Town of Menasha Fire Dept.

November 2005 Dispatched calls

Color coding is as follows:

    Green--fire response only

    Red--first responder response only

    White--both fire & first responder response

2nd Pulseless-non-breather (PNB)
Abdominal pain
Structure fire; 726 Margeo Dr
3rd Mutual aid (assisting Clayton/Winchester Fire Department); Hwy 76 & Lind Ln
Respiratory problem
Fire alarm; 1097 Ehlers Rd
4th Respiratory problem
Motor vehicle accident; 1196 Home Ave
Gas leak; 1151 Debra Ct
5th Rubbish fire; 906 Ann St
Motor vehicle accident; Hwy 41 SB & W Prospect Ave
Respiratory problem
6th Unconscious person
Fire alarm; 2320 Woodrow Ct
7th Respiratory problem
Chest pain/problem
Sick person
8th Bleeding problem
Vehicle Fire; Hwy 41 NB & Winchester road
Medical assist
9th Structure fire; 1050 Cold Spring Rd
Bleeding person
Structure fire; 1460 Manitowoc Rd
Respiratory problem
Vegetation fire; 1971 Mary La
Burnt food; 1184 S Oneida St
10th Mutual aid; assisting Town of Menasha Police Department); 435 W Foster St
Carbon monoxide alarm check; 777 Tumblebrook Rd
Choking person
Fire alarm; 1800 Dublin Tr
11th Fallen person
Sick person
Respiratory problem
12th Seizure
13th Vegetation fire; 1965 Butte Des Morts Beach Rd
Respiratory problem
15th Mutual Aid (assisting Winnebago County Sheriff's Department); Hwy 441 EB & Racine Rd
16th Fire alarm; 772 Specialists Ave
Motor vehicle accident; Hwy 441 & Midway Rd
Motor vehicle accident; HWY 41 & Winchester Rd
Structure fire; 825 Ehlers Rd
Fire alarm; 825 Ehlers Rd
17th Chest pain
18th Structure fire; 263 Northern Rd
Fire alarm; 772 Specialists Ave
19th Trauma
Abdominal Pain/problem
Suicidal person
20th Chest pain/problem
Structure fire; 1475 Circle Dr
Respiratory problem
21st Chest pain/problem
Motor vehicle accident; Hwy 41 SB & W Prospect Ave
Chest pain/problem
Bleeding person
23rd Fire alarm; 1850 American Dr
Fire alarm; 772 Specialists Ave
Pulseless-non-breather (PNB)
24th Respiratory problem
Structure fire; 1445 Sunset La
Spill; 1065 Racine Rd
25th Faint person
26th Stroke
Structure fire; 1536 Lakeshore Dr
Mutual aid (assisting Grand Chute Fire Department); 5800 Pennsylvania Ave
28th Spill; W Prospect Ave & American Dr
Fallen person
Structure fire; 984 Winchester Rd
29th Fallen person
Unconscious person
Unconscious person
Respiratory problem
30th Vehicle Fire; Cty Tk CB & Jacobsen Rd
Fallen person