To: Town Planning Commission Members

From: Community Development Department Staff

RE: Agenda Item 4 Old Business Rezoning – David Bentley – 1340 N. Lake St.


As you will recall, the applicant is proposing a rezoning from M-2 (Heavy Industrial) to R-1 (Rural Residential) for two lots located off of N. Lake Street. The applicant desires to construct a new single-family home. One lot contains a navigable stream, which would limit some of the available buildable area. The surrounding land uses include: M-2 to the north, west & south; and R-1 to the east. There is an artist studio, zoned M-2, located directly to the south of the existing Bentley residence. Property owners within 300 ft. have been notified of the rezoning request.

This item was delayed until the new 2003 Town of Menasha Comprehensive Plan was adopted. This new plan identifies this property as Low Density Residential.

Staff Recommendation & Findings

Staff recommends approval of this rezoning with the following finding:

The rezoning complies with the future land use map of the Town’s adopted Comprehensive Plan.