Town Board Approved November 22, 99



Municipal Complex - Assembly Room

Monday, October 11, 1999



Agendas with resolutions were posted at the Municipal Complex, Fire Station 40, Sanitary District No. 4, Appleton Public Library, Menasha Public Library, and Neenah Public Library.


Town Chair Arden Tews called the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Clerk Sprague noted the roll as follows:


Arden Tews, Town Chair Jeanne Krueger, Supervisor #1

Bob Sprague, Supervisor #2 Jerry Jurgensen, Supervisor #3

Allen Nennig, Supervisor #4 Carlene Sprague, Town Clerk

Carl Sutter, Town Engineer John Claypool, Town Attorney

Bogdan "Bob" Vitas, Adm. Grace Vander Velden, Dir. of Finance

William Weiss, Police Chief George Dearborn, Dir. of Com. Dev.

Gaylene Nash, Asst. to Admin. Don Cox, Fire Chief


Tim Michel's Sue Koski Betty Zaborsky




A. Joint Maintenance Agreement - Lake Butte Des Morts Railroad Trestle

Director of Community Development George Dearborn reported on a draft of the proposed agreement between the Town of Menasha, City of Menasha, and the DNR regarding a proposed bike / pedestrian trail on an old railroad trestle, currently owned by Wis. Central Railroad, crossing Little Lake Butte des Morts.

Much discussion ensued.

B. Ehlers (Dave Wagner) Town Board Issues.

Dave Wagner, representing Ehlers & Associates, made a presentation to the Town Board regarding the refinancing of $4,260,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes that have already accrued on a short time basis and need to be refinanced on a long term basis. (See attached)

A report of 1999 long term borrowing of projects was reviewed by the Town Board and presented by Grace Vander Velden, Director of Finance.

Chairman Tews stated that originally, we borrowed money and reinvested it at a rate higher than what was borrowed.

Much discussion ensued.

The proposed projects were reviewed individually by Administrator Vitas and the Town Board.

It was the consensus of the Town Board that by the next regular Town Board meeting that the numbers regarding these projects needs to be more exact.


    1. 990927-8: Bid Award - West American Drive Street Construction Project - North Clayton Ave to Irish Road

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Sprague to adopt the resolution and award the Street Construction to Northeast Asphalt with the low bid of $550,714. A roll call vote was taken. Krueger-Yes, Sprague-Yes, Jurgensen-Yes, Nennig-Yes, Chairman Tews-Yes.


A. 991011-1: Set Bond Rate - Public Nuisance Ordinance

MOTION: Supervisor Krueger, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt the resolution and set the new bond rate at $100.00 with costs for a total of $152.00 for the Public Nuisance Ordinance. Motion carried unanimously.

B. 991011-2: Budget Transfer - Contract Services - Police Dept.

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Nennig to adopt the resolution and approve the budget transfer not to exceed $6,110 for Law Enforcement Contract Services. Motion carried unanimously.

C. 991011-3: Modify B-5 Site Plan - Michels Materials

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Nennig to adopt the resolution and approved with a 10 year promisory note subject to review by the Town's Attorney. Motion carried (4-1) Krueger, Jurgensen, Nennig, Chairman Tews - Yes, Sprague - No.

D. 991011-4: Expenditures

Note: Correction of original Resolution No. to read "#991011-4"

MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Nennig to adopt the resolution and approve the expenditures with the exception of NONE. Motion carried unanimously.


A. 991011-1:ORD An Ordinance Amending Chapter 11, Mobile Home Parks, Mobile Homes and Recreational Campers, Section 11.04(2), FIRST & SECOND READING AND ADOPTION

The resolution is amended to state "NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Town Board of Supervisors hereby amends the action of August 23, 1999 increasing decreasing the fee charged for Annual Mobile Home Licenses from $500.00 back to $100.00 for any one mobile home park containing 50 spaces."

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt the resolution and decrease the mobile home park fee to $100.00 as submitted. Motion to accept the first and second reading and adopt unanimously.


    1. 991011-1:APP Appointment – Communication Technician I

      MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Sprague to adopt the resolution and approve the appointment of Casey Rosson. Motion carried unanimously.

    2. 991011-2:APP Appointment – Associate Planner

      MOTION: Supervisor Jurgensen, second Supervisor Nennig to adopt the resolution and approve the appointment of Jeffrey Smith effective the 12th of October with a start date to be determined. Motion carried unanimously.

    3. 991011-3:RES Resignation - Departmental Secretary

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Jurgensen to adopt the resolution and approve the resignation of Jill Tuszka. Motion carried unanimously.



    1. Building Report - 9/99

    2. Fire Line - 10/99

    3. Fire Dept. Report - 9/99

MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger to adopt the resolution and approve the reports as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.


A. Bob Vitas, Town Administrator

1) Valley Gateway Development

Administrator Vitas stated that he continues to meet with Valley Gateway regarding the progress of their development project.

He commented on how, in his opinion, the 1st Utility District meeting went exceptionally well.

A Budget Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12th at 5:00 p.m.

Administrator Vitas reported on back taxes due on property owned by Gerald Altenhofen. He stated that Mr. Altenhofen needs to pay back fees before his certified survey map will be approved.

B. John Claypool, Town Attorney – None

C. Carlene Sprague, Town Clerk –

Town Clerk Sprague reported on the cigarette license ordinance. She stated that it should be reviewed. The state statute has been changed and would allow fees to be raised up to $100 per license. She would like to see this ordinance amended at the next Regular Town Board meeting.

D. Town Board

  1. Jeanne Krueger, Supervisor #1

    Supervisor Krueger stated that she has concerns with contractual employment. She would like to see the Town use Job Service, the newspaper and other sources. She would like to see what has been paid for contractual services in the past years.

  2. Robert Sprague, Supervisor #2 None

  3. Jerry Jurgensen, Supervisor #3

    Supervisor Jurgensen stated that he received a complaint from Chuck Baxter at 1406 North Street. He said that he is having trouble with garbage pick up.

  4. Allen Nennig, Supervisor #4 None

E. Arden Tews, Town Chairman

F. Other Town Officials

Grace Vander Velden, Director of Finance - None

Don Cox, Fire Chief – None

George Dearborn, Director of Community Development

Director Dearborn commented in regard to the recent construction project of Apple Valley Church.

William Weiss, Police Chief

Chief Weiss stated that the barricades were being illegally moved on Hwy. 150. The Police Department has been monitoring this problem. It appears that local people are doing this and it is a dangerous situation.

Gaylene Nash, Assistant to the Administrator

Gaylene Nash reported on Town of Neenah and Town of Menasha Agreements with Winnebago County regarding the Green Valley Ditch.

Gaylene Nash also gave a report on the Department of Transportation and the 90/10 Traffic Safety Grant which was approved.

She also stated that the Utility Commission meetings are posted on the website by Mary Heiting, Deputy Clerk.

Carl Sutter, Town Engineer

Carl Sutter reported on the CTH "O" detention pond.

  1. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Same as on Agenda

At 7:55 p.m., MOTION: Supervisor Sprague, second Supervisor Krueger to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,



Carlene L. Sprague

Town Clerk