Police-Community Service Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine how the Town of Menasha Police Department could more efficiently serve the citizens of the community. We want to do an effective job of policing the Town, but in order to do so, feel that it is important to know your viewpoints. We are asking you to please help us determine our priorities by answering each question.

Assistance in this project is greatly appreciated. Please pick your choice which indicates whether you feel the police should give the same enforcement level as we do now, or whether we should increase or decrease our current level of involvement.

1.  Investigation of Criminal Offenses:                                                                                               

2.  Drug/Narcotics Enforcement:                                                                              

3.  Drunk Driving Enforcement:                                                                                    

4.  Police-Community Relations Programs:                                                                 

5.  Traffic Enforcement:                                                                                                                    

6.  Police Patrol in Industrial Areas:                                                                          

7.  Police Patrol in Residential Areas:                                                                           

8.  Crime Prevention Program:                                                                                   

9.  School Safety Programs:                                                                                                             

10. Ordinance Violations:                                                                                         

11. Abandoned & Junk Cars, & other Non-enforcement service Activities:                   

12. Checking Homes for Residents on Vacation:                                                            

Now, after having made your choices, please list the 3 activities (either from the preceding list or any that we missed) which you feel should receive the MOST attention by police.




What type of behavior and attitudes do you believe are important for a police officer to project toward citizens? Please indicate your priorities by inserting a number from 1-12 (with 1 being most important):

Friendliness                         Intelligence                         Emotional Maturity        

Empathy                             Confidence                         Common Sense             

Appearance                         Education                           Physical Fitness            

Tenacity                             Alertness                             Dependability               

Please rate, by checking the appropriate block, the following indicators of police performance and community attitudes:       

1.  Overall competence of agency employees:                                                                                  

2.  Safety & security of your immediate neighborhood:                                             

3.  Safety & security of the Town of Menasha as a whole:                                            

4.  Overall performance of the Town of Menasha P.D:                                                                 

Recommendations and suggestions for improvement:

Name (optional):            

Email address (optional):

We would like to thank you for your assistance in helping us to evaluate the quality of services that we provide. The information from this survey will allow us to more efficiently allocate our resources and provide the type of law enforcement that you want for your community.

Rod McCants
Chief of Police