Please remember to use EXTREME CAUTION and patience while approaching or following any snow removal vehicle. Please give adequate distance between you and the snow plow. If you are approaching a snow plow, slow down and be cautious. The snow plow may need to stop suddenly or swing to avoid someone or something in the roadway. Passing a snow plow is NOT recommended.


Question:  When is it against Town ordinance to park my vehicle on a Town road overnight?

Answer:  There is no parking allowed on Town roads from November 1st through April 1st, between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.


Question:  Where are we NOT allowed to deposit snow?

Answer:  No persons shall deposit any snow or ice upon the traveled portion of any sidewalk, alley, road, street, drainage ditches and/or road ditches of the Town of Menasha. This also includes snow blowing or shoveling while removing snow from driveways and sidewalks into the street before or after snow plows have gone through.


Question:  Who is responsible to keep sidewalks clean?

Answer:  The owner and/or occupant of any lot or parcel in the Town abutting upon a public sidewalk shall, within 24 hours after any storm during which snow has fallen, remove or cause to be removed from the portion of such sidewalk abutting his/her property any snow and ice which accumulated thereon.


Question:  Who is responsible for my damaged mailbox?

Answer:  Mailboxes are NOT intentionally knocked down. In the event this should happen, the driver has been instructed to make every attempt to pick up any mailbox and mail and place it on the snow bank. The Town’s ordinance does not allow for replacement or repair of any such items within the right-of-way where loss, damage, or injury to such items is a result of Town operations. This includes maintenance, snow plowing, construction or reconstruction of roadways or ditches, for which work is being performed on the Town’s road surfaces, road right-of-ways, and ditches. Often, mailboxes are knocked down by the weight of the snow being discharged from the plow and not directly by the plow. The Street Superintendent recommends while the weather is warm, you repair or replace any rotted or split wood and repair it before the snow and cold arrives. Our apologies if your mailbox is inadvertently damaged this winter.


If you have any questions/comments, please call the Street Department at 720-7110