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PARK COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES                             OCTOBER 13, 2004

Park Commissioners Present:  Richard Gawinski, Michael Lynch, Judy Holtz, John Zaborsky and Glen Allen.


Excused: Commissioners Roy Kuehn, Herb Horn


Also Present:

Director Michael T. Kading                                          Bookkeeper Mary Heiting                               

Police Chief McCants                                                   Rae Tyriver

Bob Williams                                                                Sue Williams

Clarence Peterson

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *     *    *    *

The Commission meeting was held at the Community Center and was called to order by President Richard Gawinski at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken.



MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Mike Lynch to approve the minutes of September 20-Special, September 22 and the October 6-Special 2004 meetings.  Motion carried unanimously.


The Commissioners reviewed the expenditure list dated October 13, 2004 in the amount of $19,905.91.    MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Judy Holtz to approve the expenditures as listed.  Motion carried unanimously.



Rae Tyriver, representing the O’Hauser Neighborhood Watch Group was present for the meeting.  She has requested the parking lot at O’Hauser be on the agenda along with Neighborhood Watch suggestions such as park hours. Both items were discussed in detail under New Business.



A.     Commissioners – Issues can only be presented, no action may be taken.

B.     Park Foreman Pavlak

C.     Recreation Supervisor Thone

D.    Director Kading

Commissioners reviewed the reports and there were no questions.



A.                  Park Conditions – none to report




B.                 Mission / Vision Statement

A mission vision statement has been drafted by Director Kading.  Discussion ensued.  The vision statement was now shorter but the original statement was chosen.   MOTION: by Commissioner Mike Lynch, seconded by Commissioner John Zaborsky to approve the mission / vision statement with the original vision statement and the draft 2 mission and value statements.  Motion carried unanimously.



A.                 Suburban Athletics – Field Renovation Request

Bob and Sue Williams, from Suburban Athletics have met the Director and Park Foreman at Larsen baseball field in O’Hauser Park.  Suburban Athletics request was to create 2 shallow drainage ditches, install drainage tiles, and a grass infield.  They have submitted a detailed map and description of the project to review with the Park Commission.  Currently they have budgeted for this project and should be no cost for the Town, but may need in-house labor assistance.  MOTION: Commissioner Glen Allen, seconded by Commissioner Lynch to approve the grass infield at Larsen field and install the drainage ditches as proposed in the plan.  Motion carried unanimously.


B.                 Rydell Lease Agreements

The Town Board of Supervisors made a recommendation to review the Rydell Environmental Education Center lease agreement(s) with the Caretaker and Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance.  Discussion ensued.  As there were no problems with the lease agreements they should remain unchanged.  The Park Commissioners felt the agreements were fair and equitable to all parties 


C.                 Review of Park Hours

Police Chief McCants was in attendance.  The review of park hours was discussed with the Chief.  He expressed that changing the hours would affect the sledding hill, ice skating or legitimate uses during the winter.  If changed a set time would be needed instead of estimating “until dusk”.  Signs would need to be installed with the changes.  Many ideas and suggestions were shared. No changes were made to the park hours.


D.                Athletic Association Agreements

Director Kading has been working with the Town Attorney to reach a policy with the athletic associations using the Town of Menasha parks.  A draft Athletic Association Agreement has been presented to the Park Commissioners involving Suburban Athletics.  MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Judy Holtz to approve the draft Suburban Athletics Association Agreement and approves Director Kading to discuss with Suburban Athletics this agreement.  Motion carried unanimously.


E.                 O’Hauser Parking Lots

Rae Tyriver discussed how the O’Hauser Neighborhood Watch Group feels that after dark the Frisbee golf parking lot has disturbing activity.  Discussion ensued.  MOTION:  Commissioner Judy Holtz, seconded by Commissioner John Zaborsky to gate the O’Hauser Frisbee parking lot during the months starting November 1 until April 1.  The Frisbee golf  remains open year-round.  Motion carried 4 Yes, 1 No (Glen Allen)






MOTION: Commissioner John Zaborsky, seconded by Commissioner Glen Allen to adjourn the Park Commission meeting of October 13, 2004 at 8:35 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.






Judy R. Holtz

Secretary Park Commission