Submitted for Approval Feb. 24, 2003



Municipal Complex - Assembly Room

Monday, February 10, 2003





Town Chair Arden Tews called the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors to order at 6:06 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


PRESENT: Arden Tews, Town Chair     Barbara Hanson, Supv. #1       Jerry Jurgensen, Supv. #3

Russ Handevidt, Supr. #4    

EXCUSED: Robert Sprague, Supv. #2       Myra Piergrossi, Finance Dir.


ALSO PRESENT: James Archambo, Admin.     Jeanne Krueger, Clerk     Lee Reibold, Town Engr.        

Rod McCants, Police Chief     Keith Kiesow, Fire Chief    George Dearborn, C.D. Director       Randy Gallow, Street Supt.    Scott Sauer      Richard DeKleyn     John Bade   Gary Dorschner       John Zaborsky                         Mike Lettier 



Swearing in of Police Lieutenant – Michael Krueger was sworn in by Town Clerk Jeanne Krueger and congratulated by all present.



Mr. Gary Dorschner, 901 Mayer St., asked for reasoning as to why he received a citation for a military vehicle.  Due to the issue still being in litigation, the board members were advised to stay mute on the matter.


5)        OLD BUSINESS



e)       030210-5: Official Remapping of West American Drive

It was the consensus of the board members to deviate from the agenda and move Resolution # 5 to the front of the meeting in order to accommodate the gentlemen involved with this issue.


MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen, to adopt to approve with additional verbiage, “Whereas, the remapping of West American Drive as shown in Concept C shall be modified by the Town Engineer by moving the point at which West American Drive intersects with Clayton Road north to the mid-point between the existing mapping and the proposed remapping”.  Motion carried.


a)        030210-1: Expenditures

MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adopt to approve the expenditures with the exception of (none) as submitted.  Motion carried.


b)        030210-2:  Police Department – MEG Vehicle Replacement

MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve with an additional verbiage, “plus $2,500.00 to include a warranty for a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu automobile for a total cost of $11,465.00”.  Motion carried.


c)         030210-3:  Police Department – Out-of-State Training, Officer Feucht

MOTION: Jurgensen/Handevidt to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


d)       030210-4:  Declaring Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures from Proceeds of Borrowing

MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted with the insertion of $1.3 million dollars.  Motion carried.


f)        030210-6: High Plain Meadows 2nd Addition Development Agreement

MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried 3-1 with Chairman Tews abstaining.


g)       030210-7: Individual Amusement License – Fox Valley Muzzle Loaders

MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


h)       030210-8: Individual Amusement Licenses – Tri-County Ice Arena

MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


i)        030210-9: Bartenders Licenses Issued

MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.




8)       PERSONNEL

a)         030210-1:RESIGN  Associate Planner, Jeff Smith

MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to accept the resignation as submitted with deep regrets.  Motion carried.


b)       030210-2:APPT  Street Laborer, Todd Sweeney

MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to accept the appointment as submitted.  Motion carried.


c)         030210-3:APPT  Accounting Technician II, Corey Reschke

MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to accept the appointment as submitted.  Motion carried.



a)       Regular Town Board Meeting – January 27, 2003

MOTION: Jurgensen/Handevidt to accept  the minutes as submitted.  Motion carried.


b)   Closed Sessions

June 10, 1996     July 22, 1996    Jan. 10, 1997      April 10, 2000    Jan. 22, 2001  Sept.12, 1996    Feb. 10, 1997      April 24, 2000    Feb. 19, 2001     Sept. 23, 1996   Feb. 14, 2000   May 8, 2000          Mar. 26, 2001      Oct. 7, 1996       Mar. 13, 2000     Oct. 23, 2000     Nov. 18, 1996   Mar. 30, 2000     Nov. 20, 2000


Discussion ensued regarding the opening of these minutes.  Chairman Tews requested they not be open.  Supv. Handevidt stated they should be open to the public. 

Clerk Krueger stated she was unsure, if after the April election, board members would be able to vote on the opening of the minutes as they are pretty well-dated.  She wanted to clean up all closed files so they would not be misplaced again and was concerned that there would not be enough board members (on the board at the time the minutes were taken) to pass the closed minutes.  Chairman Tews stated Herrling-Clark would be submitting an opinion to not have them open to the public. 


MOTION: Jurgensen/Handevidt to TABLE the closed minutes until the Feb. 24, 2003 board meeting.  Motion carried.



a)         Fire Department – 2002 Annual Report

b)        FireLine – February 2003

c)         Police Department – 2002 Annual Report

d)        Community Development Department – Monthly Report

MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to accept for filing as submitted.  Motion carried.


11)      REPORTS

a)       Town Administrator James Archambo:  Would be attending the Park & Rec. meeting Wed. evening;  The Bridge deadline is Feb. 21st.


b)        Town Attorney Greg Curtis -  Not Present


c)         Town Clerk Jeanne Krueger:  Supervisors paychecks would reflect an additional amount this pay period due to recently passed resolution making the U.D. an annual salary instead of per diem.


d)        Town Board

Barbara Hanson, Supv. #1:  Thanked Chief McCants for assisting in having the orange vehicle removed from the Gateway project.  Questioned the Jay Schroeder claim.  Clerk Krueger stated this had been turned in to the Finance Director to be submitted to the town’s insurance carrier; Questioned Supt. Gallow about the George St. ditching problems.  Supt. Gallow stated this project is on his list to do shortly.

Robert Sprague, Supv. #2:  Absent

Russ Handevidt, Supv. #4:  Complimented Chief Kiesow on his detailed yearly fire department report.


e)         Town Chairman Arden Tews:  Phone call from Joe Cox (son of the late Pearl Stroebe Cox) regarding the Pearl Stroebe Cox nature park on Harry’s Gateway & Stroebe Island Dr.   Mr. Cox wanted the town to install more picnic tables, wood chips and bird houses.  Supv. Handevidt stated there had been bad feelings on these 2 parcels, accepted by the town board due to delinquent back taxes that were eventually forgiven by the town board, and the parcel was an inappropriate site as a town park citing the power structure on the property. 


Clerk Krueger stated there were also delinquent special assessments that were also forgiven by the board and that Mr. Cox had approached the Parks Dept. in 1995 (see attached Park Commission minutes & T.B. Resolution) asking the Park Commission to purchase the land which they refused.  Mr. Cox then offered to donate the land which the Park Commission also refused.  The board members took no action on this issue; Requested Supt. Gallow to make sure his staff has been trained for utilizing chain saws.   

f)          Other Town Officials

Comm. Dev. Dir, George Dearborn: stated he was very pleased regarding the turnout for the three neighborhood land use meetings recently held and stated the next step will be a Public Hearing.


Street Supt. Randy Gallow: Stated he received 3 proposals for chippers and will be evaluating each machine before purchase;  Stated that he is presently looking into the water problems on Fox Burrow. 





At 7:16 p.m., MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors.  Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Jeanne Krueger

Certified Municipal Clerk