Date:      8/15/02

To:          Town Planning Commission Members

From:     Community Development Department Staff

RE:          Agenda Item 9: Final Plat – Davel Engineering – 2nd Addition to High Plain Meadows


Davel Engineering has submitted a final plat, 2nd Addition to High Plain Meadows, for an extension of a new single-family subdivision. There are 25 lots proposed, which average 10,712 square feet. The partial parcel was recently rezoned from A-2 (General Farming) to R-2 (Suburban Single-Family). Property owners within 300 ft. have been notified of the final plat.

High Meadows Lane and Deer Prairie Drive, both 60 right-of-ways, will extend into this section of the subdivision. They will connect with Golden Field Road, which is also a 60 ft. right-of-way.

There will be storm sewer, curb & gutter just like the other portions of the High Plain Meadows subdivisions. A Roadway Development Agreement will be required for the construction of the roads and utilities. There will be no vehicular ingress/egress onto Cold Spring Rd. from Lots 78-82. Also, there are no future connections shown to the west (Schaidler’s property which is shown as Low Density on the Future Land Use Map). But there are connections in the original High Plain Meadows (Sandpoint Ridge) and the 1st Addition to High Plain Meadows (Allison Drive).

Michels Materials has an active quarry that is located to the north of the proposed subdivision. The Town recently received a reclamation plan, which calls for restoring the quarry to a future light industrial or office use. A large portion of the site will have a freshwater pond with developable area around it.

Any changes to the drainage (e.g. berm) must be identified in the drainage plan. Unlike the original subdivision and 1st Addition, there are no power lines running through this section that would affect the amount of buildable area.

Revisions from Pre-Plat:

·         The bulbed right-of-way at the intersection of both Deer Prairie Dr./Golden Field Rd. & High Meadows Lane/Golden Field Rd. will remain but the road pavement will be a right-angled corner. This compromise then allows for easier Town road maintenance and furthermore, the developer is able to keep the same amount of the proposed lots without any alteration.

·         The drainage and utility easements were more clearly separated and identified on the final plat.

Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the final plat, with the following conditions:

1.       A drainage plan, with calculations, is submitted to the Town Engineer for approval. If a berm is proposed, then it must be clearly identified on the drainage plan.

2.       Fencing or some other form of secure barrier shall be placed along the northern portion of the plat that is adjacent to an active quarry.  This will to ensure that access is limited to this property.

3.        Approval of all agencies and all other governmental entities with authority to object to a plat.