PARK COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                                                  December 11, 2002


Members Present:         Commissioners: Richard Gawinski, Roy Kuehn, Herb Horn, Judy Holtz, John Zaborsky, and Commissioner Clarence Peterson


Excused:                       Becky Thone, Recreation Supervisor, Commissioner Glen Allen


Also Present:                Ron Krueger Director of Parks & Rec., Ronald Pavlak Park Foreman, Mary Heiting Bookkeeper, George Dearborn Director of Community Development, and Jeff Smith Associate Planner, and Jim Archambo, Town Administrator

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The meeting was held at the Community Center and  called to order by Richard Gawinski, President, at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.


MOTION: Commissioner Kuehn, seconded by Commissioner Peterson to approve the minutes of November 13, 2002.   Motion carried unanimously.


The Commissioners reviewed the expenditure list in the amount of $4,500.08.  MOTION: Commissioner Peterson, seconded by Commissioner Horn to approve the bills as submitted.   Motion carried unanimously.


Discussion ensued about the Community Development’s preparation of a survey.  This survey process of soliciting comments from the public would be used for updating the Park Department’s 5-Year Comprehensive Plan.  Comments were raised whether we could just update the changes needed as previously completed.  The open space question on the survey raised some comments from the Commissioners.  Under the open space question a suggestion to separate the categories was made; (e.g. for the Town to acquire: wetlands, woods, nature areas, trails, etc.).  MOTION: Commissioner Horn to continue with updating the Parks 5-Year Comprehensive plan and defer the survey until the January 8, 2003 meeting.  Motion failed for lack of a second.  The Park Department staff will review the survey and Comprehensive Plan with Community Development and will bring back the items needed to resolve this issue.


The commission reviewed the process to acquire the property at the corner of O’Hauser Park.  Director of Community Development George Dearborn reviewed the grant application process.  If the Town would use a grant to acquire this property, state statutes assist the Town through the appraisal process.  Further research will be requested from Richard Eiberger, Town Assessor to obtain the current assessed fair market value.  The commissioners stated that this item be agendized for  January 8, 2003.  Community Development has obtained a copy of the grant and the two departments will review all the details and prepare a draft for future review.



Director Krueger reported about the grand opening of the skateboard park.  The City of Menasha invited the local park and recreation departments to view the skateboard park facilities at Hart Park on Seventh St.


A copy of area park fees and use from area Cities and Villages in the Fox Valley was prepared by the City of Kaukauna was distributed to the Commissioners and Administrative staff.  George Dearborn, and Jeff Smith, stated that the survey would be a form of justification to alter the proposed increase in open space fees.   MOTION: Commissioner Kuehn to increase the open space fees to $300.  The legality of having the fee amended should include the survey as a means of justifying the proposed increase.  Motion by Commissioner Kuehn was withdrawn.  After much discussion the Commissioners requested this item on the January 8, 2003 agenda.  


Director Krueger entertained a motion from the Commissioners to allow Mary Heiting, Bookkeeper to complete year-end transfers as needed to cover any line item which needs to be adjusted for 2002.  MOTION: Commissioner Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Kuehn to approve Mary Heiting to make the necessary changes to the budget as needed.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ron Pavlak, Park Foreman had prepared a list of jobs and projects to be completed throughout the winter.  There were a few picnic tables missing and the mower repairs have been started.  The large outdoor grills have been brought in and refurbished by welding the bottoms to hopefully last another 10 years.  A substantial savings estimated around $4,000.00 can be expected on this project.


Commissioner Holtz inquired about the area dumpsters, specifically at the Community Center and Palisades Park.  She suggested wooden corrals be constructed to hide the dumpsters.  Commissioner Zaborsky added that an extra fee may be expended as refuse personnel would need to exit their vehicles to pull out and return the mobile dumpsters. 



Commissioner Kuehn had reviewed the handouts about physically challenged equipment distributed at last month’s meeting.  Commissioner Kuehn is requesting that some access areas be incorporated for the physically challenged on the current equipment, and also requested that part of the tower revenue purchase items needed. 








President Gawinski thanked George Dearborn, Jeff Smith of Community Development, and Administrator Archambo for the assistance in the 5-Year Comprehensive Plan and for taking time to attend the Park Commission meeting.



Motion Commissioner Peterson; seconded Commissioner Kuehn to adjourn the December 11, 2002 meeting at 8:15 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.





John A. Zaborsky,  Secretary, Park Commission