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PARK COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                                         AUGUST 11, 2004

Park Commissioners Present:  Richard Gawinski, Roy Kuehn, Herb Horn, Michael Lynch, Glen Allen, John Zaborsky and Judy Holtz.


Also Present:

Director Michael T. Kading                                          Bookkeeper Mary Heiting                               

Park Foreman Ron Pavlak                                            Clarence Peterson

Cal Tesch                                                                     Bill Rasmussen

Jim Evans                                                                     Jim Bricker


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The Commission meeting was held at the Community Center and was called to order by President Richard Gawinski at 6:30 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.



MOTION: Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner Roy Kuehn to approve the minutes of July 28, 2004.  Motion carried unanimously.


The Commissioners reviewed the expenditure list in the amount of $4,552.89.  MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Mike Lynch to approve the expenditures as listed.  Motion carried unanimously.



Mayo Corporation presented the Master Conceptual Plan for the Fritse Park Area.  Jim Bricker expounded about the history of the Blue Ribbon Committee meetings.  The pavilion could be used for an educational center to display the river clean up and other uses like concessions.


There were specific sights for teaching locations.  Some on the northern end of the Rydell property could involve building a boardwalk and re-conditioning an oak savanna.


At Fritse Park they propose keeping the boat launch for 1 ramp and an area to load and unload canoes.  Ideas for the pavilion would include the trail entering the building and proceed past a concession area.  The educational area would include the paper company presentations with examples how the clean up was designed and accomplished for the lake.


The Park Commission and congratulated Mr. Bricker and Mayo Corporation for their diligent efforts and passion for the preparation steps on this Fritse Park area.  Further acclamation on the presentation and phases discussed, will be studied and agendized for the next meeting.



Commissioner Clarence Peterson – Certificate of Appreciation

Clarence Peterson appointed Commissioner from July 2002 until July 2004 received a certificate of appreciation for his years of service and dedication and pride to the multiple park projects from President Richard J. Gawinski.  Congratulations were expressed from the rest of the commissioners.



Jim Evans, Cal Tesch and Bill Rasmussen representing Palisades Athletics asked if any further discussion into the placement of the drainage tile issue at Palisades Park.  Discussion ensued.  Director Kading confirmed that the last notice to Palisades Athletics had a plan and approval to lay the drainage tile, but no connection would be made into the main until the detention basin grant was approved.


Mr. Evans inquired about the future plans of an open space / tot lot near the intersections of Hillington Dr. and Hillsdale Ct.  The Commission members were not aware of this proposed area and wanted staff to provide a map where it was located.



Recreation Supervisor Thone had a report which included a summary of the 2004 recreation program participation.  Supervisor Thone also summarized the goals and needs proposed for preparing the 2005 budget.


Park Foreman Pavlak’s report included the description of multiple tasks at the newly acquired Moseng property near O’Hauser Park.  The Commission congratulated staff for the excellent look and many compliments received on the way the Moseng property and the Butte des Morts Park projects have turned out.   Mr. Pavlak appreciated hearing from the Commission members and said he would share with the rest of the park laborers.


Director Kading reviewed the other projects, pointing the Trestle Trail project is going out for bids which will be opened August 26 at 1:30 p.m.  Director Kading had fun meeting residents that visited the “Concerts in the Park” and neighbors of the Friendship Trail project.



A.     Park Conditions

It was noted that in Butte Des Morts Park, the trash barrel was missing.  It was reported that fisherman in the area have been using this for fish entrails, and temporarily removing the barrel should encourage disposal elsewhere.


Commissioner Zaborsky noted that the chimney on the Community Center roof needs checking over and some tuck-pointing should be scheduled.


B.     Mission / Vision Statement

The mission vision statement is being prepared by staff.  Director Kading said that he would be able to draft an example or two for the Commissioners to review.  After discussion the Commissioners agreed that a rough draft should be prepared.


C.     Fritse Park Reports

A draft presentation was reviewed.  Alternate suggestions to improve the appearance of the Fritse Park pavilion were discussed and a motion made.  MOTION: Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner Herb Horn to approve the cosmetic rehabilitation of the pavilion with an expense not to exceed $1,400.  Motion carried unanimously.


D.  2005 Budget Process

Budget dates were discussed with the Budget Committee membership.  It was determined that Friday, August 27 at 1:00 p.m. the committee will meet to study the goals and needs of the Park and Recreation Departments.  A tentative presentation will be scheduled for September 8, commission meeting.



  1.  Temporary Signage Request – Little Lake Cleanup Team

A request from the Little Lake Cleanup Team has presented a request and example of the sign notifying users on Little Lake Butte des Morts about the cleanup process.  Discussion ensued about the kiosk station which could contain several notifications about facilities at each park and trestle trail information.  To accommodate this request, a motion was made that the signage be mounted on a temporary basis until a kiosk station can be constructed.  MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded Commissioner Glen Allen to approve the posting of the cleanup notice.  Motion carried unanimously.


B.     Subdivision Drafts (1) Irish Road Condos – (2) High Plain Meadows 3rd Addn

Requests from the Community Development Department to review the newest subdivision proposals were discussed.  After discussion and review a motion was made.  On (1) Irish Road Condos MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Roy Kuehn to recommend fees in lieu of land, park improvements fees and will not accept land.  Motion carried unanimously.

On (2) High Plan Meadows 3rd Addn MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Jody Holtz to recommend fees in lieu of land, park improvement fees and will not accept land.  Motion carried unanimously.


Music / Tent Requests:

A.     Lidia Fernandez – 5 pc Mexican Band


MOTION: Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner John Zaborsky to approve the music request as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.








MOTION: Commissioner Herb Horn, seconded by Commissioner Judy Holtz to adjourn the Park Commission meeting of August 11, 2004 at 8:30 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.







Judy R. Holtz

Secretary Park Commission