Here we have listed just a few of the many questions that new pet owners may have.  Please obtain a Pet Owner Information Booklet from the TMPD for any further questions or concerns.


LICENSE:  License fees shall be $3.00 for each neutered male/spayed female over the age of 5 months for any dog or cat within the Town of Menasha.  And $8.00 for an unneutered male/unspayed female dog or cat.  (Fine:  1st violation $87.60, 2nd & subsequent violations $124.80) 

A late fee of $5.00 shall be assessed the owner of each dog/cat five (5) months of age or over who fails to obtain a license before April 1.

Dogs and cats shall wear license and rabies vaccination tags at all times.  Exceptions:  Show dogs or cats during competition. (Fine - $69.00)

A duplicate license may be obtained upon payment of a $2.00 replacement fee.

NUISANCE PETS/BARKING:  No person shall keep or harbor a dog which frequently or habitually barks, yelps or howls.  The same pertains to a cat who frequently or habitually howls.  (Fine:  1st violation $87.60, 2nd & subsequent violations $124.80)

 note:  If you come upon a nuisance barking or howling situation, please DO NOT call                         911.....instead contact your PD by using the local non-emergency number.

RESTRICTIONS ON KEEPING OF DOGS/CATS:  It shall be unlawful for any person within the Town of Menasha to own, harbor or keep any dog/cat which:

a) Habitually pursues any vehicle upon any street, alley or highway in the town.

b) Assaults or attacks any person.

c) Is at large within the limits of the town.

d) Habitually barks or howls to the annoyance of any person(s).

e) Kills, wounds, or worries any domestic animal.

f) Is known by such person to be infected with rabies or to have been bitten by an animal known to have been infected with rabies.

ANIMAL EXCRETA:  The owner or person having immediate control of an animal shall promptly remove and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, any excreta left or deposited by the animal upon any public or private property.  (fine:  $69.00)

DUTY OF OWNER IN CASE OF DOG/CAT BITE:  Every owner or person harboring or keeping a dog/cat who knows that such dog/cat has bitten any person shall immediately report such fact to the Police Department and shall keep such dog/cat confined for not less than fourteen (14) days or for such period of time as the Police Department shall direct.  The owner or keeper of any such dog/cat shall surrender the dog/cat to any Town of Menasha Police Officer upon demand for examination. (Fine - $100.00)

KENNEL LICENSE:  Every operator of a kennel shall on January 1 of each year, or upon commencement of operation, pay to the Town Treasurer, or agent, the established kennel license fee and obtain a license therefor.  Kennel operators must have dogs and cats vaccinated.  Kennel operators are not required to license individual animals.  Kennel location is subject to applicable zoning and other town regulations.

An annual license shall be issued upon payment of the applicable fee.  Application and a fee of $35.00 for a kennel of 12 or fewer dogs and/or cats and an additional $3.00 for each dog and/or cat in excess of 12.


NUMBER OF DOGS/CATS ALLOWED:  No person or residential dwelling, regardless of the number of occupants, shall keep, maintain or harbor more than four (4) dogs/cats (in any combination) over the age of three (3) months within any residential district of the Town of Menasha, Winnebago County, Wisconsin. (Fine - $69.00)

"Residential District" means:  any part or parcel of land within the limits of the said Town of Menasha on which five or more residences are occupied within a distance of one thousand (1,000) feet of each other, excluding agricultural zoning.

Any person desiring to be exempt from the four-animal limit who does not qualify for a kennel license, shall have the right to request the granting of a variance/exemption to the four-animal limit.