One and Two Family Dwellings $30.00


All Applications $75.00


Escrow fees shall be deposited with the Town when a building permit is issued. Escrow fees shall be returned to the payee upon completion of the building for which the building, permit was issued if the following conditions are met:

1) The building department is property notified for all required building inspections, and 2) The applicant has received an occupancy permit prior to occupancy of the building. Failure to meet any of the above conditions shall cause forfeiture of the escrow fee. Fees for reinspections required due to work riot being complete after inspections are requested shall also be deducted from the escrow.

A. Principal Buildings or Garages

1. New Construction and Additions $20. 00/occupancy + $0. 03 per sq.

  1. Single Family Dwelling Add $350 Escrow
  2. Multiple Family Dwelling Add $500 Escrow

4. Commercial and Industrial Structures: $500 Escrow for the first 10,000 square feet

........................................ $10 per 1,000 square feet or fraction

thereof up to a maximum fee of $2,000.

B. Residential/Commercial

1. Alterations. and Remodeling $20. 00 + $1.00 per $100.00 of value up to $10,000; $0.50 from $10.001 to $50,000 of value.

............... $0.25 from $50,001 and over in value

2. Mobile Home Units $25.00 per unit

Add $350 Escrow

3. Public Protection Fund Fee

a. Buildings less than 100% Sprinklered $0.04 per square foot

b. Buildin2s 100% Sprinklered $0.02 per square foot

c. Multiple Family Dwellings Add $25.00 per family unit

d. Building with floors above 80 feet Add $10. 00 per square foot per floor

4. Open Space Ordinance $200.00 per family unit

5. Culvert Permit $75.00 + $150.00 escrow

6. Accessory- Buildings. Satellite Dishes. Siding $15.00

Fences.. Decks. Roofin2, Fireplaces. Wood

Burning Stoves. and Other Structures

7. Pools $25.00

8. Solar System/Wind Generator $25.00

Page -2-

Town of Menasha Inspection Fees Schedule

B. Residential/Commercial, Continued

9. Wrecking or Razing Buildings $25.00 accessory structure

$50.00 principal structure

10. Moving Permits $50.00 accessory structure

$100.00 principal structure

$2,000 bond required

$200.00 escrow for Police Dept. escort. Actual cost to be determined by Police Dept. If actual cost is under escrow amount, difference to be refunded to applicant. If actual cost of escort is over, then escort charges will be billed directly to applicant.

11. Signs

New Construction, Additions, or Alterations $15.00 non-illuminated

$30.00 illuminated

  1. Billboards $25.00
  1. Sprinkler Systems

New Installation, Additions, or Alterations $50.00 + $25.00 per riser or floor

  1. Town Plumbing Permit Fees

D. Town Non-Commercial Electrical and HVAC Permit Fees

New Installations. Additions. or Alterations $20.00 + 1.00 each $100 of job value up to $25,000

$0.50 each $100 of job value over $25,000

Maximum fee $1,000.00

E. Town Commercial Electrical Permit Fees

New Building Base Fee $35.00 per square foot + 0.03 per square foot for all areas

Replacement. Modifications. and Miscellaneous Items

  1. Light. Switch and Convenience Outlet $0.40

2. Power Receptacle over 150 volts $5.00 first 30 amps

$6.00 over 30 amps

3. Lighting Fixtures - incandescent $0.40

4. Tubular Lamp, such as florescent, per tub $0.25

5. Arc Light. Search Light. Flood Light $3.00

Mercury Light Pole Base and Poles

Page -3-

Town of Menasha Inspection Fees Schedule

E. Town Commercial Electrical Permit Fees. Continued

6. Temporary Service and Temporary Wiring $25.00


7. Service Switch. each or alteration thereof

a. first 200 amperes $25.00

b. over 200 amperes - additional per $10.00 per 100 amps

100 amps or fraction thereof

8. Range, Oven. Clothes Dryer, Dishwasher, $5.00

Disposal. Water Heater

9. Refrigeration unit up to 5 HP $5.00 min. + 5 HP plus $1.00 per HP over 5

10. Residential Gas Burner, Oil Burner, $5.00

Electrical Furnace

11. Air Conditioner up to 5 ton $5. 00 + $1. 00 per HP over 5

  1. Combination Heating and Air Conditioning $10.00 up to 5 ton

$20.00 over 5 ton

13. Feeder, Subfeeder, and Raceway $5.00 per 100 amps or fraction thereof

14. Each Motor. per HP or fraction thereof $0.50 per HP - $1.00 min.

15. Dispenser - Gasoline. Fuel Oil. Permanent $6.00

Vending Machines, and Well Pump

16. Each Generator, Transformer, Reactor. Rectifier, $0.50 per kw

Capacitor, Welder, Converter and Electric Furnace

17. Electric Unit Hearing Device $2.00

(including remote Thermostat)

18. Dimmer and Thermostats $2.00

19. Swimming Pool (electrical wiring and grounding) $25.00

20. Sign - F1orescent, Neon or incandescent $15.00

21. Strip Lighting, Plug-in Strip. Trolley Duct $0.50 per foot

Wire Way, Gutter

22. Audible or Visual Electric Signal or $1.00

Communication Device

23. Fans - Bath - Paddle and Miscellaneous $1.00 under 1 HP

24. Hydro Massage & Hot Tubs $10.00

Page -4-

Town of Menasha Inspection Fees Schedule

E. Town Commercial Electrical Permit Fees, Continued

  1. Photo Cell, Clocks. Smoke Detectors $1.00
  2. Fire Alarm System $15.00
  1. Exit Lighting System $15.00

28. Approved Assembly's Not Included Above $25.00

and Others

29. Other (Specify) $25.00

Minimum Permit Fee $25.00 each

Reinspection Fee $25.00

Failure to Call for Inspection $25.00 each

Double Fees Are Due if Work Started Before Permit Is Issued




ORDINANCE: Ordinance Amendment - Ordinance Amending, where necessary, Chapters, Sections and Paragraphs of Chapter 13 (Town Building Code), Chapter 14, (Building Regulations), Chapter 14A (Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code), Municipal Code, Town of Menasha-Creating a New and Revised Fee Schedule for the


Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Fees

County Zoning Permit Fees

Town Building Permit Fees

Town Plumbing Permit Fees

Town Electrical and HVAC Permit Fees

(1) The Town of Menasha has in effect appropriate Fee Schedules, for Chapters 13, 14, and 14A of its Municipal Code relating to various permit fees required to be paid to the Town of Menasha.

(2) That attached hereto, and incorporated herein by reference, is a revised and now effective Fee Schedule, for the various type of construction projects or other installations or endeavors requiring a permit fee to be paid to the Town of Menasha.

(3) That by this Ordinance, all of the above enumerated chapters are hereby revised effective the date of this Ordinance, incorporating as and where necessary, the attached Fee Schedule for and as the permit fees payable to the Town of Menasha.

(4) The Town Clerk, for the Town of Menasha, is hereby instructed to insert a copy of this Ordinance and the Fee Schedule attached thereto, immediately in front of Chapters 13, 14, and 14A of the Municipal Code for the Town of Menasha.

Effective Date: September 14, 1986





Pursuant to Section 101.65, Wis. State Stats., the Town Board of Supervisors, Town of Menasha, do hereby adopt a building code for one and two family dwellings, by adoption of the Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapters, incorporated herein by reference as follows:

IND 21 Construction Standards

IND 22 Energy Conservation

IND 23 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

IND 24 Electrical Standards

IND 25 Plumbing and Potable Water Standards

IND 26 Certification of Uniform Dwelling Code Inspectors

The Town Board of Supervisors, Town of Menasha, do further ordain that any and all future amendments to the above Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapters, 20 through 26, as enacted into law, from time to time, shall be and are hereby incorporated by reference.


The Town Building Inspector, as certified by the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations, is hereby authorized and directed to administer and enforce all of the provisions of the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.


Any existing ordinances pertaining to the construction of new one and two family dwellings that conflict with the herein adopted Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code Chapters, are hereby repealed, said repeal dealing only with new one and two family dwellings, constructed on or after

June 1, 1980.


The Town of Menasha does hereby exercise jurisdiction for the administration and enforcement of the Uniform Dwelling Code and that local jurisdiction will administer the Uniform Dwelling Code within the Town of Menasha, located in Winnebago County, State of Wisconsin.


No person shall build or cause to be built any one or two family dwelling, nor shall any person build or cause to be built any remodeling addition, or reconstruction of any existing one or two family dwelling, without first obtaining a State Uniform Building Permit for such dwelling. Such building permits shall be furnished by the Town. A copy of the building permit shall be filed with the Town Building Inspector's Department.

The building permit fees, as determined from time to time by the Town Board of Supervisors, Town of Menasha, and on file with the Town Clerk and Town Building Inspector, for the Town of Menasha, shall be payable by each person building, renovating, or remodeling any one or two family dwelling within the Town of Menasha. The Town building permit fees shall be determined under Chapter 14.04, Municipal Code, or any other applicable Municipal Code Section.


Chapters 12, 13, and 14, Municipal Code, Town of Menasha, as hereinafter set forth, by title, are adopted by reference into this ordinance to the extent that all multiple family and commercial and industrial construction shall be controlled by any Wisconsin Administrative Code Sections, under Industry, Labor and Human Relations, applicable to multiple family, commercial and industrial construction; in all other cases, the below defined and enumerated Chapters, of the Municipal Code, Town of Menasha, shall stay in existence to govern and control construction standards for multiple family, commercial and industrial where said standards for multiple family, commercial and industrial where said standards are not governed or controlled by the State of Wisconsin Uniform Standards.

Town of Menasha, Municipal Code, Chapter 12, Housing Code

Town of Menasha, Municipal Code, Chapter 13, Building Code

Town of Menasha, Municipal Code, Chapter 14, Building Regulations


The Town does hereby incorporate by reference Section 23.11(2), Wisconsin Industrial Code - Industry. All fireplace and woodburning stove or furnace completion, resulting from the remodeling or renovation of a dwelling existing prior to June 1, 1980, or resulting from the later and separate installation of a woodburning fireplace, stove or furnace of a dwelling constructed June 1, 1980 or thereafter, shall require a separate flue and inlet to said flue. Therefore, no other heating equipment or heating appliance shall be connected to or vented to the flue servicing any such solid material burning fireplace, wood stove or wood furnace. A building permit shall be required hereunder for any such installation- See 14A.05 above.


The Town Board of Supervisors, Town of Menasha, shall provide for the enforcement of this Section and all of the laws and ordinances relating to buildings, by means of withholding building permits, imposition of a forfeiture and injunctive action, all in accordance with, where applicable, Wis. State Stats., Chapter 62.23(9). In the case of a forfeiture, any person who shall violate the provisions of this ordinance or any part thereof, shall be punished by forfeiture of not less than $50.00 nor more than $100.00 for each offense, together with the costs thereof and in default of payment thereof shall be imprisoned in the County Jail for not exceeding thirty (30) days. The Town hereby adopts a schedule of cash deposit/bond schedule in the amount of $50.00 for the first offense, with a further schedule of cash deposit/bond schedule for a second offense within one year of $l50.00.

If any Section, clause, provision or portion of this ordinance, or any parts or all of Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapters, Industry, 20 through 26, be adjudged unconstitutional or invalid by a Court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.


This Chapter shall, pursuant to the provisions of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, become effective June 1, 1980. (Created by ordinance, Series of 1980, adopted

May 12, 1980.)