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March 8, 2004


Town of Menasha

2000 Municipal Drive, Neenah, WI 54956

Ph: (920) 720-7103  Fax (920) 720-7197



Municipal Complex - Assembly Room - Monday, February 23, 2004





Town Chair Arden Tews called the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors to order at 6:01 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Elected Members Present:   Arden Tews, Town Chair     Barbara Hanson, Supv. #1   Scott Sauer, Supv. #2

Jerry Jurgensen, Supv. #3    Russ Handevidt, Supv. #4    Jeanne Krueger, Clerk


Others Present:  James Archambo, Admin.     Lee Reibold, Town Eng.       Keith Kiesow, Fire Chf.

Myra Piergrossi, Finance Dir.   George Dearborn, Com. Dev. Dir.      Mike Kading, Dir./Parks & Rec.

Richard Eiberger, Assessor      Diana Kanter, Assoc. Planner            Greg Curtis, Town Atty.

Dan Springhetti      John Jorgensen     Mike Lettier, Pres. Police Comm.      David Springhetti





         Mr. John Jorgensen, Winn. Cty. Assistant D.A., introduced himself to the Town Board and audience.  Mr. Jorgensen is a candidate for the Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge.   



         a)      Reserve Liquor License Survey – Clerk Krueger presented surveys provided by fellow Clerks showing comparisons in fees for the Reserve Class B Liquor license (quota).  After reviewing the survey, it was the consensus of the majority of board members to request Clerk Krueger present an amendment to the Reserve License giving the board members various options regarding the portion of the $10,000. to be returned to the applicant.   



         a)     040209-3: Authorization to Enter Lease Agreement with Option to Purchase Rydell Property        MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted.  On roll call, motion carried with all board members voting AYE.



         a)     040223-1: Resolution Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of up to $346,568 Sewerage System Revenue Bonds of the Town of Menasha and Providing for Other Details and Covenants with Respect Thereto

         MOTION: Sauer/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted.  On roll call, motion carried with all board members voting AYE.


         b)     040223-2: B-5 Town Conditional Use Permit – Springhetti’s Landscaping, Proposed Office and Warehouse for Landscaping Business

         MOTION: Sauer/Hanson to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


         c)      040223-3: Authorizing Martenson & Eisele Engineering to Design and Construct the Friendship Trail

         MOTION: Jurgensen/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.



         d)      040223-4: Expenditures

         MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to adopt to approve the expenditures with the exception of (none) as submitted. Motion carried.


         e)      040223-5: Bar Operator Licenses Issued

         This resolution will be placed on the next Regular Town Board agenda of March 8.


         f)      040223-6: Authorize Application for 2004 Recycling Grants to Responsible Units and Recycling Efficiency Incentive Grants Funds

         MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.



         a)      040209-1:ORD  Municipal Code Chapter 16 – Create Section 16.05 – Fixed Asset Policy

         Second Reading and Adoption

         MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to waive the Second Reading and Adopt the ordinance as submitted.  Motion carried.


         b)      040223-1:ORD  Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter 6 – Rescind and Re-Create Chapter 6.11 Dedications and Reservations and 6.42 Open Space     First Reading                  

         MOTION: Jurgensen/Sauer to accept the First Reading of the ordinance as submitted.  Motion carried.




          a)     Regular Town Board Meeting – February 9, 2004

          MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to approve the minutes as submitted.  Motion carried.



          a)    Election Results – Spring Primary, February 17, 2004

          b)    Fire Department – Monthly Activity Report – January 2004                 

          MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to accept for filing as submitted.  Motion carried.


11.    REPORTS

          a)   Admin. James Archambo:  discussed an e-mail from Carl Sutter, McMahon Assoc., regarding criteria for receiving a DNR grant for a portion of the Palisades area (see attached e-mail);  2) received an e-mail from Doug Young, Menasha Utilities regarding fiber optic communications (telcom) (see attached email);  3) commented on a Post Crescent article regarding the cities of Neenah & Menasha Police Departments studies.  Adm. Archambo stated he would be involved in these talks.


          b)    Town Attorney Greg Curtis


          c)    Town Clerk Jeanne Krueger: stated the VFW installed a drop-off box located in the lobby of the Municipal Complex for anyone who may want to dispose of worn or torn flags.  The VFW will also pick up the old flags for a monthly burning ceremony in addition to selling new flags.  The prices of the new flags are attached to the drop-off box;  2) Feb. 17, 2004 Election report;  3) Election food drive report.


          d)    Town Board

            Barbara Hanson, Supv. #1:   requested Dir. Piergrossi look into an escrow paid by a Haase St. resident for completed roadwork that had not been returned to the homeowner; 

            2) asked Dir. Dearborn for an update regarding the Express car wash noise that the neighbors are complaining about.  Dir. Dearborn stated they are continuing their efforts by taking decibel readings; 3) asked again for an update on the Manitowoc drainage ditch.  


            Scott Sauer, Supv. #2 – no report 


            Jerry Jurgensen, Supv. #3:  stated he will be absent at the next Town Board meeting.


            Russ Handevidt, Supv. #4: asked whether town staff would have the capability of printing  our own business cards; 2)  commented that there was no salting done last week Friday during dangerous icy conditions in the Town of Menasha and surrounding area. 


e)   Town Chair Arden Tews:  stated Fox Valley Tech. is in need of new board members; 2) received his 2-yr. re-certification for the Board of Review; 3) fielded questions and comments on the American Dr. cul-de-sac, roundabout, and other current projects.


          f)    Other Town Officials

                 Comm. Dev. Dir, George Dearborn: stated Assoc. Planner Diana Kanter has installed updates to the town’s Economic Development web page;  2) Grant updates.


            Fire Chief Keith Kiesow:  update on training with other municipalities; 2) FEMA Grant updates.


Police Commission Pres. Mike Lettier:  in the process of interviewing and hiring a new police officer;  2) update on upcoming term expiration on the Police Commission.


Assoc. Planner Diana Kanter:  explained confusion with street signs on Deerwood Dr. and Deerwood Ave.; problems with signage on Manitowoc Rd. and Olde Manitowoc Rd.





At 8:09 p.m., MOTION: Handevidt/Hanson to adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors.  Motion carried.





Jeanne Krueger, Certified Municipal Clerk