Spring Chipping Program:  Starts in April and extends for four (4) weeks.

Summer Chipping Program:  Starts in May and extends through September (first full week of every month on the regularly scheduled collection day).

Fall Chipping Program:  Starts mid-October extending for five (5) weeks.

Christmas Tree Pick-up:  Two-week period starting December 26th.




1.       Curbside collection is available to Town of Menasha residents only.

2.       During spring, summer and fall chipping programs: tree and brush material must be placed at the curbside by 7:00 a.m., but no more than 48 hours prior to the regular refuse collection day. 

3.       All brush, branches and cuttings from trees will be neatly and loosely placed off along the shoulder of the road (not tied or bundled) with the cut end of the branches facing the roadway.(The longer the branch is, the easier and safer it is for our crews to handle.)

4.       The length of the branches and tree cuttings cannot exceed 8 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter and shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight.

5.       Any violation of the Tree and Brush Policy will be tagged for such violation and will not be picked up until the violation is corrected.

6.       The Town of Menasha will pick up tree and brush clippings at condominium complexes and/or on private roads if the condominium association or owners of the private road provides the Street Superintendent with a declaration or assurances whereby easements are granted to operate on the private road for the collection of rubbish removal.


The Street Superintendent, however reserves the right to designate the pick-up area if the layout of the private street prevents the proper maneuvering of the brush pick-up equipment.




1.       Wood chips will be available to Town residents at 1422 E. Shady Lane, Neenah, during the daylight hours, while supplies last. Residents are required to do their own loading. 


2.       The drop off center is open and available during the Tree and Brush Chipping Program to Town of Menasha residents only. This drop off center will accept all brush, tree branches, cuttings and only small stumps and roots with intact root balls.  


3.       Do not commingle tree and brush materials and other refuse/recyclables.                   


The drop-off center is currently located at 1422 E. Shady Lane. This drop off center is open during the daylight hours - everyday. Neat stacking of material is greatly appreciated! No dumping of leaves, grass clippings, garden materials, tires or car batteries will be accepted! Violations will result in a fine and closure of the drop-off center.


You abuse it, you will lose it!



REVISED Monday, January 19, 2004

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