Date:      4/2/2003

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     George Dearborn, AICP, Director of Community Development

RE:          Agenda Item 2 - CSM Certified Survey Map (CSM) - David Schwartzbauer 1089 Irish Road



As you all will recall, David Schwartzbauer’s plat for McGann Acres was approved a few months ago.  Staff had also prepared a development agreement for this same development.  Due to a recent sale of the property that was planned for a new subdivision, the subdivision will not proceed and this CSM creating two lots has been proposed.  The CSM creates two lots on incorporating 1.24 acres and the other consisting of 3.69 acres.  

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of this CSM with the following conditions.

1. The western property lines of the two lots created by this CSM be adjusted to reflect the street dedication along Irish Road. 

2. The environmental corridor easement shall be further defined to indicate that vegetation located within this easement shall be preserved in its native state except for the removal or eradication of non-native species and noxious weeds.