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PARK COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                                         JANUARY 14, 2004

Park Commissioners Present: Richard Gawinski, Roy Kuehn, Glen Allen, Herb Horn, Clarence Peterson and Judy Holtz


Excused: Recreation Supervisor Becky Thone and Commissioners John Zaborsky


Also Present:

Director Michael T. Kading                              Bookkeeper Mary Heiting                              

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The Commission meeting was held at the Community Center and was called to order by Richard Gawinski, President, at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.



Director Kading suggested that under New Business – RFP (Fritse Park Master Plan) stated:  “Discussion ensued about the citizen membership needed and “suggested” appointments of Kate McQuillan and Mike Lynch.”  MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner Clarence Peterson to include the correction to the minutes of the December 10, 2003 as noted above.  Motion to accept the correction was passed unanimously. 


MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner Clarence Peterson to approve the minutes as revised was carried unanimously.


The Commissioners reviewed the expenditures in the amount of $14,641.18.  The list of expenditures included the last invoices for 2003 and new invoices for 2004.  MOTION: Commissioner Clarence Peterson, seconded by Commissioner Roy Kuehn to approve the expenditures for 2003 and 2004 combined as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.






The park report was prepared by the Park Foreman and included the park staff building benches for 6 locations throughout the park system.    The Moseng property acquisition site has been prepared for future demolition and the outbuildings have been burned January 10, 2004.  Concrete has been removed from the site.  Fences were removed, septic tanks emptied and crushed.  The well has been abandoned and filled. 


Maintenance on the Community Center now falls under the park staff and multiple tasks have been scheduled and completed.  As of January 1, 2004 the park staff will be coordinating weekend schedules at the Community Center with the Recreation Supervisor through the year.




The Recreation Supervisor prepared a memo to the Commission and shared a copy of the Spring Recreation Programs.  The winter dance lessons will conclude with an annual recital to be held on March 13 at New Hope Christian School.  Usage comparatives at the Community Center between 2003 and other years were discussed.


Michael Kading reviewed items about the Old Business and New Business itemized later on the agenda.  Director Kading also announced that the Moseng house property, has been prepared for a ‘practice burn’ on Sunday, January 25 starting at 8:00 a.m.


The Westshore Preserves are continuing to work with all parties involved, discussing deed restrictions.  A photographic rendition was passed out to the Commissioners and ideas for future use were discussed.  Commission members showed interested in viewing the property and made appointments to view the property with Director Kading. 



A.        L.J. Reas Schildt Park Pond

The Commissioners studied the report for options to be used on the Schildt Park Pond.  Commissioner Zaborsky in previous discussions had favored option C “Dredge Out the Pond and Increase It’s Size”  This option prepared by L.J. Rease, has a rough estimate of $ 21,000 plus consulting costs of $5,000.  Discussion ensued.  MOTION: Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner Judy Holtz to authorize Director Kading to discuss option C with L.J. Reas and investigate alternate plans for funding and/or budgeting this item for 2005.  Motion carried unanimously.



  1. Discussion on Temporary Uses for the Rydell Home

 The property adjacent to Fritse Park newly acquired in 2003 was discussed.  The conceptual master plan will incorporate this property for future design and uses.  Currently the Town is paying the utility expenses and would like to investigate options to help defray these costs.  Discussion ensued.  MOTION: Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioners Herb Horn to authorize Director Kading to negotiate lease agreements for Therese Freund to live on the premises 24 hours and / or discuss a lease agreement with the Fox-Wolf River Basin Representative, Linda Stohl.  The lease(s) will be on a month to month basis.  The lease(s) will be designed specifically to offset the utility expenses for this property while in remaining in the Town’s responsibility.  Motion carried unanimously


  1. Discussion About the Dube parcel.

Because of the continuing discussions on deed restrictions, and the interest of the Commissioners to view this parcel, the Dube Property has been postponed until further inspection of the site.


  1. Flower Bed Designs Reviewed.

A site design has been presented for (3) areas.  The Community Center, Palisades Park around the existing gazebo, and Fritsch Park.  The designs were accepted as submitted by the Commissioners who authorized Director Kading to proceed with quotes for planting in the spring.


  1. Competitive Quotes for the 4 Wheel Drive Truck.

On January 14, at 2:00 p.m. the Park Department had requested quotes from area automotive dealerships for estimates on a new 4 wheel drive ¾ ton truck.  Discussion ensued.  MOTION: Commissioner Glen, seconded by Commissioner Judy Holtz to recommend the lowest quote of $19,357.00 less the $1,250 trade-in from Bob Fish GMC, and, a Monroe plow system for a total price of $22,101.




Motion by Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner Clarence Peterson to adjourn the Park Commission meeting of January 14, 2004.  Approved unanimously at 8:35  pm.





John A. Zaborsky,  

Secretary Park Commission