety that the Island residents feel, and I’ve got a map to show you that.

The claim by Fred Steenis in the Post-Crescent that the nearest duck blind is 200 to 300 yards from the causeway is also incorrect. The blind is much closer to the causeway, more like 150 yards. You can drive on the causeway. You can look over at it and you can see it very prominantly and ask yourself how much more than a football field does that look like. And, in spite of the claims that the hunters observe all of the regulations in the Ordinance, that blind is closer to 50 yards from the nearest residence to 3 residents, than it is to the 100 yards required by the Ordinance. And I’m asking the question, how would you like to have gunfire that close to home?

I’ll pass up thee, oh, none of us would even be involved in this unpleasant issue if the owner(s) of Stroebe Island had not chosen to sell off the property for development. They could have maintained their own private hunting preserve indefinitely by keeping the Island in its natural state. However, when they chose to open up the Island for residential development, they gave up their "right" to dictate that they be able to continue hunting and to ignore the impact of their "right" on the rights of Island residents. So I think that the, or not I believe very strongly that the survey was a very good move by the Town Board, ah, in satisfying yourselves what the, how strong the feelings were. I now finish with this.

This has been a very trying experience for all concerned and has been made even worse by the black eye that the Town of Menasha has received as a result of extensive coverage. And I’m not blaming the Post Crescent, I’d write those articles too. I’ve got the headlines here, so finally I would just like to say, ask that you, the Town Board do the right thing on behalf of the three-hundred-plus residents of Stroebe Island who just want to live in a safe and peaceful environment. Thank you very much.

(Supervisor Sprague) Mr. Chairman, I’d like to call the question. (Supervisor Krueger) second.

(Chairman Tews) Motion and second to call the question, all those in favor say aye. Opposed - Motion carried unanimously.

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger for the first reading specifically eliminating Section 3. Motion carried unanimously.


990510-1: RES Resignation Fire Fighter –

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Nennig to accept the resignation of Carl P. Hogue. Motion carried unanimously.

990510-2: APP Appoint Assistant Assessor –

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Nennig to appoint James S. Zuiches to the position of Assistant Assessor effective May 11, 1999 . Motion carried unanimously.

990510-3: RES Resignation Police Communication Technician

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Nennig to accept the resignation of Barbara Trzcinski effective May 5, 1999. Motion carried unanimously.


Regular Town Board Meeting – 3/22/99

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt as submitted and to approve the minutes of the Regular Town Board meeting of March 22, 1999. Motion carried unanimously.


Police Department Activity/Crime Statistic Reports – 1/99, 2/99 and 3/99

Building Report – 4/99

Fireline - 5/99

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Jurgensen to accept the correspondence for filing. Motion carried unanimously.


A. Bob Vitas, Town Administrator –

a) Administrator Vitas updated the Town Board and Town Residents in regards to the Valley Gateway Development Project.

B. Jack Lemke, Town Attorney - None

C. Carlene Sprague, Town Clerk –

Clerk Sprague reported that education credits which you need to be certified for the Board of Review compliance by the year 2000. She also noted that at the conference they will be reviewing the Y2K problems on voter registration.

Clerk Sprague reported to the Town Board that she will be able to complete the Board of Review certification training required for the year 2000 at the Wisconsin Municipal Clerk’s Annual Conference in August of 1999.

She stated the voter registration software used by the Town is not Y2K compliant. She will also obtain information regarding what software is available that is user friendly with the current Skyward program for the transfer of voter information and research for lowest cost at the Clerk’s Conference.

She stated that she will report to the Town Board and Administrator after she has obtained this information.

D. Town Board

Jeanne Krueger, Supervisor #1

Supervisor Krueger requested that the Town purchase a copy of the Fox Valley Wage survey.

Robert Sprague, Supervisor #2

Supervisor Sprague stated that the Town Board would be appointing a committee to review for the replacement of a Sanitary District 4 commissioner.

Jerry Jurgensen, Supervisor #3

Supervisor Jurgensen wanted to bring to Street Superintendent Randy Gallow’s attention the pot holes on Blair Avenue.

Supervisor Jurgensen stated that he inspected the ditch on 1744 Lakeshore drive as requested.

Supervisor Jurgensen stated that Little Chute has adopted an ordinance regarding fees for storm water management.

Allen Nennig, Supervisor #4

Supervisor Nennig stated that he will be attending an Urban Town’s meeting in Madison tomorrow and a rally from the Wisconsin Town’s Association. This rally is in regards to bill AB 127 which would give the Town more authority.

E. Arden Tews, Town Chairman

Chairman Tews stated that Sanitary District 4 Commissioner Robert Gross has resigned. He asked for the proper procedure for replacing Mr. Gross. It was confirmed that the Town Board would appoint a replacement.

Chairman Tews brought to the Town Board’s attention a letter he received from the City of Neenah regarding Kerwin Road.

Mayor Laux sent a letter to the businesses in the Town for donations to share the expenses for the 4th of July fireworks.

Chairman Tews asked for direction from the Town Board. It was decided that there would be a letter signed by Chairman Arden Tews and a mailing to the Town businesses. The cost for the Town would only be the postage.

F. Other Town Officials

Grace Vander Velden, Director of Finance – None

Don Cox, Fire Chief – None

George Dearborn, Director of Community Development – Director Dearborn commented in regard to a letter about the berm/fence along Wendy Way and by Irish Road and the railroad. It was in regards to the weed abatement and the maintenance of the weeds.

William Weiss, Police Chief – Chief Weiss stated that the people from OSHA did the decibel readings regarding Stroebe Island. They have a certain level where the noise factor is going to create a problem. They stated that the sound from the firearms is an impact noise, not a steady noise. There was a request to have this done and we got the experts and the report was given to Chairman Tews.

Mike Lettier, Police Commission – Mike Lettier stated that there would be a Police Commission meeting tomorrow.

Richard Eiberger, Assessor – Richard thanked the Town Board for their approval tonight.


At 7:40 p.m., MOTION: Supervisor Krueger, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adjourn into closed session pursuant to 19.85(1)(g): Conferring with legal counsel for the governmental body who is rendering oral or written advice concerning strategy to be adopted by the body with respect to litigation in which it is or is likely to become involved and pursuant to 19.85(2), the Town Board may reconvene into open session to act on any business discussed in closed session. Motion carried unanimously. with Supervisor Sprague excused.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Same as on Agenda


At 10:13 p.m., MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Nennig to adjourn the regular meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,



Carlene L. Sprague

Town Clerk