Town of Menasha

                                                   2000 Municipal Drive, Neenah, WI 54956                                     Submitted for approval on

                        Ph: (920) 720-7103  Fax (920) 720-7197                       December 20, 2004



Municipal Complex - Assembly Room - Monday, December 6, 2004





Town Chair Arden Tews called the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors to order at 6:04 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Elected Members Present:    Arden Tews, Town Chair    Jay Schroeder, Supv. #1    Scott Sauer, Supv. #2

Jerry Jurgensen, Supv. #3    Russ Handevidt, Supv. #4   Jeanne Krueger, Clerk


Others Present:  James Archambo, Admin.  Myra Piergrossi, Fin. Dir.    George Dearborn, Com. Dev. Dir. Lee Reibold, Town Eng.  Greg Curtis, Town Atty.   Rod McCants, Police Chief     Keith Kiesow, Fire Chief

         Kevin Schultz, Dep. Bldg. Insp.    Diana Kanter, Assoc. Planner    Greg Curtis, Town Atty.

         Richard Eiberger, Assessor      Curtis Jahnke     Joe Riedel      Mike Lettier, Pres. Police Comm.    

         Clarence Peterson     Pat Tobin   Roger Clark    Aaron M. Raschka    Jim Fletcher, Gateway Dev.      

         Jim Andrew   Martha Andrew   William Ottow   Paul Eisen   Roger Clark   Amanda Huza, Valley Transit



a)  Ms. Amanda Huza representing Valley Transit gave an informational presentation regarding the new Valley Transit buses explaining the new design for handicapped and non-handicapped riders.  She further stated that Route 41, serving the t/Menasha, was experiencing an increase in ridership.  Board members and those in attendance were invited to view the new bus which accredited many good comments. (See attached)

b)  Associate Planner, Diana Kanter, was presented a plaque for her attainment of American Institute of Certified Planners certification.  She was congratulated by the board members and those in attendance.        



Limited to Ten Minutes – Non-Repetitive Matters:  Pursuant to WI State Statutes 19.83(2) & 19.84(2), the public may present matters; however, they cannot be discussed or acted upon until specific notice of the subject matter of the proposed action can be given.

Res. Martha Andrew requested board members start recognizing employees who have been employed by the t/Menasha for 25 years.  


Res. Wm. Ottow agreed with Ms. Andrew’s request and stated he felt disheartened regarding persons who were responsible for Assessor Richard Eiberger not receiving a larger raise.  He further stated the board members should be more responsible in making decisions and wanted people to “get out and vote”. 


5.     OLD BUSINESS - None  


       a)     041206-1: Little Lake Butte des Morts Trestle Trail Bid Award Authorization

MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve as submitted.  On roll call, motion carried unanimously.


       b)     041206-2: Award Bid – Highway 10 Trail Extension (Friendship Trail)

       MOTION: Sauer/Handevidt to adopt to approve as submitted.  On roll call, motion carried unanimously.


c)    041206-3: Set a Public Hearing for a 2003 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendment – MEE Bellevue, LLC – East Shady Lane and Arena Drive

       MOTION: Handevidt/Schroeder to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


       d)   041206-4: Expenditures

       MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adopt to approve the expenditures with the exception of (none) as submitted.  Motion carried.


       e)    041206-5: Issue Massage License to Circle of Life Massage Center

       MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


       f)     041206-6: Issue Annual Secondhand Dealers Licenses

       MOTION: Sauer/Handevidt to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


       g)                                                                      041206-7: Bar Operators License Applicants

       MOTION: Handevidt/Schroeder to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.


       h)                                                                      041206-8: Approve Change Order for Final Quantities 2004 Resurfacing Program

       MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to adopt to approve as submitted.  Motion carried.



       a)    041206-1:ORD Amend Town of Menasha Municipal Code Chapter -  Parking Fees

        First Reading:  MOTION: Handevidt/Schroeder to POSTPONE FOR CONSIDERATION until the meeting of December 20.  Motion carried.



a)    041206-1:RESIGN Part-Time Data Entry Employee - Johnson

MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to accept the resignation as submitted.  Motion carried.


b)    041206-2:APPT Paid-on-Call Firefighter - Hoertsch

MOTION: Sauer/Schroeder to approve the appointment as submitted.  Motion carried.


        c)   041206-3:APPT Paid-on-Call Firefighter - Jahnke

        MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to approve the appointment as submitted.  Motion carried.


d)    041206-4:APPT Paid-on-Call Firefighter - Raschka

MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to approve the appointment as submitted.  Motion carried.


        e)   041206-5:APPT Paid-on-Call Firefighter - Hill

        MOTION: Handevidt/Schroeder to approve the appointment as submitted.  Motion carried.



        a)     Regular Town Board Meeting – November 22, 2004

        b)     Special Meeting of the Town Board – November 9, 2004

        MOTION: Schroeder/Handevidt to adopt to approve the amended minutes of 11/9/04.

After discussion, MOTION: Schroeder/Handevidt to "Call the Question”. Motion carried 3-2 with Supvs.Schroeder, Jurgensen & Handevidt voting AYE & Supv. Sauer & Chairman Tews voting NAY.

On the amended minutes, motion carried 4-1 with Supvs. Schroeder, Sauer,Jurgensen & Handevidt voting AYE & Chairman Tews voting NAY.

On the original motion to approve the 11/9/04 minutes as amended, motion carried unanimously.



        a)   2005 Town Board Meeting Dates

        b)   2005 Budget Workshop Dates

        c)   2005 Spring Organizational Workshop Date                      

        MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to accept for filing the 2005 Spring Organization Workshop date; postpone for consideration the 2005 Town Board Meeting Dates to the Dec.20 meeting and postpone for consideration the Budget Workshop Dates until further notice.  Motion carried.

Aside:  Discussion ensued on the pros and cons of holding several town board meetings at the community center for the convenience of east side residents. 



¨             Chairman Tews – PortSide Groundbreaking Ceremony: Chairman Tews stated he, Director Dearborn & Inspector Jencks attended the groundbreaking ceremony of PortSide Builders, Inc. located on American Dr & Wheeler Rd.  He further stated he was very pleased with this company and their concept of “one-stop” home shopping for new home builders. (See attached)
¨             Supervisor Schroeder – Fox Cities Greenways Donation for Trestle Trail:  Supv. Schroeder donated his town paycheck to the Fox Cities Greenways for the Trestle Trail project.  He encouraged other board members to do the same.
¨             Assessor Eiberger – Omitted Properties:  Assessor Eiberger stated he found numerous new construction parcels with partial assessments which were not generated for the 2004 roll book. He handed out a summary report showing an estimated $65,000 that will be added to the town’s General Fund.  (See attached report)



At 7:24 p.m., MOTION: Handevidt/Sauer to convene into closed session pursuant to 19.85(1)(e) of the WI State Statutes; deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session & 19.85(1)(g) conferring with legal counsel for the governmental body who is rendering oral or written advice concerning strategy to be adopted by the body with respect to litigation in which it is or is likely to become involved, specifically to discuss property special assessment.  Motion carried.


Present:  Supvs. Handevidt, Jurgensen & Sauer;   Chairman Tews;   Clerk Krueger

Admin. Archambo;    Directors Piergrossi & Dearborn;  Town Attorney Roger Clark

Excused: Supv. Schroeder           Present @. 8:07 PM:  Mr. Brian Pesmen & Mr. James Fletcher


Discussion ensued regarding Gateway Development’s assessments.


        At 11:30 p.m., MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen pursuant to 19.85(2) of the WI State Statutes; the Town Board will reconvene into open session to act on any business discussed in closed session.  Motion carried.



At 11:31 p.m., MOTION: Handevidt/Jurgensen to adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Town Board of Supervisors.  Motion carried.


        Respectfully Submitted,



        Jeanne Krueger, Certified Municipal Clerk