To: Town Planning Commission Members

From: Community Development Department Staff

RE: Preliminary Subdivision Plat – Redtail Crossing – West American Drive


The applicant has submitted a preliminary plat for a 23 lot single family and 2 family lot subdivision. As you all will recall, this property was recently rezoned to R-3 and R-2 for the purpose of developing this subdivision. As a part of this subdivision, both Delta Drive and Highland Park Road will be constructed. The average lot size is 14,500 square feet. There are a few much larger lots fronting on West American Drive. These lot sizes were increased due to utility easements and access restrictions. No park land dedication has been proposed. A pedestrian trail is specified in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan on the north side of West American Drive.

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of this preliminary plat with the following conditions.

1. A 10 foot wide pedestrian trail shall be constructed on the north side of West American Drive.

2. The reference to American Drive on the preliminary plat needs to be changed to West American Drive.

3. The developer shall prepare a development agreement as specified by the Town and said agreement shall be approved by the Town prior to the recording of a final plat.

4. The developer shall prepare a drainage plan as required by Chapter 6 of the Town’s Subdivision Ordinance.

5. Winnebago County has separate review authority of plats and the developer shall be aware of and comply with all requirements of the County to obtain approval from the County.

6. Approval of all agencies and all other governmental entities with authority to object to a plat.


Preliminary Plat – Redtail Crossing