November 8, 2001


We would proposes that the Town Planning staff review proposed revisions to the Town’s 1996 Comprehensive Plan.  Once the Town staff is satisfied, a meeting would be held with the Town’s Planning Department to review individual chapters.  We suggest that this review could be done on 2-3 chapters at a time, unless it is apparent that the review is not enough time is being spent on each chapter. 


The following chapters are how they appeared in the proposal:


 1)  Issues and Opportunities: The existing Land Use Plan will be reviewed, with updates on background information. A summary will appear in this section that will include all goals, objectives, and programs that the Town now possesses or will strive for in the coming years.  This section will also include Census 2000 demographic information and an analysis of population characteristics, especially trends and changes occurring in the Town.


 2)  Housing: Included in this section would be the assessment and identification of the age, structural, value and occupancy characteristics of the community’s housing stock.  We will evaluate the variety of housing choices that meet the needs for various income levels and age groups; determine the availability of land for development, and the opportunities to maintain or rehabilitate the community’s existing housing stock, and include 2000 census data on housing.


Staff Meeting: December 11, 2001

Mailing to Plan Commission: January 7, 2002

Plan Commission Meeting: January 16, 2002



 1)  Transportation Facilities: This section would include the existing arterial and collector system, and general circulation patterns. We would be in contact with the State Department of Transportation and ECWRPC to obtain the most recent information on roadways in and around the Town of Menasha.  We would evaluate the current highway and road system for potential expansion. We would identify transportation system needs, including elderly transit service, and trials in and through the Town, to accommodate projected growth during planning period.


 2)  Utilities & Community Facilities: This element would cover the Town’s Administrative Building, park and recreational areas, public safety and educational facilities.  The inventory/analysis will identify major fixed assets, facilities, recreation and parks, and the adequacy or deficiencies of these facilities.  The plan will identify any needed expansion of existing facilities, or new facilities, and their optimal location needed to meet Town needs during the planning period.



Staff Meeting: January 25, 2002

Mailing to Plan Commission: February 11, 2002

Plan Commission Meeting: February 20, 2002



 3)  Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources: This section would include a compilation of natural resources, including, if appropriate, wetland and wooded properties, floodplain and shoreland zoning areas, groundwater and shallow bedrock areas. Special consideration will be given to Agricultural Preservation and maintaining the rural character.


 4)  Economic Development: This element will include assessment of the labor force and economic base characteristics; the identification of new businesses and industries desired by the community; the assessment of the community’s strengths and weaknesses to attract new business and industry; and identification of county, regional and state economic development programs that can be best used in the Town of Menasha.


Staff Meeting: February 28, 2002

Mailing to Plan Commission: March 11, 2002

Plan Commission Meeting: March 20, 2002



 5)  Land Use: This element would include existing land use patterns and development trends; land use conflicts; adequacy of vacant / undeveloped residential, commercial and industrially-zoned property, and environmental and other constraints affecting development. Projections for future land use requirements include residential, commercial, industrial and park / open space uses.


Staff Meeting: March 29, 2002

Mailing to Plan Commission: April  15, 2002

Plan Commission Meeting: April 24, 2002 (Special Plan Commission Meeting-West Side)

Plan Commission Meeting: May 1, 2002 (Special Plan Commission Meeting-East Side))



 6)  Intergovernmental Cooperation: This element will inventory already existing programs and actions that have been taken to develop intergovernmental cooperation.  Also included would be an analysis of the relationship with other governmental organizations such as the School District.  This segment would include joint meetings with the Towns of Grand Chute Greenville, Dale, Winchester, Clayton, Neenah, and the Cities of Appleton, Menasha, Neenah, and the Neeenah and Menasha School Districts to discuss mutual issues. Intergovernmental cooperation would also involve discussions with Winnebago County, East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, and the State of Wisconsin.


9)    Implementation Measures: The Consultant would provide an outline of actions that will need to be taken to implement the comprehensive plan. During the Comprehensive Planning process, M & E will work with the Town to compile existing ordinances, policies and programs that need to be updated or amended to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s goals and objectives.



Staff Meeting: May 16, 2002

Mailing to Plan Commission: June 9, 2002

Plan Commission Meeting: June 18, 2002



This is a tentative schedule of meeting dates that can be altered, based on the need for more public meetings or continuation of a particular section.


This would not include the final hearing dates for the Plan Commission and County Board.  These can be assigned, once we know where we get with the meetings for combined sections.