PARK COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                                           SEPTEMBER 24, 2003

Park Commissioners Present: Glen Allen, Richard Gawinski, Herb Horn, Judy Holtz and Clarence Peterson


Excused: Commissioners: Roy Kuehn and John Zaborsky, Recreation Supervisor Becky Thone


Also Present:

Bookkeeper Mary Heiting                               Director Michael T. Kading

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The Commission meeting was held at the Community Center and was called to order by Richard Gawinski, President, at 7:05 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.



MOTION: Commissioner Judy Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Clarence Peterson reviewed the September 10, 2003 minutes and made a motion to approve.  Motion carried unanimously.


The Commissioners reviewed the expenditures in the amount of $8,562.29.  MOTION: by Commissioner Judy Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Clarence Peterson to approve the September 24, 2003 invoices subject to the confirmation that the earnest money will be refunded if the offer to purchase is not fully complied with.  Motion carried with the condition unanimously.



Roy Buchholtz, Suburban Athletics has met with the Board and had reviewed a list of requests for improvements at O’Hauser Park:

1.    Replace the 4' high fence on Strohmeyer Field along the 1st and 3rd base lines with a 6' high fence to match the other 6' high fencing.
2.    Install a 6' high fence around the existing batting cage area, including a gate (not-locked) on one end.  Fence to connect with existing 4' high fence on Larsen Field.
3.    Replace the existing sod within the batting cage area and replace with agrilime, including a buffer area around the outside of the fencing.
4.    Replace existing batting cage nets (removed over winter).  Existing poles would still be used for hanging nets within the fenced in area.
5.    Install yellow fence cap on outfield fence on Strohmeyer and Lehl Fields.  No plans at this time to install them on Larsen Field.
6.    $200 Donation to Town of
Menasha "Friends of the Parks".
7.    Interior minor renovations to the existing concession stand.
8.    Install base markers (whisker pegs) on all three fields to better locate base pegs.


MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner Judy Holtz to approve the list of projects for future completion.  Motion carried unanimously.


Suburban Athletics is interested in developing a webpage and would like to investigate linking to the Town of Menasha website.  Staff will investigate this further



Foreman Ron Pavlak presented a list of the items that the staff has accomplished.   The plumbing project to repair the community center was further discussed.  It was noted that the option to fix the site directly above has not been investigated.  Further research on this option should be obtained.


The Palisades Athletics requested a study on the location of a batting cage.  It was the general consensus to place the batting cage between the diamonds.  Drainage tile will be a necessity to accomplish this project in its entirety. 


The Butte des Morts Utility Department project is nearing completion and McMahon Engineering should be arriving with a cost estimate and options for discussion at our next meeting.



The report handed out to the Park Commissioners was reviewed.  Discussion on the progress of the Fall Recreation Classes and the projected capacity was reviewed.  It was noted that some of the classes have created waiting lists.


The mirrors bill be installed by Service Glass in the west meeting room and have come under the approved budgeted amount. 


The community center is experiencing a high volume of rentals during the months ahead.  Between recreation programs and weekend rentals there are very few openings.


Discussion ensued about the usage of the community center and the expenses.  MOTION: Commissioners Judy Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Clarence Peterson to prepare a cost study analysis to include revenues vs. expenditures for the community center usage and recreation programs.  This study has an expected completion date of January 14, 2004 Park Commission meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.  



Director Kading reviewed items from his report.  At Butte des Morts Park the existing circle driveway design will need replacement and Brad Werner, McMahon has been contacted regarding possible solutions. 


The Moseng property is currently under an environmental asbestos assessment and should have a report prepared by the next Park Commission meeting.


The 2004 budget meetings are under way.  There may be an adjustment for the purchase of a new truck.


Discussion included the visit with Lisa Reas of LJ Reas Environmental Services.  Ms. Reas met with Foreman Pavlak, Commissioner Glen Allen and Director Kading to discuss options and prepare associated costs for the restoration of the Schildt pond area.






  1. Terry Gant – Neenah-Menasha Optimist Club

The Neenah-Menasha Optimist Club is asking for an agreement with the Town of Menasha Park Department.  The club would need this temporary agreement to set up a kiosk for bike / kayak and or canoe rentals at Fritse Park.  The Commissioners agreed to have Director Kading develop an agreement and invite Mr. Gant or a representative from the OPC (Optimist Paddle Center) for the Commission meeting on October 8, 2003.



B.     Chapter 17 – Review Fee Schedule

Director Kading reviewed the fees for the past few years and entertained a motion to adjust the park fees and update Chapter 17 language.  A comparison over the rates and suggested group sizes was discussed.  Much discussion ensued.  MOTION: Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner Judy Holtz to adopt proposal #2 with the adjusted fees of $55, $130, $210 as delegated by group size and $35 kitchen fee, $5.00 volleyball fee and a deposit of $50.00 for each park rental.  Motion carried unanimously.


MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner Glen Allen to adopt the language changes as proposed in Chapter 17(.03) with the fee increases.  Motion carried unanimously.


            C.  Animal Swing Removal.

Director reviewed the notice from 1997 about the safety issues surrounding the animal swings at the designated parks.  MOTION:  Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner Herb Horn to remove the animal swings at the parks effectively immediately.  Motion carried unanimously.


Director Kading reviewed the request of Menasha Area Soccer to extend the existing long-term lease to enable Menasha Area Soccer to apply for grant application deadlines. 


MOTION: Commissioner Judy Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Herb Horn to renew the existing lease with the terms previously negotiated but not to exceed 5 years.  Motion carried unanimously.



Motion to adjourn into executive session at 8:50 pm.  Motion approved unanimously. 


To convene into closed session pursuant 19.85(1)c of the Wisconsin State Statutes; considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility to require a closed session.  Specifically to evaluate Ron Pavlak.


Pursuant to 19.85(2) of the State Statutes, the Commission may reconvene into open session to act on any business discussed in closed session.


Discussion ensued.


Motion to adjourn the Park Commission meeting of September 24, 2003. Motion carried unanimously.





John A. Zaborsky,  

Secretary Park Commission