Submitted to the Utility District

for Approval February 28, 2000



Municipal Complex - Assembly Room

Monday, February 14, 2000


The agenda was posted at the Municipal Complex, Fire Station 40, Town of Menasha Utility District, Appleton Public Library, Menasha Public Library, and Neenah Public Library and is available on the Town of Menasha Website


President Arden Tews called the Regular Meeting of Utility District Commissioners to order at 4:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Utility District Secretary Carlene L. Sprague noted the roll as follows:


Arden Tews, President Jeanne Krueger, Commissioner #1

Bob Sprague, Commissioner #2 Jerry Jurgensen, Commissioner #3

Brad Werner, Town Engineer Carlene Sprague, Utility District Secretary

Bogdan "Bob" Vitas, Administrator George Dearborn, Dir. of Com. Dev.

Jeff Roth, Utility District Water Supt. Paula Pagel, Utility District Office Manager

Steve Laabs, Utility District Wastewater Supt. * Allen Nennig, Commissioner #4

Arrived after the Town Board voted on Resolution #000214-1 UD


Grace Vander Velden, Dir. of Finance


Jim Snyder Steve Mrotek Mike Gibbons

John Wollner





A. 000214-1:UD Intermunicipal Agreement - Town of Menasha Utility District and Grand Chute-Menasha West Wastewater Sewerage Treatment Plant - Berm Project

MOTION: Commissioner Jurgensen, second Commissioner Sprague to adopt the resolution and approve the Intermunicipal Agreement with Grand Chute-Menasha West Sewerage Commission regarding the Wastewater Treatment Plant Berm Project. Motion carried unanimously, with Commissioner Nennig excused.

  1. 000214-2:UD Parkwood Estates Reimbursement

Administrator Vitas stated that at the previous Utility District Meeting of January 24, 2000, the Town Board directed him to investigate the reimbursement request from Parkwood Estates and develop a reasonable agreement of principal and interest for the Utility District Commissioners to approve in the form of a resolution. (A worksheet is on file in the original minute book).

Commissioner Sprague stated that prior to the establishment of the Town of Menasha Utility District on September 13, 1999, property owners along the service area were not in the Sanitary District, therefore not required to connect to this project. The Utility District would owe interest from September 13, 1999 to the present.

Attorney Snyder representing the developer of Parkwood Estates stated that as a Utility District, they would be required to connect within 12 months. Attorney Snyder stated that it would be fair for the Town of Menasha and the Utility District to pay interest as both have benefited from this project.

Steve Mrotek, Parkwood Estates developer, stated that he had been trying to correspond with Sanitary District 4 ever since the installation was completed. Sanitary District 4 would not acknowledge that this State Statute existed. This project was borrowed at 9 - 10% interest.

Paula Pagel, Utility District Office Manager, stated that letters were mailed to the property owners encouraging them to hook up. She said there were a lot of meetings held. Sanitary District 4's position was that they encouraged residents but did not force them to hook up. She understood the Sanitary District tried to work with the developers, but they chose not to enter a recapture agreement. As a Sanitary District, residents were not forced but as a Utility District they will have 12 months to hook up. Under the old Sanitary District 4 guidelines, Town Residents who chose to connect would owe 100% up front costs to the developer.

Administrator Vitas stated that he looked into the issue of interest. There are similar situations on other streets. Perhaps because there was never a formally adopted assessment policy, it is a problem. If the residents are forced to hook up and then offered 10 years to repay, it should be easier to accept. My recommendation is on the resolution, accessing 12 months after the public hearing date.

Much discussion ensued.

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Nennig to amend the resolution to reflect the interest calculation from September 13, 1999 to January 24, 2000 and to reimburse Parkwood Estates the principal amount of $86,790.48 plus interest in exchange for a full release of any and all claims, or future claims against the Town of Menasha Utility District. Motion carried (3-2) Krueger, Jurgensen-No, Sprague, Nennig and President Tews Yes.

C. 000214-3:UD Northwest Area Interceptor Project

Administrator Vitas stated that we are looking for authorization to proceed with one of the designs presented in the resolution. Approximately 1/2 of the costs on the north side of the street would be assessed to Town Residents. We would need to set a public hearing.

Jeff Roth, Water Superintendent stated that we need to adopt a formal policy for assessment.

Commissioner Sprague stated that we have an assessment policy for the Town. We will need to adopt the same policy for the Utility District.

Administrator Vitas stated that we will bring this issue forward at the next Utility District meeting.

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Jurgensen to authorize the Utility District Engineer to design the Northwest Area Interceptor and adopt the resolution as it relates to Option C. Motion carried unanimously.

D. 000214-4:UD Repealing Action of the Former Town of Menasha Sanitary District No. 4, Winn. Co., WI Regarding the enactment of a Biological Oxygen Demand Surcharge to Commercial Food Service Customers Beginning November 1, 1998.

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Jurgensen to adopt the resolution and repeal the action of the former Town of Menasha Sanitary District No. 4 and authorize the reimbursement of respective individual charges to the attached commercial food service customers. Motion carried unanimously.

E. 000214-5:UD Clear Water Discharge - Kimberly Clark

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Jurgensen to adopt the resolution and deny the request of Kimberly Clark North to direct their outfall to their present lift station into the North Lake Street Interceptor. Motion carried unanimously.

F. 000214-6:UD Utility District Commission Meeting - Start Time

MOTION: Commissioner Jurgensen, second Commissioner Krueger to adopt the resolution and approve the meeting start time of 4:45 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

G. 000214-7:UD Expenditures

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Krueger to adopt the resolution and approve the expenditures with the exception of (none). Motion carried unanimously.




A. Utility District Meeting 01/24/00

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Jurgensen to approve the minutes as submitted. Motion carried (4-0) Krueger, Sprague, Jurgensen, Nennig -Yes, President Tews Abstained.


A. Sewer Billing 1/2000

B. Water Billing 1/2000

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Krueger to approve the correspondence as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.


A. Town Administrator - None

B. Engineer

Carl Sutter, Town Engineer provided an update regarding the West American Drive - Valley Gateway Project and stated that all that can be installed has been completed.

C. Water Superintendent

Jeff Roth, Water Superintendent reviewed some of the projects for the year 2000. Jeff stated that there will be a bid opening on March 10, 2000. Jeff also stated that there were quite a few water main breaks recently.

D. Wastewater Superintendent

Steve Laabs, Wastewater Superintendent stated that the Green Valley Ditch project is complete.

E. Commissioners

Administrator Vitas stated that Mr. Ribble was to contact him and did not.

President Tews stated that we are in the 6th week. It will take 20 weeks. President Tews felt that it should be re-bid and that the entire Town staff should be studied. We should set a date for completion and look at the increases separately.

Administrator Vitas stated that there will be 2 separate projects completed at the same time. There will be a staffing level study and a compensation study with classification.

Commissioner Sprague stated that when staffing level study is done, the compensation will come into place.

Administrator Vitas stated that this will be a timing issue. The study for compensation / classification will take approximately 16 - 18 weeks. Then they will compare each job description with the current staffing employees. I can forward the recommendations to the Commission that I believe are appropriate and during this interim the study can proceed.

Much discussion ensued.

Commissioner Sprague stated that he would like to be directly involved when the consultants are interviewed for this study and the Commission should choose the firm. He would like the entire Town staff studied.

Much discussion ensued.

President Tews stated that whomever we choose, a deadline of December 2000 should be a requirement.

It was a consensus of the Commissioners to proceed.

Commissioner Krueger stated that the merit raises should be done on a case by case basis.

Administrator Vitas reviewed the process. He will contact the firms to get a proposal for all non-represented positions. The staffing level study will continue and the position classifications and compensation will continue. The Commission or Town Board will consult with the firms. Then the proposals will be made to the Commission and / or Town Board.

Carl Sutter, Town Engineer stated that Bowers Construction were the Contractor's on the Green Valley Ditch Project.

G. Other




At 5:45 p.m., MOTION: Commissioner Jurgensen, second Commissioner Sprague to adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Utility District of Commissioners. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted, Carlene L. Sprague Utility District Secretary