PARK COMMISSION MINUTES                                      AUGUST 27, 2003

Park Commissioners Present: Glen Allen, Richard Gawinski, Roy Kuehn, and Herb Horn and John Zaborsky

Excused: Judy Holtz and Clarence Peterson and Recreation Supervisor Becky Thone

Also Present:

Park Foreman Ronald Pavlak         Director Michael T. Kading    Palisades Ath. Jim Evans

Administrator Jim Archambo     Bookkeeper Mary Heiting
Supervisor Barb Hanson Matt Schmidt                           Men.
Area Soccer Kurt Schodorf


The meeting was held at the Community Center and was called to order by Richard Gawinski, President, at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.


MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner Roy Kuehn reviewed the August 13, 2003 minutes and made a motion to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

The Commissioners reviewed the expenditures in the amount of $1,388.66. MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner John Zaborsky to approve the August 27, 2003 invoices as submitted. Motion carried unanimously.


Town Supervisor Barb Hanson discussed issues involving Butte des Morts Park on Lakeshore Drive. Apparently because of the foliage and the proximity to the road, yard waste dumping has taken place. It was expressed that if the foliage could be cut back from the road, it should hinder further dumping in this area.

Matt Schmidt who has completed his application for the October 4 Frisbee Golf tournament, has requested that 10% of the proceeds be earmarked as a donation to be used specifically for improvements at O'Hauser Frisbee golf course. MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner John Zaborsky to approve the request from Mr. Schmidt to have the proceeds collected from the Frisbee golf tournament donated to the "Friends of the Park" account specifically earmarked for the Frisbee golf course. Motion carried unanimously.


Foreman Pavlak explained which projects have been completed in the park system. Due to the lack of rain grass mowing has not demanded our time, and clean up/painting projects have been placed on the priority list.


The community center sewer repair project was discussed. It was noted that the sewer lateral replacement program would not apply to the Community Center. It was suggested that two alternate estimates be prepared to include sketches with the proximity to the building to allow budgeting for this project.



Recreation Supervisor Thone is on vacation.


Director Kading has been working with Foreman Pavlak discussing the Schildt Pond issue. The DNR has been contacted and someone is expected to contact our office in the near future.

Discussion ensued about park safety issues. After an inspection of all the parks in the Town it was noted that Mr. Zeller could assist with an overview of the safety issues. It was suggested that a "safety seminar" be conducted before the next Park Commission meeting September 10 at 6:30 p.m.

The 2004 budget session calendars were discussed and a meeting with the Budget Committee was scheduled for Tuesday September 2 at 7:30 a.m. A phone call will be made to Judy Holtz tomorrow to confirm if she can attend.



A. Palisades Athletics

Jim Evans, President of Palisades Athletics came to discuss items needed for Palisades Baseball. Mr. Evans noted that a board on the bleacher of the north diamond is broken. Foreman Pavlak explained that the benches are taken in every season for inspection and/or replacement as needed. This will be done again this year.

Palisades Baseball has concerns about the drainage issue between the two ball diamonds. They had addressed this issue earlier in the year and would like to stress the importance of this issue when budgeting for 2004.

When the maintenance is scheduled for fall / winter, Mr. Evans would like to see the Town staff "grade" the ball diamonds to the center for winter. Park staff will spring tines drag the infield through the surface in preparation for the next season.

Mr. Evans discussed the batting cage design to installation between the parking lot and the tennis court. Discussion ensued about fencing / netting and placement. This suggestion will take some evaluation before it is resolved.

The Palisades Baseball club has grown through the last few years and Mr. Evans thanks the Commission for their efforts and cooperation for this growth. Many compliments were extended to the park staff for the maintenance of the grass during the 2003 season. Discussion about removing the grass infield was held at the banquet. Commissioner Horn has reviewed the schedules and is evaluating the request for removing the grass infield. Suggestions were made for re-conditioning the infield grass and steps to resolve this issue.

Palisades baseball confirmed that they were going to move their equipment into the balance of the garage that was reserved for the Recreation Department. This move was to commence at the end of the summer. This storage area should now be available.

Kurt Schodorf, Menasha Area Soccer arrived during the meeting. He has previously discussed drainage issues at Wittmann Park. His presentation included an engineers sketch. Version "A" would tie into the sewer line adjacent to the park and hook up to the City of Menasha's storm sewer.

Mr. Schodorf asked if he should act as the mediator between the Town and the City. The Park & Recreation Commission felt they should proceed with further communication with the City of Menasha. The Park & Recreation commission thanked Mr. Schodorf for his efforts.


Motion by Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner Herb Horn to adjourn into executive session at 8:20 pm. Motion approved unanimously.

Discussion ensued.

Motion by Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner Glen Allen to adjourn from executive session at 8:45 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Glen Allen to approve the changes to the offer to purchase included in the handout as listed in the revised exhibit "A". Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Glen Allen authorizing the expenditure for Phase I Environmental Assessment. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Glen Allen to adjourn the Park Commission meeting of August 27, 2003 at 8:55 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.






John A. Zaborsky, Secretary