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PARK COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                                           FEBRUARY 11, 2004

Park Commissioners Present: Richard Gawinski, Roy Kuehn, Glen Allen, Herb Horn John Zaborsky, and Judy Holtz


Excused: Recreation Supervisor Becky Thone and Commissioner Clarence Peterson


Also Present:

Director Michael T. Kading                            Bookkeeper Mary Heiting

Foreman Ronald Pavlak                                  Therese Freund –Paddling Center                             

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The Commission meeting was held at the Community Center and was called to order by President Richard Gawinski, at 6:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.



At 6:03 p.m., MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Roy Kuehn to convene into closed session pursuant 19.85(1)(e) of the Wisconsin State Statutes; deliberating or negotiating the purchase of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session.  Specifically to determine an agency to prepare a conceptual master plan for the Fritse Park area.  Motion carried.


The RFP’s (Request for Proposals) for the preparation of a Master Conceptual Plan for the Fritse Park Area, were scored by a review team and narrowed down to two agencies.  The presentations by the two agencies were scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Mayo Corporation, and 7:00 p.m. Rettler Corporation.


Mayo Corporation Land Use Manager, Jim Bricker, and Tom Jennings the Landscape Architect reviewed samples of previous and current projects and explained the steps involved.  They would assess the resources, include public involvement, and considerations for site needs or constraints.  “The Town is their Client”


Commissioner Kuehn inquired about the access to grant funds.  Mayo Corporation replied that they have been familiar with the Stewardship Grants and Community Foundations in this area.


Commissioner Zaborsky questioned about tangent issues and how estimates would be prepared. Issues examples such as; addition to the Rydell house or additional mileage on the trail.


Commissioner Holtz reviewed their experience with water frontage issues.  Mayo Corporation gave examples of projects at the Brown County Fairgrounds and different stream bank restorations.


Director Kading asked what Mayo finds to be the most challenging point.  They replied with finding a solution between the active sides of the existing Fritse Park area, with the secluded area around the Rydell property.


The Rettler Corporation gave their presentation at 7:00 p.m. Richard Zahn the Civil Engineer, and Jeff Bahling, Landscape Architect gave their presentation and explained their work with Applied Ecological Services from Brodhead Wisconsin, and reviewed projects around this area.  Ashwau-benon, Ledgeview, and along the East River in the De Pere area.


Mr. Bahling explained the scope of gathering data, and having a kick off event.  He reviewed having GPS coordinates and the Bridge trail being  the gateway entrance to the Town.


President Gawinski was pleased that Town involvement was the first priority of the Rettler Corporation.


The Rettler Corporation is partnering with Pheifer Engineering who has previously reviewed this project.  Rettler also suggested having area high school students’ complete drawings of the house and having Business Education Partnerships with area technical schools.


Rettler stated it was possible to have documentation on the website to be viewed during the project for 24-hour access.  Commission Zaborsky found the timeline interesting and web access would be easy to understand.


Commissioner Holtz inquired about the Rettler Corporation experience with water frontage.  Mr. Zahn replied that they have experience in this area as well as previous work with the Department of the Interior and Wildlife Services


Director Kading asked Rettler Corporation what would be the most challenging item on this project.  Rettler replied that access to both parcels and parking would be addressed.


At 8:30 p.m. the Commission reconvened into open session.  MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Glen Allen pursuant to 19.85(2) of the WI State Statutes; the Park Commission will reconvene into open session to act on any business discussed in closed session.  Motion carried.


CLOSED Appoint an Agency for the Master Conceptual Plan for the Fritse Park Area

After discussion about the pros and cons of both presentations this evening, a decision was made.  MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Holtz to appoint Mayo Corporation to prepare the Master Conceptual Plan for the Fritse Park Area.  This plan shall be completed by December of 2004 and will not exceed the RFP price of $8,000.   Motion carried with Commissioners: Kuehn, Holtz, Allen, Zaborsky, Horn, and President Gawinski voting AYE.  Commissioner Peterson excused.



MOTION: Commissioner Judy Holtz, seconded by Commissioner Herb Horn to approve the minutes of January 14, 2004.  Motion carried unanimously. 


The Commissioners reviewed the expenditures in the amount of $4,165.99.  MOTION: Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner Judy Holtz to approve the expenditures as listed.  Motion carried unanimously.



Bookkeeper Heiting had a request to have amplified music performed by an independent singer named “Cookie”.  This entertainer will perform at a family function on August 7 at O’Hauser South Park.  MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner John Zaborsky to approve “Cookie” for this event.  Motion carried unanimously.



The park report was prepared by the Foreman Pavlak and was reviewed.  Director Kading commented on the items which will need attention in the near future.


The Recreation Supervisor Thone presented her public community center rental revenue/expense survey.  The first survey compiled was based on the 2003 expenses and revenue of the Community Center.  The second survey is built on the anticipated revenue/expenses for Recreations Programs in Spring, Summer and Fall of 2004.


Director Kading reported on the current updates to the Moseng, Westshore and Trestle Trail projects.  The conceptual master plan was presented at this February 11 meeting agenda and voted on previously.






  1. Appointment of the Firm to Complete the Conceptual Master Park Plan

Previously discussed and voted on.


  1. Discussion – Special Processing Checks

Because of the lateness of the evening, this request was postponed.


  1. Plant Material Quotes

A presentation at the January 2004 meeting submitted (3) designs for; the Community Center, Palisades Gazebo, Fritsch and Butte des Morts Parks.  The approved designs were submitted to area landscaping agencies.  The (RFP’s) request for quotes were returned and opened on February 4.  It is the recommendation of Director Kading to proceed with  the Lang agency.  MOTION: Commis-sioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner John Zaborsky to approve the Lang agency for the planting material at $1,332.07 (which includes the extra 25% discount for assigning all 4 projects to Lang).  Motion carried unanimously.



Motion by Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Herb Horn to adjourn the Park Commission meeting of February 11, 2004.  Approved unanimously at 9:20  pm.





John A. Zaborsky,  

Secretary Park Commission