To:        Planning Commission Members

From:    Community Development Department Staff

Date:     September 16, 2003

Re:        Certified Survey Map (CSM) – Great Northern Co. – 390 Stroebe Road.



Great Northern Company is proposing a CSM to adjust the right of way line on Stroebe Road.  A few years ago the right way for this building was adjusted just east of the new area proposed in this CSM.  The moving of the right of way south will allow for a future expansion of the building located on the north side of Stroebe Road.  The building located on the south side of the road has more than needed setbacks from the road.  The Town Board approved the vacation of a portion of the road on the north side of Stroebe Road at their meeting last Monday subject to approval of the CSM.

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of this CSM with the condition that easements be reserved for existing utilities if needed.