Comprehensive Plan


            Chapter 30   Comprehensive Plan Ordinance


                          Comprehensive Plan

                          Map 1: Future Land Use Map

                          Map 2: Neighborhood Development Plan and Discussion Areas

                          Map 3: Soil Suitability for Agricultural Use

                          Map 4: Water, Wetlands, and Woodlands

                          Map 5: Areas of High Ground Water

                          Map 6: Soil Potential for Homes with Basements

                          Map 7: Areas of High Bedrock and Quarry Locations

                          Map 8: Street and Highway Classifications

                          Map 9: Traffic Counts, Proposed Projects, and Official Mapped Streets

                          Map 10: Airports, Railroads and Trucking

                          Map 11: Transit Routes

                          Map 12: Multi-use Trails and Bike Routes

                          Map 13: Waterways, Lock and Dam and Bridges

                          Map 14: Utilities and Community Facilities

                          Map 15: Industrial and Business Parks

                          Map 16: Existing Land Use

                          Map 17: Border Agreements