Date:      10/8/2003

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     George Dearborn, Director of Community Development

RE:          Winnebago County Comprehensive Plan Status

We have attached a copy of the draft Winnebago County Comprehensive Plan for your review and comments.  Staff has reviewed the plan and feels that the basic content of the plan is acceptable and promotes good planning but staff continues to have the following concerns.

1.       The plan proposes that the County shall review and approve Town comprehensive plan amendments.  This review process in most cases will not affect any changes to our plan but it does require a number of hearings beyond those needed already under the new planning legislation.  The present process requires amendment to the plans to go through a public hearing process which requires notification of surrounding municipalities and consideration of their comments and concerns.  The present process does not mandate approval as the County process proposes. 

2.       Cities and Villages are not required to be reviewed and approved by the County unless they voluntarily agree to go through a review process.