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Licensing Information

Most Require Inspections Prior to Granting
Fees are Non-Refundable.
Updated June 05





(July 1–June 30 Annually) Applications must be on file at least 15 days before presenting to the Town Board. Inspections and background checks are required. In addition to license fees, there is a publication fee of $55.00.





Class “A” 

Retailer’s Fermented Malt Beverage License to sell beer for off-premise consumption only.  Fee may be pro-rated.





Class “B”

Retailer’s Fermented Malt Beverage License to sell beer for on-premise and off-premise consumption.  Fee is for 12-month license, but may be pro-rated at 50% for a six-month license.





Class A”

Retailer’s Intoxicating Liquor License to sell liquor for off-premise consumption only.





Class B”

Retailer’s Intoxicating Liquor License to sell liquor for on-premise and

off-premise consumption. Wine may be sold on and off premises.





“Class B”

Retailer’s Reserve License to sell liquor. Initial reserve license fee is paid in addition to the regular Retailer’s “Class B” Intoxicating Liquor License fee. 



“Class C”

Retailer’s Wine License to sell wine for consumption on-premise only, for those who qualify.





Temporary Class “B”

Retailer’s Temporary Class “B” License is for the organization. Application shall be filed at least 15 days prior to the granting of the license for an event lasting less than 4 days. Issued to bona fide clubs, local or county fairs, churches, lodges and societies in existence over 6 mos. who want to sell beer and/or wine at a picnic or similar gathering.





Temporary Operator

Temporary Operator License issued to a bartender for a picnic or similar gathering. It is valid for 14 days. No more than one temporary license issued per calendar year. The operator must be employed by, or donating their services to holders of special Class “B” Retailer’s licenses.





Fermented Malt Beverage Wholesaler 

Fermented Malt Beverage Wholesaler may sell in original packages to retailers or wholesalers. Must obtain permits from the Dept. of Revenue. 


Operator’s License

Must show proof of Responsible Beverage Server’s Course taken within a two-year period of application, or have a current operator license to apply.

New applicants must have completed, or at least be registered for the Responsible Beverage Server’s Course.



Provisional Operator’s License

Provisional Operator’s License issued only when applying for a regular Operator’s License.  Not needed when working at all times under a licensed operator. Expires in 60 days or upon receipt of regular operator’s license.








Annual Amusement

(July 1 – June 30) License is for any coin-operated entertainment such as  video games, pool tables, dartboards, jukeboxes and karaoke.





Special Event

Application must be filed 30 days prior to the event.

License is granted for special events such as a show, concert, musical entertainment, carnival, theatrical performance. Inspections are required. Escrow fee is usually refundable 30 days after the event.

/48 hrs

/Addl 24 hrs


+ Escrow $150.00




Bowling License

(July 1 – June 30) Bowling alleys must be licensed.






Cigarette & Tobacco


Cigarette & Tobacco Products

(July 1 – June 30) All establishments that sell cigarettes or tobacco products over-the-counter or by machine must be licensed.








Dance Permit 

Any party organizing a dance to which the public may gain admission with or without payment of a fee must obtain a dance permit. A private event does not need a permit. Application and fee must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to the date of the dance.






Dog/Cat License

(April 1 – March 31) Required over 5 mos. of age

Please bring proof of animal spayed or neutered, and proof of rabies vaccination.  No person may maintain more than four animals within the Town of Menasha.









Late penalty fee after Mar 31





Kennel License

(Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) License is for any person engaged in the business of boarding, breeding, buying, training for a fee, or the selling of 12 or less dogs or cats. Fee will be $3.00 for each additional animal.






Other Licenses


Auctions/Closing-Out Sales

Application must be filed a minimum of five (5) days prior to date of sale. A $2000 Surety Bond may be required.  Inspections required.






Closing-Out Sale





Christmas Tree Sales 

(Permit for 60 days) Community Development Department must approve your site plan prior to application. Please apply before Nov. 1.                                         





Fireworks Display Permit

Application must be filed at least 15 days in advance of date of the display. Must provide license Bond, Proof of Financial Responsibility, list of persons in charge of display, type and number of fireworks, diagram of location. The Police and Fire Chief must endorse this application.



Per Display



Per Fire Apparatus, plus firefighter wages





Gun or Weapon Dealer Permit

(July 1 – June 30) No persons, firm or corporation shall operate or engage in the business of selling firearms and/or ammunition without having obtained a license. 





Massage Therapist or Reflexology

(July 1 – June 30) A background check and inspections are required.  A Conditional Use Permit shall be obtained if performing treatments in the home.


Per License




Mobile Home Park License

(July 1 – June 30) Application fee must be accompanied by a $2000 Surety Bond, State of WI Mobile Home Park license, legal description of premises, and park site plan.


Per 50 lots




Pharmacist Permit

(July 1 – June 30) All pharmacists must be licensed.






Secondhand Article/Jewelry Dealer

(One-Year License, Jan. 1 – Dec. 31)





Secondhand Article Dealer



Secondhand Jewelry Dealer





Secondhand Article Dealer’s Mall/Flea Market

(Two-Year License, May 1 – Apr. 30, Odd-numbered Years)





Salvage Yard Operator

(July 1 – June 30) Inspections are required.





Security Guard

(Two-Year License, July 1 - June 30)





Tattoo Artist/Body- Piercing Practitioner

(July 1 – June 30) Each tattoo establishment and each artist or body-piercing practitioner shall pay a fee for practicing within the parlor.  A license application form from Winnebago County Health Department must be completed and approved prior to practicing in the Town.  Premises must pass inspection and approval.






Each Practitioner






(July 1 – June 30) All taxicab businesses shall pay fees and obtain and show proof of vehicle or fleet insurance when applying.



Business License



Each Taxicab Driver





Transient Merchant/Vendors

(60-Day Permit) $2000 Surety Bond is required.  No person shall temporarily engage in the retail sale of merchandise at any place in the Town who is not a permanent merchant of the Town of Menasha. 


Per Seller





Other Forms


Records Request Form

Request form for accessing, inspecting or obtaining town records. You may view any open records in the Town Clerk’s Office between normal business hours. Please see the section on Public Records for more detailed information.



Photocopies Per Page

1- 25  $.25



Over 26 $.20





Labor Charges, if applicable