To: Town Planning Commission Members

From: George L. Dearborn Jr.,AICP, Community Development Director

RE: Agenda Item 1 - Rezoning - Bay Lakes Council - Boy Scouts Building R-3 to B-3


Bay Lakes Council-Boy Scouts of America is requesting a rezoning from R-3 (Two-Family Residential) to B-3 (General Business) for their property located on 1650 Midway Road. The surrounding property is zoned R-3 and R-1 in the City of Menasha. This parcel although zoned R-3 has an existing building located on it. The property zoned R-1 in the City of Menasha is the site of a school. The balance of the property to the west of this site is zoned commercial. The property north of this site has an apartment building. The property east of this site has a community based residential facility (CBRF) and the property across the street has single family homes. A map is attached showing the surrounding zoning and land uses.

The Town’s future land use map identifies this area as mixed residential. The proposed future land use map shows this area as public/institutional. This creates a dilemma. The property has been used for office purposes and was build for that purpose. That continues be the most appropriate us of the property. The problem is that some commercial uses are not compatible with this area. The B-3 zoning district does not restrict uses although it does allow office buildings amount other uses.

Staff Recommendation

Staff can not recommend approval of this property to B-3 without a modification of the future land use map. Staff can recommend two other zoning categories, P-1 (Public Facilities) or B-5 (Planned Commercial). P-1 allows public uses including administrative public and semi public buildings and uses. An office for a non-profit organization is one of the allowed uses. The B-5 zoning district does allow commercial uses but the uses are regulated by a conditional use permit process through the Town. Staff therefore recommends that if the applicant desires the B-3 zoning designation that it be subject to a modification of the future land use map prior to its adoption by the Town Board. This change could occur on June 23rd at the same meeting that the Town Board will be reviewing this zoning change.