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Feb. 9, 2004


                           Town of Menasha

                                              2000 Municipal Drive, Neenah, WI 54956

                    Ph: (920) 720-7103  Fax (920) 720-7197



Municipal Complex - Assembly Room - Monday, January 26, 2004





Town Chair Arden Tews called the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Elected Members Present:   Arden Tews, Town Chair     Barbara Hanson, Supv. #1  Scott Sauer, Supv. #2 Jerry Jurgensen, Supv. #3    Russ Handevidt, Supv. #4    Jeanne Krueger, Clerk


Others Present:  James Archambo, Admin.     Lee Reibold, Town Eng.     Rod McCants, Police Chief    

Myra Piergrossi, Finance Dir.      George Dearborn, Com. Dev. Dir.     Keith Kiesow, Fire Chief

Greg Curtis, Town Atty.      Mike Kading, Park Dir.     Nancy Rickhoff       Mike Lettier, Pol. Comm. Pres.

Kim Charniak     Gail Hesser     Lisa Van Dyke   Katy Van Dyke     Becky Szymonski     Ashley Ziepke

Guy Gruett     Kate McQuillan   Paula Lutz       Annette Zook         Laura Flottemesch   Debbie Valence     Renee Krause Paul Krause     Chris Szymonski    Jon Ziepke    Dan Larsen     Tracey Ducat    Jerry LaMotte





Resident Jerry LaMotte1365 Cold Spring Rd. requested the speed limit on Cold Spring Rd. be returned to 25 M.P.H. Chairman Tews stated the original speed limit was 35 M.P.H. however, reduced to 25 M.P.H. during construction. Chairman Tews will look into this request.


Town resident Kate McQuillan requested Olde Buggy stop signs not be removed and recommend the resolution be rescinded.


Becky Szymonski actually wanted to see more stop signs in addition to the signs still in place on Olde Buggy, and disagrees with their removal.


Lisa Van Dyke complained of speeding through the area of Martingale La./Olde Buggy and motorists not obeying stop signs and would like to see the stop signs stay in place.


Dan Larsen, along with other neighbors, complained of traffic not completely stopping for stop signs.  The attendees stated their main concerns were the safety of the neighborhood however, reminded that most of the offenders were the neighbors themselves.






         a)     040126-1: A Resolution Authorizing the Sale of $3,260,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes    MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted. On roll call, Motion carried 4-1 with Chairman Tews voting NAY.



         b)     040126-2: A Resolution Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of $3,775,000 Waterworks System and Sewerage System Revenue Bonds of the town of Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, and Providing for the Payment of the bonds and Other Details with Respect to the Bonds 

         MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted. On roll call, Motion carried unanimously.


         c)      040126-3: Award Bid for 3/4 Ton Dump Truck 4-Wheel Drive and Electric Plow – Park Dept.

MOTION: Hanson/Handevidt to adopt to approve as submitted. On roll call, Motion carried unanimously.


         d)      040126-4: Denial of Alcohol Beverage License and Cigarette License – Singh Petroleum LLC

         MOTION: Hanson/Sauer to adopt to approve to DENY as submitted.  Motion carried.


         e)      040126-5: Police Department Lodging Request

         MOTION: Sauer/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted. On roll call, motion carried 3-2 with Supvs. Hanson, Sauer and Jurgensen voting AYE & Supv. Handevidt & Chair Tews voting NAY.


         f)      040126-6: Roadway Acceptance – Westcreek Lane-Jacobsen Creek Condominiums Phase I

         MOTION: Sauer/Hanson to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


         g)      040126-7: Expenditures

         MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adopt to approve the expenditures with the exception of (none)             as submitted. Motion carried.


         h)    040126-8: Rezoning - Joosten-2193 E. Shady Ln. Proposed Rezoning from A-2 General Farming     MOTION: Sauer/Handevidt to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


         i)       040126-9: Certified Survey map – Joosten–2193 E. Shady Ln. Proposed 2-Lot Land Division

         MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


         j)      040126-10: Supporting Wisconsin’s Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Law and Grant Program     MOTION: Hanson/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


         k)      040126-11: Bar Operator Licenses Issued

         MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


         l)       040126-12: Authorizing Settlement of Creekside LLC – Excessive Assessment Appeal

         MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.





a)      040126-1:TERM  Paid-on-Call Firefighter - Nabbefeld

MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to approve as submitted with regrets.  Motion carried.


b)      040126-2:APPT  Paid-on-Call Firefighter - Ziepke

MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.





          a)     Regular Town Board Meeting – January 12, 2004

          MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to approve the minutes as submitted.  Motion carried.



11.    REPORTS

          a)   Admin. James Archambo: commented on the Crestview Ave. fire stating he was very im-                                                                             pressed with the operation of the town’s firefighters.

          b)    Town Attorney Greg Curtis

          c)    Town Clerk Jeanne Krueger:  stated there are some departments not following the bidding process according to Municipal Codes.    


          d)    Town Board

            Barbara Hanson, Supv. #1:   received letter from John Kobinsky (attached) regarding the 3-way stop signs at intersection of Agnes Ave. & Kaufman St. which he felt impeded the flow of traffic. This issue will be investigated by the Administration, Police & Street departments and reported back to the board members;  2) will be attending a meeting with Brian Pesmen tomorrow afternoon in the Administrator’s Conf. Rm.;  3) update on the Red Oak ravine project;  4) will be attending an economic development meeting at Liberty Hall hosted by East Central WI Regional Planning.

            Scott Sauer, Supv. #2: recommended removal of the stop signs on Agnes Ave./Kaufman St.  

            Jerry Jurgensen, Supv. #3:  thanked Street Supt. Gallow for the overhead door report.

            Russ Handevidt, Supv. #4:  complimented Supv. Gallow and staff on the great job of salting and plowing town roads after the recent snow storm;   2) again brought up the dangerous conditions on Butte des Morts Bch Rd. during the removal process of by-pass tubing.  He stated personnel are not dressed appropriately for motorists to see them properly and trucks are blocking the roadway without proper signage, lights or direction indicators.


          e)    Town Chair Arden Tews:  reported a letter was sent to the DOT regarding access to Cty. Hwy. CB, (see attached) to voice concern; 2) will be attending the annual Greenways Meeting next Thursday.


          f)    Other Town Officials

Comm. Dev. Dir, George Dearborn:  update on the radon kits program;  2) update on the lighting issue on the 41/10 ramp;  3) discussed meeting with other entities regarding the Trestle Trail project and stated the Town Clerk had recorded the lease with Winn. County.

                 Finance Dir. Myra Piergrossi: reported she is working on a Fixed Asset policy.

            Fire Chief Keith Kiesow:  stated the TOM fire department will  be burning the Moseng property this upcoming Sunday;  2) update on the Angela & Jeremy Clark fire on Crestview Ave.  

            Police Chief Rod McCants:  staff updates 

            Park Dir. Mike Kading:  stated there is a 2004 completion date set for the trestle trail.




At 8:04 p.m., MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors.  Motion carried.





Jeanne Krueger, Certified Municipal Clerk