Submitted to the Utility District for Approval May 7, 2001





Municipal Complex - Assembly Room

Monday, April 9, 2001




The agenda was posted at the Municipal Complex, Fire Station 40, Town of Menasha Utility District, Appleton Public Library, Menasha Public Library, and Neenah Public Library and is available on the Town of Menasha Website at



President Arden Tews called the Regular Meeting of Utility District Commissioners to order at 5:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Deputy Clerk Karen Tweedie noted the roll as follows:



Arden Tews, President                                                Jeanne Krueger, Commissioner #1

Jerry Jurgensen, Commissioner #3                           Bob Sprague, Commissioner #2           

Russ Handevidt, Commissioner #4                            Brad Werner, Town Engineer   

Patrick DeGrave, Administrator                                  Karen Tweedie, Deputy Clerk

Myra Piergrossi, Dir. of Finance                                 Jeff Roth, Utility District Water Supt.   

Paula Pagel, Util Dist Office Manager                        Steve Laabs, Util. Dist. Wastewater Supt.



Carlene Sprague, Utility Dist. Secretary



Charles Baxter, Town Resident


Town resident Charles Baxter requested the commission to reconsider their decision to change the name of the Town of Menasha.  He expressed concern with the costs involved and wants it to remain as is.  The board members thanked Mr. Baxter for his input.


Commissioner Jurgensen stated that the Town of Menasha has suffered with an identity problem for a long time.


Commissioner Handevidt stated there would not be address change concern for residents and no printing changes and signage expenses for businesses.


III.                DISCUSSION ITEMS

A.                 Water Contract with Waverly Utility District

Administrator DeGrave stated a letter sent last May (recently surfaced) regarding the Waverly Sanitary District stating they were intending to discontinue water service, which would have a $30,000.00 impact to the Water Utility.  He further stated there was a 40-year agreement (1984) for the Waverly Sanitary District to purchase water from the town and noted nothing in the letter that would allow them to terminate just because they may be able to obtain better prices elsewhere.


Supt. Roth stated that the Public Service Commission might have something to say about this issue, as it would have a monetary effect on our Utility District.


It was the consensus of board members to request that Supt. Roth make inquiries to Waverly San. Dist.


B.                Borrowing

Administrator DeGrave spoke of the construction planned this year for the East Shady Lane plant and new maintenance facility.  (See spreadsheet attached).  In late May, early June, borrowing will begin and move quickly to full borrowing.


President Tews questioned the borrowing for two projects, the Utility and the Town, for the year and asked the amount.  Administrator DeGrave stated it is approximately $4.7 million on the General Obligation side, and $4 million on the Utility side.  President Tews stated he had concerns regarding borrowing that amount of money in one year’s time.


Administrator DeGrave stated the market is favorable and therefore the town would be at an economical advantage.  He further stated it would be a number of years before the current debt is reduced and the town would benefit by present low rates.


Administrator DeGrave stated he would like to get the town into a budgeting process where the three major departments (Police, Streets and Parks) would budget on a life- cycle, as to budget a certain amount of monies into a Capitol Account to cover replacement of what they already have, however, mentioned this could not be done in one year.  He stated a benefit would be realized on the debt when laying out a long-term plan for purchases.


Commissioner Krueger asked about impact fees.


Administrator DeGrave stated they are cumbersome and expensive and needed a study and/or work plan mentioning that it was not unusual to spend $15,000 to $20,000 for the impact fee.


There was a consensus from the board members to move forward with the spending/funding process.  Administrator DeGrave stated he would move forward and speak to R. W. Baird & Company.




V.                 NEW BUSINESS


A.        010409-1:UD Expenditures

Commissioner Handevidt questioned an expense for snow removal and the fact that our street department does the removal.


Jeff Roth said that next year this process will change.


MOTION: Commissioner Handevidt, second Commissioner Sprague to approve the expenditures as submitted with the exception of (none).  Motion carried unanimously.


B.      010409-2:UD Authorize $100,000 Funding for Architectural Design for American Drive Garage Building

MOTION: Commissioner Handevidt, second Commissioner Sprague to adopt to approve the funding for the architectural design of the American Drive garage project estimated to be $100,000 as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.


C.                010409-3:UD  Authorize Glenview Park Final Sewer Assessments

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Jurgensen to adopt to approve the final assessments for Glenview Drive, Linwood Lane, and Deerwood Drive, as amended. Motion carried unanimously.


D.                010409-4:UD    Authorize Shady Lane Final Sewer & Water Assessments

MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Krueger to adopt to approve the final assessments for East Shady Lane from Cold Spring Road to Olde Buggy Drive, as amended. Motion carried unanimously.


E.       010409-5:UD Award Contracts for Glenview Park and E. Shady Lane Sewer & Water Extensions

MOTION: Commissioner Krueger, second Commissioner Sprague to adopt to approve bids for East Shady Lane sewer and water projects, as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.


F.       010409-6:UD Mandate Utility District Property Connections and Transfer Assessments from Deferred to Active Status

President Tews asked whether the residents were notified of this resolution.


Administrator DeGrave stated that a Public Hearing was held, notification sent and a deferred assessment applied to their property with no other choice available.  A letter will be going out to residents in this regard.


MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Krueger to adopt to approve mandated Utility District property connections to sewer and/or water within 360 days and transfer assessments from deferred to active status, as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.






IX.               CORRESPONDENCE


X.                 REPORTS

A.        Town Administrator – No report.

B.     Town Engineer – No report

C.  Water Superintendent – No report


D.  Wastewater Superintendent – Superintendent Steve Laabs reported that he has received a check from Globe Contractors for half the cost of lateral repairs, which had been their responsibility during the reconstruction of the sanitary sewer in Gardner’s Row subdivision.


Steve also stated he would be getting the televising program back in order.


E.                 Commissioners

Ø                  Commissioner Krueger – No report

Ø                  Commissioner Sprague – No report

Ø                  Commissioner Jurgensen – No report

Ø                  Commissioner Handevidt – No report

F.         Commission President - President Tews requested proposed cost regarding the proposed town’s name change.


Administrator DeGrave stated the proposed name change would cost approximately  $50,000.00, which would not include the cost of replacing vehicle emblems, or stationary alterations and some items can be replaced on an as-needed basis.


G.         Other Town Officials

Myra Piergrossi reported on the Water Rate meeting and gave a handout to board members.


Administrator DeGrave asked if the percentage change reflected the reduction taken off of the levy side.

Myra stated that it does not.


President Tews requested a lot breakdown in future reports.

XII.      ANNOUNCEMENTS – Same as agenda.

At 5:45 p.m., MOTION: Commissioner Sprague, second Commissioner Krueger to adjourn the regular meeting of the Utility District of Commissioners.  Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,




Karen J. Tweedie

Deputy Clerk

Town of Menasha