To be approved by the town citizens at an

Annual Town Meeting or Special Town Meeting



Municipal Complex - Assembly Room

Tuesday, April 10, 2001





Resident and Town Chair Arden Tews called the Annual Town Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Deputy Clerk Karen Tweedie noted the roll as follows:


Arden Tews            Mike Van Dyke            Jeanne Krueger                Jerry Jurgensen

Russ Handevidt        Patrick DeGrave         Ron Krueger              Myra Piergrossi 

William Weiss           Roger Clark                       Mike Lynch                Joe Nemecek

Lee Schwandt           William Hofacker                 Jeff Roth                     Norman Miller

Debora Thomson     Wayne Wilda                     Leroy Kuehn              Keith Kiesow

Barbara Hanson       Richard Gawinski       Sharon Rosenthal      Dee Lynch

Betty Zaborsky         Eileen Tews                 Len Kachinsky          Kate McQuillan

John Zaborsky         Diane Miller                     Scott Thomson          Tom McGee

Pat McGee                Joe Trudell                     Randy Gallow             Mike Lettier

Judy Beggs              Mark Mayer                     Jerry Finch                 Lori Seeke

NON-RESIDENTS PRESENT  ( 17 ):           

Karen Tweedie          Steve Fahlgren        Tami Thompson               Tim Plagenz 

Joan Burrill                Mary Heitiing            Myra Piergrossi               Steve Laabs 

Paula Pagel               Sharon Heschke      Susan Phillips               Becky Thone 

Dave Thone               Cheryl Hentz            Terri McCormack            Lori Jencks

Jeff Smith 


     II.                         INTRODUCTION OF TOWN BOARD AND STAFF

Chairman Tews introduced the board and staff members present to the townspeople.



Chairman Tews called Deputy Clerk Karen Tweedie forward to administer the oath of office to newly elected Town Clerk, Jeanne Krueger.


Clerk Krueger then administered the oath of office to re-elected Len Kachinsky, Municipal Judge; Russ Handevidt elected to serve as Supervisor #4; and Arden Tews elected to serve as Town Chairman.



Mr. Steve Fahlgren of Virchow, Krause and Co. LLP rendered their opinion of all financial information being materially correct for the fiscal year 2000 audit.  He provided a brief explanation of the financial statements included in the 2000 Annual Report and fielded questions from the audience.



A.     Annual Town Meeting – April 11, 2000

Resident John Zaborsky requested a correction to the Annual Town Meeting minutes of April 11, 2000 regarding town land that was being sold.  Town Attorney Roger Clark advised that the sentence under VIII: New Business, 000411-1 - regarding town intentions to sell 66 acres of land on Cty Hwy CB and Shady Lane - be stricken from the record.    He also requested the clerk to correct several typos in the minutes.


Resident John Zaborsky stated it would be feasible to turn the land into a nature park, so assisted in forming a committee.  He also stated that Park Director Ron Krueger put a plan and funding together for this purpose, dividing the property into six (6) phases of development.  He indicated that over the last year, they could fund half the expenses for the moving of land, and come back during this year with a plan.  The next meeting on this topic will be tomorrow, April 11th, 2001.


Resident Mike Lynch described the irreplaceable, aged, preserved trees and nature of the park and stated the proposed nature park as “a gem in the wild”.  Chairman Tews explained to the townspeople that the nature park project had been discussed on previous occasions.  Park Dir. Ron Krueger, described the walking trails, pond, and other amenities, which would be brought into the area.


MOTION:  Resident John Zaborsky, second Jerry Finch to amend the minutes.  Motion carried unanimously to amend on a voice vote.  On the resolution, Motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.


VI.           NEW BUSINESS




MOTION:  Resident Jeanne Krueger, seconded by resident Joe Nemecek to set the 2002 Annual Town Meeting for April 9, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Complex Assembly Room, 2000 Municipal Drive, Neenah, WI  54956.  On voice vote, town residents voted AYE unanimously.



Resident William Hofacker complained about lights not being installed on the Town of Menasha sign in front allowing people to find the building at night.  He stated he was assured this would be taken care of three years ago and felt his request was “lost in the shuffle”.   He stated he hoped by next year lights would be installed.


Chairman Tews stated late this afternoon he received a verbal request to purchase eleven (11) acres of town-owned west of the driveway along Shady Ln. up to Irish Rd.  He asked the town residents present if the town board should pursue selling this property.


Resident Tom McGee asked what the property was zoned.  He was informed the property was presently zoned P-1 and would have to be rezoned to M-1 light industrial. 


Wm. Hofacker questioned the $12,000. per acre and felt the land should not be sold as perhaps in “five, six or seven years the town may need it for something and will get three times for it as it can get now.”  Chairman Tews stated that the town may want to preserve approx 8 acres for a future fire station, if needed.


Supv. Jerry Jurgensen asked if the Town Board must give an answer to this tonight and stated there may be concerns about building in this M-1 zoned area.  Attorney Clark stated there was no need to make this decision and the only issue on the table was if the town board should gather information regarding this and reminded everyone that selling of town land could only be done at a Special or Annual Town meeting.


Resident Jerry Finch cautioned the group to find out first what the plans were to build on this land.


Resident Barbara Hanson, stated “we should worry more about the utilities that are going to be raised 7% more than this land”.  She further stated “we already own the land and that “the land is just sitting there and will not go anywhere”. 


MOTION: Resident Bill Hofacker made a motion not to sell the aforementioned land for at least a year from now until all the facts are in.  He stated he would like to bring this topic back at a later time.  The motion dies for lack of a second.  Mr. Hofacker withdrew his motion.


Attorney Roger Clark again reiterated that the question on the table is “should the town board make the effort to explore the selling of the land.”  Wm. Hofacker stated “no.”  Chairman Tews reminded Mr. Hofacker that the entire group present needed to vote on this.


Supv Jurgensen reminded the townspeople that there would be controls regarding the sale of this land such as the planning commission passage and other constraints. 


Resident Randy Gallow reiterated to purchase or sell land, a vote must be taken at a Special Town Meeting  (not a Regular Town Board Meeting) and, therefore, could not be settled at this meeting tonight.


Tom McGee asked how far in advance of a special meeting must the meeting be announced to the public.  He was told notification must be made 15 days in advance with proper posting, and a class 1 publication of the agenda in the Post-Crescent.


Kate McQuillan asked when the West American Drive name will be changed, and if the town would be paying for it.  She stated this might affect the townspeople’s decision when considering the land purchase.


Resident Admin. Patrick DeGrave stated that he and Community Development Director George Dearborn would be meeting with the developer in the very near future and this discussion may take place.  Chairman Tews stated that the town of Clayton and Winnebago County would also have to be notified of these discussions.


Wm. Hofacker also questioned the loss of revenue with the utilities and what the C.P.A.s recommended.  Chairman Tews stated the utilities have been held down compared to other municipalities and the last rate hike was 1998. 


MOTION:  Resident John Zaborsky, seconded by resident Jerry Finch to authorize the town board to study the feasibility of selling the land west of the municipal complex and north of E. Shady Ln. and if the town would like to sell the land.  This subject shall be presented the townspeople at an Annual Town Meeting or Special Town Meeting.  On voice vote, the townspeople voted AYE unanimously.


Admin. DeGrave added that the appraisal and survey could be performed in-house by staff thus saving those costs.


Mr. Lynch asked whether the town would be competitive (price-wise) with other properties in the area.  Admin. DeGrave mentioned that on this date (April 10th, 2001) at 2:00 p.m., he had spoken with the developer whose client is interested in an offer-to-purchase, which was verbal only.  He again reiterated the need for the townspeople’s permission to start the study.


State Representative Terri McCormack introduced herself and commended the townspeople that attended this evening’s meeting and offered any assistance she could to the town board and town residents on a state level.


Resident Roy Kuehn stated he has been a town resident for over 40 years.  He expressed concern with the Town of Menasha changing its name and felt is was unnecessary and would cost too much.


Supv. Jerry Jurgensen related the problems of identity with the City of Menasha and the many problems it causes.  He stated we have no identity and the public gets confused over city/town issues including mail, phone calls, addresses, etc.   He stated his committee had begun collecting signatures for this issue to be placed as a referendum on the ballot for the Spring Elections and would leave this up to the town citizens.


Town resident Barb Hanson stated she has lived in the City of Menasha and is now a Town of Menasha resident, creating her own an identity.  The only place she knows, in which a name has changed, is the Town of Ledgeview.  She stated “Be proud of where you are, there is confusion when you change the name and people may ask where the name came from and you must explain.”  


Resident Mike Lynch stated he moved here in 1974.  He stated citizens could also have pride in the town of Bridgeview and if the name change would occur the confusion between the city and town would end.  Several other confusion issues were discussed. 


Supv. Russ Handevidt stated that consolidation and annexation will not be affected and does not affect the boarders of the town, which are in place and  reiterated that only the name would change.  Supv. Jurgensen stated that at least 750 signatures were needed on the petition for the town name change, but they would be shooting for 1000 signatures.  The referendum would be a binding referendum.


Kate McQuillan asked whether the townspeople will be informed of the costs involved prior to voting on the name change, and was given an estimate of $43,925.00.  She also asked if residents would still have a Neenah address and was assured as there is no post office located in the town therefore, all addresses would stay the same.  Chairman Tews suggested one day the Town of Menasha may have its own post office but this would be in the distant future and until then, town residents will still continue to have three addresses whether in Neenah, Menasha or Appleton. 


Police Chief Weiss remarked on the confusion, which occurred when President George Bush came to the Town of Menasha and the news media reported he was in Grand Chute.


Resident Lori Seeke questioned the status of the $99,000.00 regarding  Bridgeview Gardens Mobile Home Park roadways.  (This is in regard to a project, completed in 1994, but not invoiced until 1999 to residents – which was the difference between the cost of the project and the settled litigation amount). 


Admin. DeGrave stated the issue is in the hands of a special agent from the Dept. of Justice and is being investigated therefore, not giving the town liberty to discuss the details however, once answers are culminated, the incident will be publicized.


Wm. Hofaker questioned if the lawsuit had been settled regarding the former administrator, Bogdan “Bob” Vitas.  Admin. DeGrave stated it had not as yet been settled and is on going therefore cannot be discussed at this point in time.



At 8:20 p.m., MOTION: Jerry Finch, seconded by Roy Kuehn to adjourn the Annual Town Meeting.   Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.




Respectfully submitted,





Jeanne Krueger, Certified Municipal Clerk

Town of Menasha