PARK COMMISSION  MEETING MINUTES                                                  May 14,       2003


Members Present:          Commissioners: Clarence Peterson, Richard Gawinski, Roy Kuehn, Herb Horn, John Zaborsky, Judy Holtz, and Glen Allen.   


Excused:                       None


Also Present:                 Ronald Pavlak Park Foreman, Becky Thone, Recreation Supervisor Mary Heiting Bookkeeper, Barb Hanson, Supervisor #1, and George Dearborn Director of Community Development


                                    Jill Haygood                  Jim Evans         Dan Evans        Marcus Ahrens


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The meeting was held at the Municipal Complex (break room) and called to order by Richard Gawinski, President, at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.


Approval of Minutes and Expenditures

MOTION: Commissioner Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Zaborsky reviewed the April 9, 2003 minutes and made a motion to approve.   Motion carried unanimously.


The Commissioners reviewed the May 14, 2003 expenditures in the amount of $13,937.66.  MOTION: Commissioner Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Kuehn to approve the May 14, 2003 bills as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.



President Jim Evans, his son Dan and Vice President Marcus Ahrens of Palisades Athletics attended the meeting and gave a report on the progress and advancement of the organization.  He requested that if impending weather conditions allowed the mowing equipment to rut the fields, if at all possible, he would like to see the outfields or any wet areas skipped.  Also, the baselines will be tilled and was requesting that some weed killer be included with this project.


President Evans is requesting  permission to allow “Chemlawn” to spray the fields again in 2003 for weed control.  MOTION: Commissioner Kuehn, seconded by Commissioner Peterson to allow Chemlawn to apply a spray to control the weeds at Palisades and Wittmann.  Motion carried unanimously.  (The Menasha Area Soccer Association receives this benefit from Chemlawn at the Wittmann Park soccer fields).


On June 14, 2003 Palisades Athletics would like an exclusion to the rules allowing early hour activities to set-up and take down the facilities at Palisades pavilion for a “rummage sale”.  This event last year generated sale items for the benefit of the Association.  MOTION: Commissioner Kuehn, seconded by Commission Peterson to allow Palisades Athletics Association to proceed with the rummage sale on June 14th.  Motion was amended by Commissioner Holtz and seconded by Commissioner Horn to notify the Police Department that the Association will arrive before dawn.  Motion as amended was carried unanimously.



Palisades Athletics had installed a new hot water system with the Town staff’s assistance.  The association uses the system often and is very appreciative. 


President Evans also wanted to express his appreciation to Fox Stamp for providing the paint supplies.  The painting project completed the bleachers and other areas of repair. 


The scoreboard was replaced from last year and Palisades Athletics will need some assistance to replace the electric wiring.  Foreman Ron Pavlak assured Jim Evans that the park staff will assist him with whatever is needed to complete this project.


Discussion continued about the sponsorship banners.  The Commission expressed their concerns about the banners and the havoc they have on the fencing.  MOTION: Commissioner Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Holtz to place the banners on the fencing daily but remove them at the 6th inning of the last game.  Motion carried unanimously.


President Evans would like the Commission and staff to assist in producing ideas to improve the drainage.  The area between the diamonds would be the location if drain tiles were placed.  If a solution could be found for this area, Palisades Athletics would entertain a future plan to place a batting cage there.


Commissioner Zaborsky mentioned that the west side park tour included a request from Suburban Athletics Association to plan on replacing the batting cage with permanent fencing.  President Evans will be contacting the Suburban Association to see if some arrangements could be made for the use of the existing batting cage.



Park Foreman Pavlak had received some price quotes for trail construction at three park locations.  The prices were reviewed for each park, and the Commissioners discussed the projects.  MOTION Commissioner Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Horn to table the trail projects until fall of 2003.  Motion carried unanimously.


Foreman Pavlak has been working with Lied’s Landscaping on a project in front of the Community Center.    The projects at the Community Center are near completion, but the crab tree, and bushes, and lawn edging are the next priorties. 


The commissioners expressed their appreciation about the lawn mowing throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.  They wanted the staff to know how each park’s grooming and trimming are noticed by the public.  Foreman Pavlak stated it would be a good idea to have the Commission meet the summer park staff at a future meeting.


Foreman Pavlak reviewed the changes to Chapter 17 and details were pointed out.  Foreman Pavlak has been working closely with the Police Department to coordinate the updates.  The Town Board has accepted and adopted this resolution.


Our summer staff will be starting shortly and a few next Monday.  This will free up the park staff to install the new playground equipment.



Becky Thone, Recreation Supervisor gave a report comparing the 1st quarter of 2003 to the 1st quarter in 2002.  Supervisor Thone presented a list of the park leaders hired for the summer which included the number of years of experience each employee brings to their position.  Supervisor Thone reviewed the spring rosters and presented figures on attendance. 



Director of Community Development George Dearborn dropped in this evening after being at a Planning Commission meeting.  Director Dearborn reviewed the Fritse Park trail project and stated that the municipalities of the Town of Menasha and City are getting qualified for the application process.  Director Dearborn met with Mayor Laux and reviewed getting bids in 2003 and possibly starting in 2004.


Director Dearborn explained about the park surveys which had been mailed previously on separate days.  The surveys are returning and the results look like a 30 – 40% response.  He feels this will be a valid response, and after the results are summarized, will aid in preparing the 5-Year Park Plan and Town’s Comprehensive Plan.



A.    Jim Evans -  Palisades Athletics Association

President Evans of the Palisades Athletics Association spoke at the beginning of this meeting.


B.    Review of Recreation Supervisor Position – ¾ Time

The Recreation Supervisor Position was not reviewed at this meeting.  Administrator Archambo was excused and the job position was postponed.


Bookkeeper Mary Heiting requested amplified music be allowed for a June 14th wedding at Fritsch.  MOTION: Commissioner Horn, seconded by Commissioner Holtz to approve this request.  Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Kuehn questioned the progress on having the open space fees reviewed.  It was confirmed that the memo has been directed to Administration and the Town Board of Supervisors.  The Town Board will decide if it is necessary to have a future study done for fee adjustments.



MOTION: by Commissioner Horn, seconded by Commissioner Holtz at 8:55 p.m. to adjourn from the regular Park Commissioner to enter into executive session.  Motion carried unanimously.


MOTION: Commissioner Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Zaborsky at 9:14 to enter into executive session to review the Director of Parks & Recreation applicants. Motion carried unanimously.


MOTION: Commissioner Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Peterson at 9:44 to close executive session and adjourn the Park Commission meeting of May 14, 2003.  Motion carried unanimously.







John A. Zaborsky,  

Secretary Park Commission