To:        Town Planning Commission Members

From:   Community Development Department Staff

Date:    11/05/03

Re:       Agenda Item 2 -- Final Plat – Davel Engineering/Joseph Nemecek - Redtail Crossing Subdivision – Golf Bridge Dr. & W. American Dr. - Proposed 23-lot subdivision


The developer Joseph Nemechek is proposing the final plat for Redtail Crossing Subdivision.  This subdivision is a 23-lot development with two of the lots adjacent to Highland Park Subdivision for single family development and the balance for duplexes.  This subdivision incorporated the construction and extension of Highland Park Road and Delta Drive thus eliminating two cul-de-sacs and increasing accessibility to the neighborhood.  All roads have 66 foot rights of way.  No access to any lots is allowed on West American Drive.  The developer will construct a 10 foot wide bike/pedestrian trail on the north side of West American Drive.  The subdivision is required to have curb and gutter and a storm sewer system.  A Roadway Development Agreement will be required prior to the recording of the final plat. There is no land reserved for park/open space.  This subdivision will be fully served by public water and sewer as required by the Town of Menasha Comprehensive Plan. 

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the final plat, with the following conditions:

1.       The developer shall prepare and execute a development agreement as specified by the Town and said agreement shall be approved by the Town prior to the signing and recording of the final plat. 

2.       The “Storm Water Study for Redtail Crossing” received 10/30/03 shall be reviewed and approved by the Town Engineer and fees in the amount $800.00 shall be submitted prior to the signing and recording of the final plat.

3.       Winnebago County has separate review authority of plats and the developer shall be aware of and comply with all requirements of the County to obtain approval from the County.

4.       Approval of all agencies and all other governmental entities with authority to object to a plat.